Another new school, on a different continent. I'm just glad I'm able to hide the scars on my face for once, I just want to be treated normally at this school. Hopefully I'll be able to stay for the rest of the year. But what happens if someone finds out my past and everything starts coming to hunt me?


13. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

~Marcel's POV~

 After a few hours I walked back home. The walk was short. When I got to the front door there was a notebook and a pen on the front porch. I picked them up and walked inside. I found Harry and Louis pacing around the kitchen.

 "What happened?" I asked them.

 "I think the paps got pictures of me an Lou snogging," Harry told me.

 "Then who's is this?" I asked showing them the notebook.

 "I don't know," Louis said.

 "Neither do I," Harry said shaking his head.

 I opened the it up and looked to find a name. The last thing in it was a drawling of glasses.

 "Those look like your glasses," Harry said pointing to my face.

 "I might have just been Daisy," I told him. "When she come around? She was getting her haircut."

 They both looked at each other. "Nobody came over."

 "Harry was your back to the door?" I asked.

 He gave me a weird look. "Yeah, why does it matter?" He asked.

 "It might have been her and not the paps. She probably thought that I was you and ran off somewhere." I said running back out the door. I tried for her house first. 

 I pretty much ran into the door and then started knocking until someone answered it.

 "Is Daisy here?" I asked.

 It was her mom. "Yeah, she's up in her room. You can go on ahead," she said letting me through.

 I went quickly up the stairs but didn't run. I found that her door was open a bit.

 "Daisy you got that confused," I said walking over to her bed.

 "Are you saying that I didn't see you making out with Louis?" She yelled into her pillow.

 I noticed that she had blue in her hair, and it made her look so beautiful. Not that she didn't before but now she's even more.

 "That wasn't me. It was Harry," I told her.

 "How could i-" she started sitting up then pointed to my hair. "I AM THE WORST FRIEND EVER!" She yelled into her pillow.

 "No you're not. Ever our mom gets us mixed up sometimes and we came out of her," I said getting up on the next to her. "Harry's was just glad it wasn't the paparazzi," I said.

 She slowly got back up and moved around. She put her chin on my shoulder and wrapped her arms around my upper arm.

 "I love the hair by the way," I told pulling a little of the blue away. "I didn't think you knew my favorite color," I said making her blush. I looked so cute on her pale cheeks. "You also forgot this when you came over." I handed her her notebook.

 "Thank god, I was wondering where I had left it. Did you look through it at all?" She asked.

 I nodded. "I tried to find a name and I got interested in this drawling in the back. Here let me show you," I said flipping to the last thing in it. She looked at it and I felt the side of her head on my back. "I like it," I told her.

 "I'm not done with it," I heard her whisper. "I was planning on adding a few things."

 "Can I see it when you're done?" I asked.

 "I'll think about it."

 "I'll take that."

 She grabbed the notebook and laid it on a self with what looked like other ones.

 "You have more?" I asked pointing to them.

 "The first therapist I had thought it might have been a good idea to start writing. She never said what I should write so it most of it just started as what I had done that day. Then it started to become deeper as I moved, getting older and going to different therapist. I did stop writing for about a month or so and it just didn't feel right so I just started again. I also had started trying to write some songs that I thought would have been good at the time. Then there are also the pages that would have only a line or two I would write really big because they were either from a song or I gave a little melody to it. Then the drawings started with them." I walked up behind and saw that there were over a dozen of these notebooks lined up as if they were library books. "Sometimes they would want to read what I have written. Trying to fully understand what I was going through." She turned around and looked up at me. "Nobody fully can, but somehow when I'm with you it feels like you know everything," she said she voice starting to get shaky. 

 I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her closer to me. I felt her arms go around my neck and I set my chin on the top of her head. We stood there in silence for what could have been hours.

 "Would you like to look through one?" She asked. I moved my head and looked into her eyes.

 I sighed thinking about it. "Sure but then you'd have to read one of mine," I told her.

 "How many do you have?" She asked.

 "Um. Quite a few I think, but mine are mainly filled with writing and some little doodles here and there."

 "Okay, just grab a few and we can chill outside," she said. 

 I grabbed the first four. "Why don't we do it at my place so you can get one of mine," I said. She nodded grabbing the books from my hand putting them in a bag. She started to grab her red beanie but I stopped her. "I don't want you to hide your highlights," I told her.

 She looked up at me and then back at the beanie. She talked over and stood on her tippy toes and put her beanie on my head. I looked over in the mirror and laughed a bit but since it made her smile I kept it on. 

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