Beauty and the Geek

Rosie had always been popular she had everything a super star football player boyfriend she was head cheerleader, rich, model, grades, and Simon Cowell as her dad. Now Zayn is a different story he has bullies, poor, nerd, never kissed, playes chess, and a abusive dad. But one day something changes he is now the bully, wheres leather, gets wasted, and stands up to his dad. He becomes popular and tries out for X factor. And thats just the beginning.


1. Introduction

Hi my name is Rosalynn May Cowell but people call me Rosie. Everyone says I'm beautiful but that's probably just because they want to meet my dad and meet a new band called One Direction. I am 18 and going to graduate this year. I won't go straight to college though I'm traveling with my modeling job around the world. I have wavy brown hair and grey blue eyes. I have a boyfriend named Bradford Scott Wright or Brad he is a football player and I'm a cheerleader. I feel bad he bullies this nerd named Zayn along with my 'friends' Tiffany and Gracelyn' I have two besties Breeanne and Savannah. We all go to Mayberry Eastwood High in London.


Brad Scott Wright

I am a football player and basically a man whore im dating Rosie, Tiffany, and Grace. I am dating Rosie to meet her dad, Tiffany for basically sex and grace for her money and no telling how many one night stands Ive had so yeah that me awesome right.


Breeanne Lily Jones

Im 18 and a model with Rosie and Grace. I am a model for Abercrombie while Rosie is for Victorias Secret and Grace is just a model for anything basically. I have blonde loose curly hair with bright blue grey eyes. I am rich because my mom, Rosies dad, and Savannah mos are all managers for a band. Rosies is the American Idol judge and signed Justin Bieber and a new band like The Direction or One Direction something like that and Savannahs dad signed Bridget Mendler and R5.


Savannah Jade Heughes 

Im 17 the youngest in the group and a model for basically anything but mostly Hollister. I have silk auburn hair and dark brown eyes. I am wealthy from my parents my mom is a famous lawyer named Bethany Heughes and my dad signed Bridget Mendler and R5. My besties are Breeanne and Rosies.

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