Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


4. Shopping ~part 1~

Chapter 3

 ~Daisy's POV~

 I woke up the next morning to the sun shining through the window. I didn't hear anyone else up. I had a plan of making some breakfast for them and if they still aren't up by the time I'm up it can be breakfast in bed.

 I went downstairs, I was right. They were still asleep. I went into the fridge and found some bacon and eggs. I pulled out a pan and started heating it up and put some bacon in it. I thought that they might not like having the bacon grease in their eggs so I grabbed and so I grabbed another pan heating it up. I cracked 5 eggs and just started cooking everything up. I didn't know what they wanted to drink. I walked upstairs and knocked on their door. I heard someone groan. I opened the door a little so I could poke my head in. "Can I come in?" I asked. My mom waved her hand at me to come in. "Morning mom," I said to her.

 "What's up sweetie?" she asked.

 "I was wondering what you guys like to drink in the morning," I asked.

 "Juice," my dad said raising his hand as if he were giving an answer in class.

 "What?" I asked back.

 "Orange," he said.

 "What about you mom?" I asked rubbing her arm.

 "Orange juice, I guess. Why sweetie?" she asked.

 "You'll see," I said smiling at her and running back downstairs so nothing gets to burned. I moved around the bacon a flipped a few over and and added a bit of cheese to the eggs. I got out the orange juice out a poured two cups. I grabbed two plates finishing off the eggs I put some on both the plates leaving some for me. I made sure make a few pieces of bacon a bit more crispy just in case. I grabbed two forks and brought the plates upstairs. I knocked on the door and slowly opened it up. "Breakfast in bed," I told with a big smile.

 "No sweetie you don't have to do this," my mom said.

 "You don't have to do this anymore," my dad said.

 "I never had to do it really. I just felt like giving you guys something. Let me go get your juice." I ran downstairs turning off the burners and grabbing the juice. 

 "Did you cook this without bacon grease?" my mom asked.

 "No, I was going to but then I thought that you guys might not like it that way," I told her.

 "Did you add anything to the eggs?" my dad asked.

 "Yeah, I put some cheese in it? Is that bad?" I asked starting to get worried.

 "NO! Not at all these are amazing," he said.

 I let out a big sigh of relief. "Good I was gonna start worrying that one of you might be lactose intolerant."

 "There are no kinds of food allergies in this house that we know of," he said.

