love and lies

16 year old ella has always had a crush on harry so when he asks her outr of course shes going to say yes but wen he takes to meet his family he doesn't know that ella and his older brother Jordan will form a special relationship


1. first day back

today was my last first day of Dartwood high school because I was now a senior . I walked into my homeroom and thought "Im really going to miss this place just to think only 180 more days of school "just then harry Wilson walked in ,he was sooo hot,  its unfair he will never date me I don't even think he knows who I am am I  mean why should he im not popular or clever or even talented until it comes to dance ,I feel all my troubles melting away just by putting on those satin pointe shoe and moving to the music .someone tapped me on the shoulder and stole me away from my thoughts .I turned round to see emma ,she was my best friend in the whole entire world ,we had none each other from birth because our mums were best friends but sadly that ended when my mum and dad  passed away last year in a car accident  so now it just me and my older brother jack .anyway emma said "hey ,Harrys staring at you "

"WHAT IS HE !,do I look okay ?"I asked getting nervous

"yes you kook fine now calm down quick because hes coming over "she said smiling


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