Beauty and the Geek

Rosie had always been popular she had everything a super star football player boyfriend she was head cheerleader, rich, model, grades, and Simon Cowell as her dad. Now Zayn is a different story he has bullies, poor, nerd, never kissed, playes chess, and a abusive dad. But one day something changes he is now the bully, wheres leather, gets wasted, and stands up to his dad. He becomes popular and tries out for X factor. And thats just the beginning.



ok im writing a new story call Harrys Own i know i delete my stories but i dont think they are good so yeah the story is about Harry has a child with this girl and Harry left her but they get back together blah blah blah so ugh just comment your name what gender if you want more then one eye color hair color baby(s) hair and eye color(s) name and how old are the baby(s)

so um bye my lovely leprechauns!!! Oh and this isnt finished so yeah bye:) 

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