A teenager named Emily is in a orphanage. Her parents died in a car accident when she was 9. She has been in the orphanage for 5 years. She calls the place prison. On til one day she gets adopted! By who? U may ask. Read to find out!


36. going home

Emily POV

" Em time to get up we get to go home today" Liam said shaking me. I turned from him " go away" I said tiredly. It's been a week and a half since Zach and I broke up. I have to admit I still miss him. He left 2 nights ago finally.

In that week I told the guys to keep going after their dream and that I was just shocked about the whole break up thing that I just said everything. So they are still famous as ever! The good thing is that the tour ends today! We get to go home and I sure can't wait to see the girls. I miss them so much! I was wearing my PINK yoga pants that on the butt say 'Flirt' of course harry got those for me. And I was wearing a pink under amour sweat shirt i let my some what straight hair down. I brushed threw it and but some anti-frizz cream in it and then put some mascara and foundation on. I got all of my bags ready and put them in the hallway so the guys can get them.

I got my carry on I put my phone charger iPad and laptop and there chargers and my black beats. I put on my sliders and went over to louis room for my morning routine. Really just to get my morning carrot and hug. Ever since me and Zach broke up that's what I have been doing. Louis said ' carrots always make people happy' so that's what I have been doing. Stupid right? Well really it works.

" good morning Em" louis said opening his door. " morning" I said going to his fridge and getting a couple carrots and ate them and have louis a hug. He kissed the top of my head. I smiled and went back to my room to clean it before we leave.

~skip to the airport~

That car ride was the greatest car ride I have been in for awhile. We all just joked around but yet we were all still tired. We had niall's phone plugged into the radio playing #selfie by the chain smokers. I am so tired of the song but yet it's really fun to joke around to. " we are here!" Paul yelled from the drivers seat. We all jumped out of the car. I tapped Niall shoulder " race you to the entrance. I started running an Niall caught up to me in a heart beat he ran behind me picked me up and ran to the entrance.

Yes, people say that Niall and I are 'secretly' dating. Soo not true I mean I love Niall but he's 5 years older then me and like a brother to me! But any who we got to the private room to wait for the plane. We all just say there on our phones. After about 30 minutes we boarded the plane.

~skip to London~

We were in the car on the way to the house for the first time in 3 and a half months. I have never been so happy to be in London. After the longest drive ever! We were finally home! Louis and I screamed and jumped out the trunk cause everyone was taking forever to get out. I just left my bags in the cars took Liam's key unlocked the door and went to the living room and fell on the couch and hugged the couch.

Niall ran in right after me and went to the kitchen " I have missed my love!" He yelled hugging the fridge. I laughed and went to the drive way got my bags went up stairs started putting my close away when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I looked at it. It was Zach. I started to tear up. I opened the text

Zach- Hey can we meet up somewhere I want to give u something.

I was confused but I texted back sure where at. I texted the girl see if they wanted to come over after I got to talk to Zach. We decided that they are just gonna stay the night. Zach texted me back

The park were we met?

I texted back sure be there in 10

I got ready I put on skinny jeans with a I could cuddle u so hard t-shirt on. I went downstairs " guys I'm going to the park be back in a bit" I said walking to the door. I heard louis say ok.

~skip to the park~

When I got there I saw Zach there holding something in his pocket. Oh goody probably something I left at his house. I walked up to him " hi" I said sitting down on the bench next to him. "Hey" he said looking at me I just sat there. Until he decided to talk " listen Em-" " don't call me Em" i said " fine. Listen Emily I'm sorry for what I did to you I never ment to hurt you that bad I just didn't know what was going on with me. I just really want you to forgive me for what I did and start over? With a new beginning I swear I won't be a total jerk to you." He said looking straight into my eyes. I shook my head " I'm sorry Zach but I can't." I said standing up. " Emily please I need you with out you for a week in my arms was killing me I can't lose you forever. I know we are only 15 but I am seriously in love with you I would take a bullet for you. I would do just anything for you." Zach said with tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry." I whispered walking away. " Emily please I love you" Zach yelled after me. This all felt like a story. I never got what was in his pocket but I don't think I want it anyways.

I started to cry. I'm so stupid. Why did I just give up on the guy I loved. I didn't walk home I just walked over to the pond. I just started cry harder. " I'm such and idiot" I said to myself nice and clear. " no your not your smart for not taking me back I wouldn't of anyways" Zach said behind me. " why are you following me" I asked. " because I don't give up on love." He said smiling. " I turned to him " what's in your pocket" I said at him. " well um I was gonna give you her if you forgave me but since u asked I guess I don't got a choice." He pulled a puppy out of his pocket. I looked at him like he just died.

"Why" I said pulling the English bulldog puppy out his hands. " I just wanted to show you how much I love you." He said blushing. I couldn't take it anymore I put the puppy down " what are you doing Emily" he said confused. I looked at him for a second and then crashed my lips into his. Perfect kiss. No tongue just love. I pulled way " I love you" I said with my nose touching his. He kissed me again. Let tonight be full of fun.

A/n So I decided to make this chapter longer cause of all the time I have not been updating! So there you go I hope you enjoy :)))

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