Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


11. Hospital

Chapter 10

 I heard Daisy's mom and dad running in. "Where's Daisy? Is she alright?" I heard her mom say to what must have been a nurse. 

 "Marcel?" I heard her dad. I looked up wiping the tears from my eyes and looked up to find a worried Mr. and Mrs.Moore. "How bad is she?" He asked.

 "I-I-I don't k-know," I told them.

 "Mr. and Mrs.Flowers?" A doctor called.

 They both sighed. "It Moore sir," Mrs.Moore told him.

 "My apologies Mr. and Mrs.Moore. Daisy is just find," he told us.

 "Can we go see her?" Mr.Moore asked.

 "First I'd like to have a sit down and ask you guys some questions, with too young man," the doctor said pointing me out too. I nodded and got up to follow him into a different room. "Now Daisy is not your biological daughter, correct?" He asked.

 "Yes, we had just just adopted her about a week ago and has been with us for almost 4 days now," Mrs.Moore said. 

 "And you are aware that she had been abused when she about at the age of 4?" He asked.

 I looked up at him in shock then to her parents. "If you don't mind me asking, is there a scar on her neck from that?" I asked.

 "Pardon?" The doctor asked. Her parents looked at me like I might be losing it.

 Then a nurse came running in. "We need you. She won't stop screaming," she said.

 "I'll be right back," the doctor said following the nurse. I grabbed my backpack and look for the paper I printed this morning. I quickly looked over it and ran out to find Daisy. In her room the doctors were trying to put different medicines in her but nothing was working. I ran up to her and closed her mouth and closed her nose so she wasn't able to breath. I could see on the heart monitor that it was going back down. Once it was normal again I let go and she wasn't screaming. "How did you know to do that?" The doctor asked.

 "Last night I looked on the internet how to stop a panic attack without pills. I found one with most of the symptoms that she has and found out it helps if you help them stop breathing until their heart rate in back or closer to normal," I told him. I looked closer to the right side of her neck and found the little scar. "Come here," I told him. He stood next to me and I pointed to what I told him earlier. "Something about that puts her into a panic attack, and if you say she has gotten them being abused the panic attacks could possibly be a form a hysteria." Even the doctor was shocked at what I was saying.

 "Can you tell us what exactly what happened?" The doctor asked. "Even before this when you first saw her today until you brought her in."

 "She seemed fine, I walked with her to school. She was laughing about how I did my tie front then fixed it. When we got to school I found my brother and his two friends she laughed even harder when she saw how Niall had his in a bow tie. So she all of their ties as well, we then both walked to class. Class started like normal. Then Helen noticed what she thought was a little love bite on her neck, at first she seemed a bit confused. When she realized what she was talking about Helen had touched that stop on her neck. Daisy had gotten up pulling Helen away screaming, seconds latter she was running out of the door. I followed her because I knew that her vision blurs up and she doesn't know where she is going. It ended outside around the football field where she collapsed. I managed to-," I felt something grab my hand. I looked to find her trying to open her eyes.

 "Miss.Flow-," the doctor started saying.

 "Moore. It's freaking Moore," she said groggily.

 "How are you feeling?" He asked.

 "What happened?" She asked trying to sit up.

 I softly pushed on her stomach so she wouldn't get up. "That's something that we're all trying to piece together." The doctor told her.

 "But really what happened Mr.Wood was just talking and talking and talking," she said. "Can I please just sit up?"

 "No, not right now. You need to rest sweetie," her mom said still in the doorway.

 "Mrs.Moore is right, you need some sleep right now," he said leaving with all the other nurses.

 Her mom and dad walked in and stood on the other side of the bed. "I have to go back to work. Why you be ok?" Her dad asked.

 "I'll be fine dad," she said letting go of my hand and held her arms out for a hug from him.

 "I'll come back soon sweetie," he said starting to leave.

