Dancers dream

What would you do if your brother was Liam Payne? What if you became their dancer for tour? What would happen when romance brews? Would you end up hurt? Will you discover a talent you didnt know you had? Would you have time for the growing love? Could you handle the drama? Would you?


5. Prankers and prankies

Liams pov

After checking everyone was asleep Licy and i grabbed two duffel bags we each took one she headed to Zayns room and i went to Nialls i grabbed all of his snacks from around the room and met Licy in the hallway. She grabbed a straitener and i took a fake newspaper advertising the governments decision to stop the production of carrot selling. I went into Louis room and she went to Harrys. I carefully placed newspapers all around the room putting them on Louis too and headed back to the hall where we got the Sharpies and went to each others victoms we drew all over. We went to the kitchen with the duffel bags and some locks. When we got to the kitchen we through the bags in the pantry and proceded to lock everything so Niall couldnt get anything to eat. After that we just waited in the hall to see our victoms but of course we had stuff to protect us. It was hours before we heard Louis screaming like a girl we went in to see him scared straight. While we were laughing we heard Zayn scream when we got to his room he was frantically searching for his precious hair gel. We waited for another twenty minutes and heard Niall cussing about his stolen food. He went right along with our plan and went to the kitchen us following closely behind to see his reaction. His next scream was loud enough to wake Harry so we ran upstairs and decided to play innocent so we knocked with a breakfast tray in our hands and knocked. When he said come in we had the phone hidden so the camera part was hardly seen and when we walked in we both seemed so real. I dropped the tray and said " w- what h-happened y-youre hair its s-straight" and Liam just stood there wide-eyed. That was enough to send Harry flying to his mirror. We picked a good night because he fell asleep fully clothed and he screamed so loud everyone came running in with really pathetic

weapons like ballon swords and nerf guns and when they saw it was just us relaxed. Then their eyes wandered to Harry and they all looked just as surprised as we did. Then i looked at Zayn

and cracked up because of the rediculous drawings on him. Pretty soon Louis noticed how

Liam and i were fine and sharpie-free and we were tackled. I have to say it was worth it though.

Within a few minutes everyone was yelling so Liam yelled at them to shut up and we started to explain" its all in the kitchen, sorry Louis, And just get your hair wet Harry." That shut up Harry

and Louis but then Niall still demanded food and i decided we had been cruel enough so i got

the keys out of my pocket and that sent Niall and Zayn running. Harry and Louis looked at

eachother and nodded Liam must have noticed too because he suddenly looked scared within

the second i was in Louis arms and he was running outside to the the backyard. I now knew

what was about to happen and i was right because in a matter of seconds i was breakin through the water of their pool. Liam must have remembered i was a horrible swimmer when i didnt come up after a few seconds because he jumped back in and dragged me out but i was starting to see dark spots blocking my vision and soon everything was dark.


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