Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


34. Girl Time

Chapter 33

Girl Time

We made a short stop in the middle of somewhere, I’m not sure where though. I had been too busy reading to notice that the four girls of Little Mix were walking around the bus.

“Come on,” I heard somebody say.

“But I feel like we’re going to frighten her,” someone else said.

“I can hear you,” I said getting up.

“Hi,” Perrie said turning around to face me from where she was sitting in front of the bus.

“Hey,” I said to all of them.

“I’m Jade,” said the girl with blue at the end of her hair.

“Leigh-Anne,” said the girl with really curly hair and almost looked like an afro.

“And I’m Jesy,” the girl with dark wavy hair said.

“I’m Daisy,” I told them.

“Well we wanted to take you to go shopping,” Perrie said.

“I’m not much of one to go shopping,” I told her.

“You need some girl time,” Leigh-Anne said.

“You’ve been around ten guys for months. That’s just a little too long,” Perrie said.

“Does it have to be shopping?” I asked. “Couldn’t  we do something else?”

“We’re gonna do some shopping come on,” Jade said grabbing my hand and leading the way off the bus.


We walked into a little store filled with different things girls would wear or use. I looked around not sure what to do.

“You need to pick something out Daisy,” Leigh-Anne said.

“The awards are in a few days too,” Jesy said.

“Why would I care about that?” I asked.

“That’s because you’re going,” Perrie said.

“So we need to find you something cute,” Jade said.

“So in others words I’m going to have to wear a dress?” I asked.

“Yes,” Jesy answered.

“Are you’re going to like it,” Perrie said.

I found a place to sit down and took my phone out. I had a message from Michael, it said ‘hey, where are you? I need your help.’

‘I’m at the mall, I’ll help you when I get back,’ I texted back.

‘Funny. where are you?’ He replied.

‘I’m not joking,’ I told him.

‘Did somebody kidnap you? Should I call the police?’ He asked.

Ashton then texted me ‘Are you alright? Mikey said that you’ve been kidnapped.’

‘I’m not kidnapped. I’m with the girls. They said I needed girl time,’ I texted both of them

‘So you haven’t been kidnapped?’ Ashton asked.

'I’m fine Ashy, don’t worry,’ I told him.

‘Good luck,’ Michael texted.

Perrie laid a pile of dresses over my arms. “Now go try all of that on,” she said smiling.

I groaned and made my way to the fitting rooms. ‘Wish me luck,’ I texted Ashton and put my phone down. I looked at all the first dress which was all black, had some lace on the top and was short. All of the dresses looked short. I looked at the rest. Only one seemed to catch my eye. It was a blue sleeveless dress with a black bow at the waist and black lace with flowers flowing from it.

I tried it on and noticed I would need a jacket. I took a picture and sent it to Michael.

“Hurry up!” Jesy yelled.

I walked out of the little room. “I like this one,” I said twirling around.

“Are you sure?” Perrie asked. “We can see your back.”

“Could I just wear a jacket?” I asked.

“Of course. Now shoes, and no trainers,” Perrie said.

“What are trainers?” I asked.

“What you guys call tennis shoes,” Jade answered.

I walked back into the small room. My phone went off and it was from Mikey. ‘I showed Ash and it gave him a boner,’ it read.

I blushed. ‘Don’t show anyone else,’ I told him.

‘Fine,’ he said making me laugh.

I finished getting changed back into my clothes. I grabbed the dress and my phone with another text from Ash. ‘Don’t listen to Michael,’ he said making me laugh again. I walked out and we all went to the shoes. I just picked out a simple pair of black flats.

“What about your hair?” Jesy asked.

“I’m not sure,” I answered.

“Curl it and have little flower pins to keep it up,” Perrie thought out loud.

“I don’t know how to curl my hair,” I told her.

“We could always have Lou do it,” she said.

“I don’t trust him with that,” I told her making them all laugh.

“The boys have a hair stylist and her name is Lou,” Perrie explained.

“Oh,” I said.

And with that we moved onto a different store in the mall.

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