How to be a Presdient

The Do's and Don'ts of how to be the perfect President!


4. Top 3 punishments for the Lazy Secret Service

OK, my fellow Presidents, we all have this problem-

Secret Service guys who want the cash, but not the work.

So what to do we do?


Here are several ways to punish your secret service:

1. Take away their shades

OK, so we ALL know Secret Service guys LOVE their flashy sunglasses, taking them away can open so many doors-but there are other more complicated, more fun ways...

2. Paint all their guns pink

If they ever need to defend you and your country and they take pink guns out-(or if you want to go a little further and paint daisys on them as well)-the enemy would seriously take the mick-however the Secret Service guys could be so embarrasssed, they might not even be willing to fight....(maybe you should scrap this one)....?????????

3.Refuse to pay them until they work harder

(This is so simple, yet so...amusing!) I've tried this one out myself, why young, new lad Harry got down on his knees and practically BEGGED for money! Now, he mops my roof six times a day, rain, hail or shine! That's right-roof!


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