 I stared at her closed eyes. "Marcel," her said shaking my shoulder I looked up at not knowing she was trying to get my attention. "Is there anything you want me to get you from the cafeteria " She asked. I shook my head. I wasn't that hungry. She nodded walking out. I had saw a picture of her and she had looked different. I grabbed a little piece of paper towel and got it wet. I softly rubbed it on her forehead.

 "No, don't," she said trying to push my arm away but was to weak.

 There was a big pink line that went across it. I traced it back and forth.

 "I told you not too," she said grabbing my wrist with both of her hands. She was crying.

 "No don't cry," I told her wiping away the tears. She still hung on to my arm though. So I was laying my other arm right above her head.

 "MARCEL!" I looked up find the boys running around.

 "Great, the boy band is here," I whispered to her.

 "What's the worst that can happen?" She asked.

 "You have no idea," I told her.

 Niall almost jumped onto the bed. "Daisy! Wake up! You can't do this to use! You can't leave-"

 "NIALL!" She yelled. "I'm now get off of me please."

 He slowly backed away. I was a bit jealous but remembered it was my arm she holding on too. I looked down and smiled at her

 "Can I please sit up now?" She asked. "With you guys here I doubt I'm gonna get any sleep."

 I sighed, mine as well. "You're going to have to let go of my arm then," I told her. She gave it one last squeeze and slowly let it go. "Tell me if anything starts to hurt," I said, she nodded. I slow put my arm under her back and started lifting her upper body. "How do you feel?" I asked as she moved around a bit.

 She made a few little faces. "Food," she said everyone was laughing.

 "She sounds just like Niall," Liam said. Niall stopped laughing and looked at him but started again anyway. 

 She started reaching for her back. I watched what she was trying to do. I moved her hands away and tied to two string together on the top and lower back of the gown. Her mom came in. "Daisy you shouldn't be setting up," she said.

 "Food," she said wanting what one of things of food.

 "I'm not sure if you're aloud to eat anything yet," her mom said.

 "I'll go ask," Zayn said walking out.

 I started pulling on the tie wanting it off. Daisy toke my shoulder making me face her. "How long have you worn a tie?" She asked me taking it off.

 "I'd rather not answer that," I said blushing.

 "About a year and half only for school though," Harry said. "We can't tie a tie to save our lives."

 She laughed. "Yeah I learned that this morning. God Niall's still makes me laugh," she said.

 Zayn came walking with the doctor behind him. "How are you feeling?" He asked.

 "FOOD!" She moaned. All the boys started laughing falling on the floor.

 The doctor looked at me. "Are they ok?" He asked.

 "I really don't know sometimes," I told him.

 He looked over to Mrs.Moore and said "Yes can eat  but nothing that's to solid right now." And with that he walked out.

 Mrs.Moore handed her a container with some ravioli. She jumped up and down as she waited for a fork. Her moms face fell, she forgot the forks. "I'll go get some Mrs.Moore," Louis said. 

 "Oh no, I can just go back," she said.

 "No don't worry. I'm getting quite thirsty. Anyone else want something to drink?" He asked getting up. Daisy raised her hand. We laughed a little. "So that makes two drinks and how many forks?"

 "Just 3 or 4," she answered.

 "Will someone where tell me how I got here?" She asked.

 "You were speeding around the field outside then you collapsed," Harry said.

 "Me? Running? Are you sure?" She asked.

 "Yeah. Why would you ask?" Harry asked.

 "I can not run away from anything to save my life," she said.

 Harry looked over at me. I sighed taking a seat next to Daisy. Louis came in with a bottle of water and a huge plastic cup that had two straws.  "For the two love birds," he said handing it to Daisy. 

 "What is this?" She asked.

 "A mix of cherry and blue raspberry slushy," he said.

 "Oh my god I love you," she said and started chugging it.

 I was a jealous then she screamed in plain and held her head. It almost half way gone, she got a brain freeze. I leaned over the bed and held onto her.

 "That really hurt. I forgot that I could have gotten a brain freeze," she said to me. I didn't want to let go but I knew I had because everyone in the room was watching us. The rest of the time there were kept laughing and joked around.   

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