The life of a fellow named marcel styles

marcel is a boy who not a lot of poeple like people hate him and bully him but when he meets this girl named isabella everything changes


7. leeroy

i woke up extra early so ill be at the park before edward today was my training i got breakfast and started walking to the park when i got there i waited for edward for about  two minutes i guess he came early too "hey your marcel right?" "yes and your edward?" "yes so are you ready for your frist day of hard training?" "yes i am" and in a second we were in his card driving to his gym it was really big and oppose from the other gyms it smelled good like peppermint i loved it he then lead me into this room with all these boxing things and we started.....he told me about all these things i needed to make sure about like learning how to trick the person your fighting and etc and about an hour later we finished he drove me home " thanks edward for today" " no problem same time tomorrow?" "yes thank you" i payed him and went inside my house but my mom still wasent home.... i wondered where she was i guess she was still with her friends so i went into the kitchen when i saw rose pettles all over the floor i floowed the trail to see isabella at the end she looked beautiful she pulled me on top of her and i followed she kissed me and pulled my shirt off she liked looking at my tats and abs she traced my tats and abs it tickled so i laughed the keep on she left kisses everywhere then said "bye" i wondered why she teased me "wait isabella why you leaving?" "i need to go home" she gigled and wispered "maybe next time big guy" i found it funny and decided i would meet up with my old friend leeroy i missed him i havent seen him in like forever i called his number "hello is this leeroy?" "yes and wait i know who you are marcel!!!" he screamed through the phone it hurt my ears and i laughed "yup wanna meet up i miss you can i come over?" "yes sweey you know your welcomed anythime" "okay thats but just to warn you i dont look the same" i hung up and drove to his house i knocked on the door he answered yup it was leeroy he looked the same as always he screamed and greeted me "hon you look so amazayn" "haha thanks leeroy" i decided to give him a makeover "hey leeroy can i change you like makeover?" he loved makeovers so he giggled and said yes i took him to my house and gave him some of my clothes it looked better than that tennis outfit he had on next i took him to cut his hair he had a quiff it looked amazing i then said we were going to the gym i took him to the gym since the guy knew me he let leeroy come in for free i told him what to use and after a month of hard work he looked amazing he had musclar arms and abs he looked in the mirror and smiled he loved it he even changed the way he talked he ven likes girls again i was happy for him he seemed happy too "oh my thanks marcel i look amazing" he hugged me i was happy for what he accomplished i then tol him to use his real name again his real name was liam james payne but he used a name that his mom used to call him so he started using liam i even took him with me to my fighting classes edward didnt mind he liked it i could tell liam did too i finally decided to make my name harry not marcel so now im known as harry to everyone i liked the change i tole liam that he would have to help me fight this guy b"oh my harry is that really what he did yes of corse ill help you no guy should everr do that to you or a girl" "thanks liam it means a lot" i even told liam about my x factor dream he had auditioned before but simon told him to come back in a few years so he is planning to go the same summer as me so i was happy i wouldnt be alone with no one i knew but now its time to plan the fight liam helped me since liam used to be in a gang he helped me out i didnt know when i was going to do the plan just not yet not untill im sure that this is right what if it was wrong and ill get caught i had second thoughts at the end of the day i said i didnt need a bad record so i changed my mind about beating him i might just use the law to help i know what im going to do it was the perfect plan........

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