The Cleaners

Max and Seph are best friends. Not only are they best friends, but are also both part of the powerful Nephilim race on Earth, which means they are both part angel. Humans make quite a mess of themselves on Earth, and Max and Seph have come to realize this. So what bad could possibly come out of helping irresponsible little humans make less of a mess of themselves? I suppose they are about to find out.

Follow Maximilian and Sephora through tests of courage, loyalty, skill, even love.


1. Prologue

                “What do you want from me?” The strange girl yelled at her attacker, forcing back his aggressive advances. The man said nothing but continued searching for her wallet, jewelry, anything of value.

                I kept my distance, hiding my presence within one of the many lingering shadows in the lonely alleyway. I felt the urge to help her, to throw the man against the adjacent brownstone. But I knew it was all a show. Based on her strength and agility, she obviously wasn’t human. She was Nephilim, and that man didn't have long to live.

                There was an annoyed sigh as the man came up empty. He wrapped his thick sausage fingers around her wrists, forcing them behind her and pressing his body against hers. “Well, if you don’t have any money, maybe you have something else to offer?” He asked, sending a stream of hot breath down her neck. She winced in disgust, but showed no signs of fear. The man smiled, baring a set of black teeth, most missing.

                “Hands off, “she said firmly. She wasn’t struggling, though. As if she just expected him to obey her command. At this he laughed, but then arranged his features back into seriousness. “Make me, “ the man urged, pressing into her even more.

                The girl smiled, whipping her hands out of his grip. The man took a few moments to realize what had happened, but then proceeded in trying to grab for her again. He was too slow. Before I could blink, the girl’s attacker was flying across the alley. His flight was short lived, as it was ended by the adjacent wall. He hit the ground in a crumpled heap, almost looking dead. The man remained still for the next few seconds, but then lifted his head, appearing confused.

“What the-“he was cut off by a short, menacing laugh from the girl. “You told me to. Oh, don’t look so surprised. Correct me if I’m wrong, but were your exact words not ‘make me’? “She told him, smirking. She walked toward the man, grasping him by the collar and hoisting his overweight body into the air. “After all, I’m not usually one to disobey.”

                The slimy man made an annoyed face and, without hesitation, spewed a glob o thick saliva into her sculpted features. Big mistake. She set her jaw, pulling an exotic looking knife from an unseen place in her pants. The man’s eyes got wide but quickly lost life as she slid the blade into his chest. His body slumped and she released his collar, pulling out the knife as his weight came down. The limp body landed with a thud on the pavement, and a pool of blood began to form around it.

                The girl wiped the spit off her face, cursing. Finding another Nephilim in the city made me feel les alone at this time of year. All others had fled Chicago for Faerisi for the holidays. Only loners like me with no family were left.

                “You might as well show yourself. I know you’re over there,” the girl said. She was facing away from me, she must have some advanced sending ability. I hesitated for a moment, but then took a step out of the shadow where I was cowering.  Lifting my head, the full moon shone in my face, making me clearly identifiable. The girl turned, a look of shock sweeping over her face as she got a good look at mine.

                “Hello, I am Maximilian,” I said to her, although I knew she already had that part figured out.  “Sephora,” she replied.

And that is how it began.

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