Being Me

Finding out Ashley isn’t Liam's kid, and that Liam loves her is the best thing that has ever happened to Gemma Daly. She’s been hiding out in her new home, Liam's apartment, from her clingy ex, Harry, since the tour ended. Sure enough, losing his girl to his bandmate is pretty tough for Harry, but how is Danielle? Where is she, and Ashley? ~Sequel to Being Danielle Peazer, please read that first so you understand the situation!


4. Hometown

The streets were packed with many people laden with shopping bags, the sun blasting down rays of heat. Nobody looked twice at anyone, suspicion an unknown word. Everyone carrying on with their normal lives, out shopping around on a typical Saturday morning. The four of us strolled around checking out the medium-sized town. It isn’t big but not cosy either. I guess you could call it just right. It’s the kind of town where you’d ask for a person and everyone could tell you their whole life story from when they were knee-high to when they got their first summer job.

I guess you’re probably wondering where we are and why we’re here, I’ll tell you; Danielle. Before you get mad like the boys would, let me explain. You see, all of us girls loved Danielle and her leaving was hard for us. Perrie couldn’t concentrate on her tour, Kristen was eating her nails away and Eleanor was fussing with her hair every five minutes and checking Twitter. So in other words, we were all a mess. So I decided to act on it and get the girls to research her. After we failed that we researched Liam and found his hometown but couldn’t find anything again. But then Eleanor came up with a cosy town Danielle was always telling her about, where she’d love to live if Liam wasn’t so famous. Perrie did some research about it but didn’t find anything. So Kristen- acting on all the detective skills she learned from many reruns of CSI- researched all the crèches and playschools in the town, looking for one name. She found Ashley's name and found she is enrolled in a playschool here. We then dug deeper and rang the playschool one day, pretending to be Ashley's mum and found out that Danielle is going under Angela Benson, the same name she used for Ashley's birth certificate.

So here we are, after sleepless nights and all those restless hours spent on research, we stand in her town. Danielle couldn’t have picked a better town if she looked up one online, it’s the perfect place if you want to get away from your old life and start new. Perrie looks at me oddly before Kristen glances at me, grinning excitedly. I shuffle the many papers in my hands before bringing up Danielle's address.

“C’mon girls! We have some friend-searching to do!” With a chorus of giggles, we walk off down the street.

So sorry it took so long! Enjoy! x

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