 "Thanks," I said smiling at them. "I'm gonna go eat now." I gave them both hugs and got myself a plate of food and ate. 

~~~~at the mall~~~~

 "So where do you want to go first?" my mom asked.

 All I did was star. I have never been to a place this busy and kids should be a school.

 "Why don't we start with the lotion store they have here. I have a really close friends their and I feel like showing you off," she said smiling. I smiled back and nodded. 

 I followed her into the little store. A bit overly perk lady came over to us and said "Welcome is there anything I can help you with today?"

 "I was looking to see if Lesa was here," my mom said.

 "I'll go get her for you," the lady said walking off.

 I looked around a bit not knowing what I should do until I hear some squealing from my mom. "Hey you, I was wondering where you've been," said this lady.

 "Daisy this is Lesa. Lesa this is my daughter," my mom said proudly.

 "Hi Lesa," I said giving her a small smile. I had a small feeling that she wouldn't want to be called Mrs.Lesa.

 "I gotta tell you that Marry over has not stopped talking about you," she said. "Daisy this, Daisy that. Now she get to show you off. Are you guys here for that boy band that's coming later?" she asked.

 "Oh, I didn't know that. What boy band?" My mom asked.

 "One Direction, is it?" Lesa asked me.

 "I'm not sure, I've heard about them. But that explain all the teenage girls here when they should be at school," I said. 

 "Well you should be too," she said softly patting my cheeks. She might think it hurts.

 "It doesn't hurt you know. They're years old," I told her. She looked at me shocked. So I just stayed quiet.

 "She'll be starting school tomorrow, I thought we could have a little shopping day just the two of us," my mom said breaking the silence.

 "Well Daisy, what would you usually get?" Lesa asked me?

 "What do you mean?"

 "What kind of fragrances or perfumes do you use?" she clarified.

 "Um, my deodorant," I told her. I could tell that they were both trying not to laugh. 

 "Well now you can. Are you into flowery or sweet candy smells?" she asked.

 All I could do was look at my mom because I really didn't know what I was into. "Why don't we take a look around?" Lesa said. I nodded. We went to a a shelf that had different color and shaped bottles. "Do you like getting noticed?" She asked. 

 I looked at her. Would it look like I enjoy getting noticed? "No," I said shaking my head.

 "So would you go for something that isn't very strong," she said making sure she understood.

 "No, I can't. I have a hard time breathing around them," I told her.

 "Hm," she said nodding. "Would you prefer flowers or a sweet candy?" She asked again only putting it in different words.

 "Flowers I guess," I said.

 She walked over a few shelves and picked up one that had pink lotion in it. "What do you think of this?" She asked handing it to me.

 I looked at the label and it was 'Japanese Cherry Blossom'. I toke off the cap and smelled it. It smelled familiar. From what feels like safety. I smiled up at her. "I like it," I told her. She smiled back at me. I showed it to my mom and she liked it too. 

 "We are getting that for you," she said. I couldn't help but laugh at her. I put the cap back on and held on to it. She looked at the shelve at grabbed two of the bigger bottles and one of the perfumes. "I need someone to pamper," she told me. 

 I put the little one back where it belongs and happily followed my mom as she went to pay for it. As we walk out we noticed that their were more teenage girls going around. I never really got why girls went this crazy over people, they are only human. "These girls are crazy," I said. 

 My mom laughed. "Well they are taking over the world with their music," she told me as we walked into a clothing  store. I looked all around and nothing there didn't really look like something I would wear. I saw my mom look down at me. "Not really your style?" She asked.

 "I really don't know what my style is but I do know that I could not see myself in any of this," I told her. She nodded and we walked out and found a different store. The room was darker as we stepped in. The clothes were also different, some I could see myself wearing. I slowly started slowly walking around looking at the shirts on the racks. I wasn't used to shopping for clothes for me, but I was finding cute shirts that I'd like.

 After a few minutes I found 5 shirts that my mom and I both liked so she payed for them. We walked through through the mall when I found a French style store. "Can we go in there?" I asked.

 "Are you sure?" She asked.

 "Yeah, I'm really into the French and its culture," I told her. She must think that most of it I wouldn't like because so far the clothes I've gotten were darker. 

 "Sure, let's go take a look," she said starting to walk in. As I looked around I was amazed at all the different things that were there, most of it was jewelry but I went past all of it. While I was looking through a rack I saw my mom smiling at ear to ear.

 "What?" I asked.

 "I just never thought I would get you," she told me.

 I walked over to her and gave her a hug. "I'm here and I'm not gonna leave." She hugged me back. 

 When she let go she pulled out a light red shirt that was almost pink and had the Eiffel Tower with daises all around it. I smiled at her and nodded. I also found a phone case thinking that I might need it when she lets me go it one. Of course it had the Eiffel tower on it, but it was also blue and said Paris at the bottom in fancy handwriting. "I have a feeling that you want to go there sometime," she said laughing.

 "Yeah, a part of me has always wanted to go visit but I might never be able too."

 "You do realize it's not as far away now," she looked me in the eyes. "We could always go there for a vacation if you want."

 "Really?" I asked.

 "Yeah, we might just want to learn French first," she said as we starting walking out.

 "I can always translate. I'm almost fluent," I told her. "We have to take a foreign language for school and so I toke up French and my teacher would let me stay after sometimes to learn more."

 She smiled at me. "Oh wow look at the time. Its already noon," she said looking at her watch. "I'm starting to get hungry."

 "Where do you want to eat?" I asked.

 "I feel like waiting for a little longer. So why don't we get you a phone then so eat," she said. I nodded. We walked until we we came to a store that had an O2 sign. I looked inside and it was the phone store.

 "Mrs. Moore, I was told that you were gonna be coming in today," said a man from behind a counter. "What can I do for you today?" He asked coming over to us.

 "My daughter here needs a cell phone, so hopefully you could help us out," my mom told him. 

 He looked down at me. "Well is there anything you had your eyes on?" He asked. I shook my head. I had no clue what the different kinds of phones are. "Well what are you looking for in a phone?"

 "Um well, I might want to be able to listen to music on it," I told him. 

 "Pretty much all phones can do that sweetie."

 "Oh." I  was making it very clear that I must have been raised under a rock. He just stared me in the eyes waiting for more. "Hold plenty of pictures."

 He nodded and walked over to an area and I followed behind him. He picked up a black phone. I saw him unlock it and he started showing me different things about it. I looked over to my mom and she could tell I was confused and didn't know what do to. "That one looks like an easy on to start out with you think," she said. I nodded.

 "Well is there any special color that you'd like?" he asked.

 "Could I see a white kind if you guys have it?" I asked.

 "Yeah, its right there," he said pointing down a few phones.

 I really liked the white version better. "I'd like that white one please," I said. My mom nodded in agreement.

 "Let's get on it then," he said unlocking a drawer under it and taking out a little box.

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