Love bites (Harry styles fanfic

"I thought you loved me"
"I am in love with you, love..but I can't stop"
"Your blood babe..your blood"
"Don't tell me..are u a sick doctor?"
"Oh no..I am way better than that..I am a vampire"


2. Chapter two

The fifth period went too slow, but it ended. Just the moment I head the bell, I ran the first one out of the class. I was so damn hungry! Okay where is the lunch? Last year it was here, now it is gone. I saw a group of people gathering around somewhere screaming for help, and crying. What the heck happened here?

 I walked through the people to get a better view, and I saw something I never wanted to see in my life. I fell down crying so hard, holding her icy hand. Jane who did this to you?! Her body was ice cold, and very white. Teachers came and called the ambulance. The thing is, Jane is gone. Tears run down my checks like streams. Then a cold hand touched my shoulder, I screamed and ran away.

 "Wait Kate!" I slowly slowed down, and turned to see Harry. His eyes weren't they green? I gulped and cried in his chest. "Harry she is gone" the moment he touched me, everything went black and white. From far I saw me and Harry, and Harry was..was biting my neck? Then I saw myself lying dead to the ground. 

I blinked and everything went back to reality. I moved away from him, in wide eyes, he already bent his neck, so he is the one who killed her...haterd run in my body, as I run away. How could he do such a thing?! But..but how did I know he will bite me?! Is he a vampire?! The idea kept on asking itself again and again deep in my thoughts. I was scared, weak in my legs. There is nothing called vampires right? "No there is"  I turned around, nobody was there. Who is talking to me?

"I am talking" i blinked the tears back, as I suddenly was in class. I looked around, what the heck?! Was that a dream?! I raised my hand. "Sir can I go to the washroom" he nods, and I ran outside to see Jane going down the hall, as Harry was there. I ran as fast as I could and grab her away. She looked at me puzzled. Harry eyes were wide, and he ran away. So it isn't even real Kate, what are you doing? I thought to myself."what are you doing Kate?" I looked down to see Jane looking funny at me.

 "I saved you, from something terrible" she laughs, as I told her everything her face got serious. "What shall we do?! And you got powers to see future? Haha tell me a better joke" as she walked back to class, what if he will do it again. "He won't" i turned around, nobody was there. Someone is talking to me, but who is it? In frustration I went back to class, to see a grinning Harry sitting next to me. I could see it, his eyes. "Harry cmon stop that" I looked around and saw a blonde guy with an amazing blue eyes, that I could just watch all day. "Okay" he sighed, as suddenly nothing happened. That's weird..

"Okay class today I am gonna give you a project, and you will visit each other, and no, you won't chose, but with luck" he smiled as he puts everyone name in papers and each one picked one. As it came to my turn, I saw what I didn't wanna see..Harry. Harry smirked, "I guess we are together" the bell rang, as Harry took his bag and left, without any warning.

i walked over to the blonde guy, as I took his hand, and walked outside. "I know you know something" he laughed, "know what?" "Harry" he looked down and half smiled, "I know he is acting weird, cause he left who is loved in his old school" I left him away, and walked to see Harry with the blonde guy and his friends?! Wait wasn't the blonde just few seconds ago there?!

 I am scared..I hugged myself, and walked out of school, gave my goodbyes to jade, and walked home, in the middle of the way, I felt something. A pain shot my stomach as everything turned black and white again, and everything stopped moving, as in seconds I was in home, and  someone I couldn't see who, was sucking my mom neck, leaving her lying dead. I screamed, but nothing can help. As in seconds i returned back to realty. I ran as fast as I could to home, but it was too late..

I saw him sucking my mom neck, as her face looks at me for help, her body was thrown at the floor, as he smiled and with one swipe of his fingers, he left. I cried and beg her to come to life, but her body was lying cold in the floor, I called the ambulance, took them away, asked me questions, and left. As I was crying, begging, and seated in my bed for the rest of the day, till I remember tony..where is he?!

I walked straight to tony room, wishing he is alife, but no, he wasn't even there. I searched every single room, wishing and crying and screaming his name. But nothing, I was left alone, in the world with nobody to help, I got forever to stay the way I am. Everything went black in matter of sends......


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