Being Me

Finding out Ashley isn’t Liam's kid, and that Liam loves her is the best thing that has ever happened to Gemma Daly. She’s been hiding out in her new home, Liam's apartment, from her clingy ex, Harry, since the tour ended. Sure enough, losing his girl to his bandmate is pretty tough for Harry, but how is Danielle? Where is she, and Ashley? ~Sequel to Being Danielle Peazer, please read that first so you understand the situation!


3. Field Trip!!!

I turn the steering wheel to the left and pull off the highway onto a dirt road, which leads us into a small village. Perrie struggles with her massive, crumpled map in the backseat. Eleanor sighs heavily and glares out the window, watching the dry ground. Kristen catches my gaze in the rear-view mirror; she pulls a few funny faces before grinning. I roll my eyes and laugh. Perrie huffs slightly, blowing the stray hairs out of her eyes. She pouts slightly, her eyes transfixed on the map in her hands. Eleanor sighs dramatically before yanking the door handle of my Mini open and jumping out. She walks off for a bit, I wince. The way she yanked open the door, I don’t like seeing my baby being hurt, I really like this car. None of us move to comfort Eleanor, we all know her well enough to know that we should let her have space.

Kristen hops out happily and spins in circles outside the car, smiling at everything.

“This is amazing!” She breathes, I chuckle uneasily. This road trip hasn’t been going very well so far, our little treasure hunt has turned out a little wrong but what could we do? Get a limo or car to bring us there, then what? Try to explain why we’re going there? They’d never let us, neither the boys nor Management. We may be breaking about a hundred rules here but this is important to us and we all want to go. I get out and shrug off my denim jacket, its sticking to my slightly sweaty skin. The weather out here is hot! I rub my arms and dump my jacket in the back seat, Perrie’s eyebrows draw together in concentration. Kristen follows my gaze and sighs, stomping over and yanking the map out of Perrie's hands. Perrie glances up angrily and yells,

“Hey!” Kristen smirks before sitting into the driver’s seat and studies the map, I walk around my car and take Eleanor's seat in the passenger seat and watch as Kristen's thin fingers follow the road lines all around one part of the map.

“Oooh I got it!” Kristen squeals, scaring both Perrie and I, I swear we both must have jumped twenty feet in our seats. Kristen spends the next five minutes explaining where our current location is and where our destination is. The next ten minutes are spent waiting for Eleanor to come back, when she doesn't, we panic. We formulate a plan, which is pretty bad, I go after her and Pez and Kristen wait in the car.

“Chickens!” I mutter as I kick a piece of dirt, walking in the direction of where Eleanor stomped off. I keep walking down the dirt road, eventually coming to where there’s a square piece of green grass and a big oak tree. I squint in the distance; a small figure is sitting under the tree. I speed-walk over, forgetting to be careful with my massive heels. Just as I reach the tree, I trip over what must have been a root and fall flat out on my face in the dirt. I hear a giggle and boots shuffling the dirt before someone’s hands grasp each of my arms and haul me upright into a sitting position. From there I stand up slowly and wince uncontrollably. My ankle is aching and is an unhealthy shade of red.

Eleanor walks with me back to the car, shifting as much of my weight as possible onto her shoulder so she can ease the pain. When we finally get back to the car, it’s a little better and I'm able to drive. Eleanor reluctantly sits in the back, Kristen taking her seat so she can instruct me where to go.

I drive the car into the town, Kristen grins triumphantly. Eleanor and Perrie are leaning against each other asleep in the backseat, I chuckle and nod to Kristen. She sits up and starts shouting,

“GUYS GET UP WE’RE HERE!” Eleanor jumps up in the seat and glances around wildly as if someone hit her and Perrie; well she just opens her eyes lazily like a cat and groans before slumping back into the seat. We all laugh at Pez as we hop out and look around. Kristen breathes in heavily, Perrie rubs her sleepy eyes and Eleanor stares wildly at everything. We’re all silent for a minute until Eleanor speaks up,

“Why tha hell did she pick somewhere like here?!”

Hey guys so what do you think the girls are after? xox

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