Hotel Of The Devil...

One direction are always on the road... What if one day the boys get bored and decide to drive around in a hired car, they continue until they're lost... And decide to check in at the Hotel Of The Devil....What will happen? Will they escape?


2. Chapter Two


Liam's pov
It's now 9:58 pm and I'm gonna go over to Louis and Harry's room. I have a really bad feeling about this but then again, I don't wanna be a spoilt sport so here I am. I walk up to there room and go in. Niall,Zayn,Harry and Louis were already here.
"Hey guys, sorry I'm late" I apologise.
"It's fine Liam we were just about to leave anyway, Paul said we gonna stop of at a gas station. That's when we are gonna leg it. I think there's a car hiring place there anyway so yeah" Louis says. He must of really thought about this! 
"Okay okay now can we pleaseee get something eat before we go I'm starvingg" Niall wines. Of course,him and food are invincible.
"Okay hurry though we gonna go like in 2 minutes!" Harry says. He isn't really himself at the moment and I don't know why! I must remember to ask him about that! Niall runs over to the kitchen and come back within 30 seconds! 
"It's now or never boys come on" Louis said.
We started to go towards the door. I still don't know why I am doing this. Oh well no turning back now. We wait until Paul goes inside to pay.
"NOW BOYS" zayn screams. Suddenly we are legging it over to a car hiring place,dodging cars on our way. 
"Can we please have that car over there(AN sorry I would of put a car there, but I don't know any ha anyway)" Harry says as he points to one.
"Okay that will be 40 pounds per hour." The man says in a emotionless voice.
" rip of but sure here's 300 pounds I dunno bye!" Louis says quickly as he sees Paul coming.
"QUICK BOYS HURRY UP" I say. Woah were did that come from!?
" OI GET BACK HERE" Paul screams.
"SORRY PAUL NO.CAN.DO" harry says.
Louis drives faster. This is so much fun! Wow must do this again.
We have been driving for about 4 hours now and we are COMPLETELY lost! We are litterly in a deserted town. 
"Erm let's go see if there's a hotel or something here" Niall says.
I look around and in the far left there's a hotel. But it doesn't look so good. Oh well a hotels better than no hotel!

HA hey hey hey hey how's ya all?! Mwa HA haaa I'm actually so bored its unreal!

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