Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


32. Moving On ~Part 2~

Chapter 31

Moving On Part 2

~Marcel's POV~

 I held onto Daisy never wanting to let her go. We knew we had to get continue on our way to school. The first people we see are Edward and Casey, snogging. I just hope Niall hasn't seen them yet.

 As we walked down the halls we finally found the rest of the boys. Niall was the first to notice us coming. He held out his arms to Daisy. "I had this dream and it just seemed so weird. I also had this feeling that I don't really know how to explain, but I've had it every night on this day," Niall said into her ear.

 She smiled at him and we left for class. Sitting next to Niall, we sat and waited. Then an image of a headstone came into my thoughts. It was Sam's headstone, and it has today's death date.

 "Hello class let's get started. We're having a lab today," Mr. Rader said walking into the classroom. As he went through showing us what to do.

 As Mr. Rader finished he said. "All it takes is focus and follow the steps."

 "Are you feeling okay?" Niall whispered to me.

 "Do you remember the date on Sam's headstone?" I asked back.

 "No, why?" Niall asked concerned.

 "He died today 8 years ago today," I answered as we both got up and started the lab.

 Once we were started and everything seemed fine, then bunsen burner's fire streamed up to the ceiling. And started spreading. All Niall and I did was stare at it as other kids were yelling fire.

 "GET OUT!" Mr. Rader yelled snapping Niall and I out of our trance.


~Daisy's POV~

 I could feel the heat under my feet and grew. Soon everyone started smelling the chemistry labs. That's when the fire alarms started going off. We all grabbed our things and calmly walked out of the room and made our way outside. There I saw the principle yelling at Marcel and Niall.

 Their heads hung as they were being yelled at. A teacher had come over and started talking. The principle walked away as firetrucks started pulling up to the school.

 I slowly walked over to a very sad looking Marcel, trying to keep a panic attack down. He noticed my slowness and rushed over to me. "Are you okay?" He asked.

 "Why were you and Niall getting yelled at?" I asked.

 "We weren't paying attention and a fire started. Are you okay?" He asked again.

 "We need to keep talking," I said.

 "This weather we're having," he said.

 I looked up at him in shock. "Are you really talking about the weather? It was the same as yesterday and the day before that and the day before that!" I yelled. 

 "It was just the first thing that came to mind. I didn't want you having another panic attack. I just want you to feel calm and loved. And today of all days I just had to start the fire in the chem lab today," He rambled on.


 "You need to come with me," I whispered to Marcel.

 "I'm not gonna leave you today," he said back as we walked inside.

 We already had what we brought to class, so we went straight to my locker.

 "What do you want to do today?" He asked.

 "I just wanted to spend time here," I sighed opening my locker.

 "What about Sam?" He asked shyly.

 "What about him?" I asked.

 "It's been 8 years today when he died," Marcel mumbled.

 I was so shocked. "H-how did you know?" I asked. I haven't ever told anybody.

 "I remembered the picture of Sam's headstone," he answered. "That's sorda how Niall and I got distracted today. I was thinking that we could do a little something to memorize him or something."

 I smiled at myself, it sounded like the most amazing idea ever. "What were you thinking?" I asked going to his locker.

 "Let me just think up something. Now you go home and have some rest and I'll see you later," Marcel told me.

 "Why?" I asked.

 "Because I said so and you need to get some sleep," he answered.

 I smiled at him as we walked to the gate of the school. We saw Niall, Harry, and Zayn waiting outside for us.

 "So what are the plans for today?" Harry asked. "We have all day to do pretty much what ever we want."

 "Daisy is gonna go home for a little while and get some sleep while I'm gonna do a little shopping if you boys don't mind," Marcel said.

 "Can I come too? I need to pick something up," Harry said.

 "What about Sam?" Niall asked. "Are you going to do anything about that?"

 "That's why I'm going shopping. I need to pick something up and I'm making Daisy stay at home and relax, she really needs it," he said.

 "Oh, well then I'll just go shopping later then," Harry said.

 "Can I come a long?" Niall asked.

 "Sure. You can help me plan it all out," Marcel said. 

 "Well I'm going to be out with Perri tonight. I guess I'll see you guys tonight I guess," Zayn said starting to walk away.

 "I'll keep an eyes on Daisy while you two go shopping," Harry said.

 "Just make sure she doesn't worry too much. If she has a panic attack, I will hurt you," Marcel warned making me laugh.


 "Why are you up there?" Harry asked as we were waiting for Marcel and Niall to get to the park.

 "I like being closer to the sky," I said laughing at him. "Why don't you come on up and look."

 "I'm good down here," Harry said.

 "Were here," I heard Marcel yell.

 I looked over and saw Marcel and Niall walking over with 4 bundles of rainbow balloons. I hopped down from the monkey bars as they got to Harry and I. Marcel handed one of the bundles to me and Niall handed one to Harry.

 "Are you sure that you're ready?" Marcel asked me.

 "Yes, I need this," I reassured him.   

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