Summer Love

Dominique offers to do hair and makeup for all her cousin's friends at her cousin's birthday. At this party, she meets a couple more people than just fourteen year old girls. Perhaps a boy? Or maybe FIVE boys?


2. Birthday Party


Chapter 2- Birthday Party

Dominique's POV

           My uncle had forgotten to tell me which band will be serenading Taylor for her birthday, but he had told me that they had my email and that I was to answer any questions they might have.  I kept my phone right next to me and turned the ringer all the way up so I would know if I received a message.  The guests started to arrive and I herded them into Taylor's ginormous bathroom and set them each up in a make-up chair with a bar table next to each one complete with a few magazines and extras of the make-up I would be putting on them in just a few minutes.

          I was an art major and make-up was not excluded from my talents.  Each girl looked better than she ever could with a photo-shopped picture in only five minutes each.   All I use is a little bit of powder and/or cover-up if needed, mascara, and light pink gloss on their lips.

         While I was checking my masterpieces over one last time, Taylor had just got back from meeting with her band.  Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes sparked as she rushed over to her friends.  She winked at me as we all headed out to her backyard where the stage I had put together was now covered with singers.  I rolled my eyes as One Direction took place on the stage.  I don't know what my cousin saw in these boys.  I felt bad about how boring the performance was going to be, they only had one song!  I thought about the first time Taylor played What Makes You Beautiful to me. 

         As they sang, my mind found itself back in my "happy place", remembering what had recently happened in school that caused me to be circling the drain.  I could still see his face.  I remember being confused because we had never spoken before, but he was putting me down with my best friend.

Hunter smirked and looked over to me pointedly while Madison laughed with him.  She was supposed to be one of my best friends.  Madi and I always had our "Philosophical Thursdays", where we would share our problems and insecurities and build each other up, so why was she pushing me back down? Why was she looking at me this way?

"Watch, if we stop she'll slow down and try to listen," Hunter warned Madison and alerted me of what was expected of me.

          I closed my eyes and willed it all away, I couldn't let my current state of mind ruin Taylor's birthday. 

Zayn's POV   

          "Holy shit!" That's all I could say.  This girl was no regular fan.  Not at all. She was providing our most unattainable goal, now attainable.  She was handing us our worst nightmare, coming true.  She was amazing.  SHe was fourteen, but she carried the key to six people's futures.  She did not scream when she saw us.  She did not jump up and down.  She did not smile.  She greeted us with a handshake and pulled out chairs.  I didn't know how I was going to perform after what I had just been told.  I didn't know how we would do it, but we would.  There was no doubt about it.

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