I should have told you *A 5SOS fanfic*

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  • Published: 2 Aug 13
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Blurb Gemma Irwin, Ashton Irwin's younger sister yet nobody knows she exists. What happens when 16 year old Gemma meets the boys of Five Seconds Of Summer? She soon realises they're all extremely loving, but Gemma has a dirty secret. She should have told them her secret when they first meet.
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1. Gemma's POV

I began to walk down the stairs of the house I've lived in since I was young. It's been almost a year since I last saw Ashton and I'm like freaking out because I'm now apparently supossed to go live with him and the rest of the boys for a little bit just for bonding purposes because we haven't seen each other for a while. I had finished packing about 30 minutes ago and now Ashton is coming to pick me up. I quickly tie my blonde/brown hair into a ponytail. (Just to say this as a random fact Ashton and I look really similar.) I hear the doorbell ring and open it to see my brother. "Ashton!" I say. "Hey Gemma!" He says. I hug him then go grab my black suitcase and walk back to his car with him. I get in and he starts the car and drives to the house him and the boys share just down the road. He stops the car at this decent sized house and we get out. This will be very interesting saying how none of the boys know what I look like and any website you go on will say he has a sister but won't say my name. I grab my suitcase and we walk to the front door he opens it and walks in. I follow dragging my suitcase and Ashton yells "Guys Emma's here!" I hear footsteps and see 3 guys run down the stairs. "Gemma this is Luke, Michael, and Calum. Boys this is Gemma, my sister." We all say "Hi." To eachother. "So tell us about yourself?" Luke says after we've all taken seats on the sofas. "Umm my name is Gemma Irwin, I'm 16 years old, I can play Guitar, Drums, and piano, and that about sums it up, so um yeah." I say. "So you play drums like Ashton that's a surprise." Calum says sarcastically. "Yes." I say. "So now what to do?" Michael says. "I don't know about you but I'm meeting up with my mate." I say. "Okay bye." He says. "Bye." I say then walk out the front door leaving my still full suitcase there in the middle of the room. I had my phone and my wallet so I was good.








A/N- So how do you like the new movella? I need 1 girl to be Gemma's BFFL (Biffle, that's how I always say it for some reason) So comment below if you want to, tell me about yourself. So yeah bye! Love my little batmans!~ Dani <3

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