The life of a fellow named marcel styles

marcel is a boy who not a lot of poeple like people hate him and bully him but when he meets this girl named isabella everything changes


6. the result

it was 9:00pm isabella had left and i was with gemma sitting in living room when i saw this ad on tv it was for this singing show it was called the x factor i never really sang in front of people but i figured that this show could really help with my life so i decided to audtion of corse i asked my mom if it was okay she said i can as long as i was willing to go through it i was going to audition next summer since they finished the audtions for this year i was happy but i still need to work on changing

*****1 month later*****

i looked at my transformation in the mirrior wow i looked so different even my mum started to tell me i was happy that i changed i had the abs i wanted and the muscular arms i wanted i was the new me i was giong to get him but i couldnt i didnt really know how to fight i got the yellow pages i found a number for a instrutor who could teach me i called him " hello is this mr.sanchez?" "yes and how may i help you?" "i would like to hire you so i could learn how to fight" "okay it would be about $30.00 a week is that okay with you?" "yes sir" "you can come to the park at 3:00 tomorrow ill pick yopu up and we will go to my personal gym" "okay thanks mr sanchez" "no please call me edward and whats your name?" "marcel marcel styles" "okay bye marcel" "bye edward" i was happy i got a trainer and that was my last step transforamtion i decided that adding another month in my gym membership wont hurt i drove to the gym the guy behind the desk was the same as the guy i had first joined with he looked at me and just stared i then spoke "like what you see?" "hahaha good job kid what can i help you with today" "oh yea... i would like to add another month to my membership" "okay no problem here" he handed me a new shiny card that i loved and i walked out the door i wasent going to work out today maybe another day i drove home it seemed like all i did was drive everywhere i just smiled and put some music on i went to go to get some coffie in starbucks i saw i ordered the same as always and walked out i drove home to spend the day with gemma i felt like she needed to get out of the house so i told her i was going to take her somewhere after like 10 minutes and telling her she finally gave in i took her to the movies she wanted to see this vampire movie i didnt really like it like what a love story between vampire and human haha bella and edward but i gave in i did tell her i was taking her so i ordered popcorn and we went into room 2 we sat and watched the movie "thanks marcel for taking me here i know you dont like the movie but i thnk you for taking me anyways" "no problem gemma i love you ill do anything for you cause thats what brothers do" when the movie finished i took her to get some ice cream she ordered birthday cake ice cream i ordeered stawberry i then took her home she seemed tired by now it was about 11:00 pm when we got home i took her to bed and went into my room i was happy i got gemma out the house she needed to see outside for a change i was proud of myself for my change i got a text from isabella ******goodnight marcel i love you :* miss you****** i replied ***** night isabella miss you too have sweet dreams :* bye ****** i tured on my tablet and read a tree grows in brooklyn i loved that book it made me cry sometimes but yea..... i was about to go to sleep but realized my mom wasent home i was confused it was almost midnight where can she be at this time? i called her cell no reply i got scared i woke up gemma mom wasent home where is she? "oh my marcel i forgot to tell you she went out on a mini vaction with her friends sorry i forgot to tell you beofre" "oh okay sorry i got scared i thought something had happened " "its okay" "um marcel do you mind singing me to sleep like you used to" "um i-i dont know..." "please just for me" "okay" i finally gave in and started to sing the a team in a matter of seconds she was asleep i walked out her room i felt bad for waking her up like that i went to bed and i thought about what tomorrow would bring for me and the trainer i knew hard work pays off so i would try my best to learn everything i needed to know so i could fight jeff and make this right.

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