The Boy From Down The Street

Maeve has always been shy and quiet. She only has a few close friends. She's really athletic, and loves to run. One day when she's on her daily run, she meets Louis, the fun loving popular guy from her school. Maeve is hesitant at first, but what will happen when the attraction between them is undeniable?


1. The Encounter

Eva's POV

The autumn leaves crunch under our feet as me and my friend Rylie walk home from school. The air is cool, and the sky is a bright blue. The sun shines from above the almost bare treetops. I concentrate on not stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk, it's something I have always hated. Rylie chatters about the math quiz we had, but I'm not really listening. I just want to get home so I can drop my school things off and run. Rylie looks at me strangely. "Eva, are you ok?" I look up. "Yeah sorry. Just thinking." Rylie nods. "About the math quiz? I think I failed it too, if that's what you're thinking." I nod slightly, not bothering to correct her. We turn the corner and my house comes into view. It's a simple white house with two floors, not counting the basement, which, unlike the vast majority of people's basements these days, is not carpeted. I wave to Rylie as I walk up my driveway. "Bye Rylie. See yah tomorrow!" I say. "Bye, Eva!" she replies, and gives a little wave before turning away and continuing down the street. I unlock the front door and drop my backpack on the kitchen table, then hurry upstairs to change. When I come back downstairs, I leave a note for my mom in case she comes home from work early. Went for a run, I write. Be back soon. Then I slip on my sneakers, throw my wavy brown hair into a ponytail, and step out the door. I stretch out my muscles for a few minutes, then start at a light jog. I increase my speed the farther I go, until I'm at my normal running pace. A car abruptly pulls out of the driveway near me, and I halt to a stop, mad. It's not good to just stop running like that. The car stops, the door opens, and who steps out but Louis Tomlinson. Louis is the popular guy at school. He is always laughing, and surrounded by a group of friends. I've never talked to him before; never had the want or the need to. He walks toward me, smiling. "Sorry I interrupted your run," he says. I shake my head. "It's fine. Don't worry about it." I attempt to start running again, but he blocks my path. "Eva, right?" he says questioningly. I nod, and say, "Yup." He smiles. "I'm Louis." I can't help but snort and reply, "I know," a little sarcastically. I try to step around him, but he blocks my way again. "Please, just let me continue my run," I say, a little annoyed now. His smile fades a little bit, and he steps a fraction of an inch to the side. "Continue on," he says, and gestures. I glance at him once more before jogging off. As I run away, I can feel him watching me. He's cute, I guess. But I'm not interested.

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