kidnapped by the boys


3. where things start to get bad....

Liam's point of view 

I could see the love of my life laying on the floor all bloody I wanted to say something but I couldn't I knew if Louis found out about us he would kill me but I just stood their look at what I have just done I can't believe I had to hurt her the one I loved the most I gave her a look as if I wanted to say something she said it was fine.....

The pain was all over I looked at Liam again to see a look on his face I knew it wasn't his fault but why why hurt me I just layed on the floor waiting for it to end it did....I was just too hurt to speak all of a sudden I feel someone kiss me

Louis point of view 

Uhhh why is she still awake arg but as I looked at her I saw something I felt something I never felt before I was in love with her but how?? I knew better not to show it I'm the leader I can't let the others see I fell in love with her I got down on my knees in front of her and just looked at her I wanted to say something but I couldn't not after I hurt her this bad I love her but I can't show it I kissed her when the boys wasn't looking she turned away from me but I expected that to happen

I finally know how kissed me it was Louis but how dare he urgggg why didn't he just beat me as I was thinking I heard Louis telling the boys to leave the listened hmm he must be the boss of them he finally spoke "I love u I hope u know that I know u probably hate me for hurting u but I'm sorry okay I'm not perfect will u please be mine ill take care of u more than anything just give me a chance" his words were so touching but I loved Liam I knew I couldn't tell him but I needed to give him a hint that I'm not single "Louis I like u and all but Im not single I have someone I'm sorry" I could see the sadness on his face I couldn't take it I kissed him but it was just a friendly one I looked away and the boys came in I'm happy they came at the time they did

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