Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


84. 'The Bouquet' (last chap)

a/n after chap

Chapter 73

“The Bouquet”


At the end it will be clear

That the ending is not near

Vows are made, two will hold

The rest will be remain to be told


*** 7 months later – 15th November 2014 ***


Maggie’s P.O.V.

The aisle looked really, really long. And my tiara felt so tight.

Can you put weight on around your head? Had I got muffin top on my scalp? And my shoes really hurt. No matter how beautiful, or how expensive they might be, the balls of me feet felt as if they’d been up and down a cheese grater and then dipped in acid!

I saw Louis standing at the end of the aisle, looking relaxed and happy. Well, I suppose he didn’t have to walk down it in four-inch Christian Louboutin’s and a fishtail floor-length gown. You couldn’t even see the bloody shoes! Now my hands felt sweaty. Did I have sweat patches? I tried to sneak a peek under my arms without dislodging anything important from my bouquet.

“Mag? Are you alright?” Tally frowned at me, a picture a perfection, calm as anything, immaculate makeup and not teetering a touch. And her heels were higher than mine.

“Uh-huh.” I replied as eloquent as ever.

Thank God, it was her wedding, and not mine!


*** 2 months earlier – September 2014 ***


“No no no, it is most certainly not okay!” I told the dress shop assistant on the phone,

“Tally specifically said teal sashes, not turquoise!”

I saw Louis coming in, trying to sneak past but I sent him a glare and pointed at the couch where he reluctantly took a seat, as I finished my phone call and sat down next to him, letting out a deep sigh.

“More trouble with the dresses?” He asked, as I put my head on his shoulder

“You’d think they would be able to get a simple colour right! I’m telling you Tally will have their head, and mine, if they don’t have it right when we go for her, what… third fitting, tomorrow!” I replied, rolling my eyes.

I loved Tally dearly, but I was starting to regret accepting to be the head bridesmaid. Well actually, I had been slightly regretting it for a long time. The last person you’d want to be a bridezilla was someone like Tally!

“I still can’t believe he’s getting married!” Louis said, shaking his head in disbelief,

“I mean I totally believe him getting married to Tally, we all knew that since the first week in Manchester last year, but I didn’t actually think those two would ever get their shit together to actually plan a freaking wedding!”

“Those two?” I asked, raising my eyebrows,

“Every time I ask Niall about his opinion on anything, he tells me to ask Tally! I’d be surprised if he even knows where it’s taking place!”

“Anyways I have good news for you!” Louis said, and I turned to look at him with a big smile,

“Did you talk to them today?” I asked, expectantly, and he nodded in reply.

“So it’s all sorted?”

He nodded again, and I jumped up from the couch, still feeling a slight sting in my leg as it was only a month ago, I had lost the cast and crutches.

I had the best surprise for Tally for the big day, and knowing that it was all sorted, helped take my mind off all the other things we still had to take care of.

I have to admit, ever since Niall and Tally announced their engagement back in April, I had been more and more attentive of Louis and I’s relationship, and I was almost sure he was the same. When we finally did get together, we had hardly seen each other before the accident and the months that followed weren’t exactly joyful, but with Niall and Tally getting engaged, it was a reminder to all of us that life goes on, and that love does to and that when we really love someone, there really is no putting off love.

Louis made a big deal out of showing his love for me each and every day, even if it was with something as simple as bringing me my morning cuppa in bed. It was as if Niall and Tally’s declaration of their eternal love made everyone else more aware of their own love, and everyone was determined to find out if they were eternal just as Niall and Tally.


*** 15th November 2014 ***

I stood at the end of the Aisle, next to three of Tally’s cousin and tried not to think of all the people, possibly looking at me right now. Sure, I could get on stage in front of about 200 people and sing my heart out, but put me in a huge church in front of 100 people and I couldn’t stop thinking about every little detail about myself.

I looked over at Lauren sitting by the huge church organ, playing “A Thousand Years” perfectly, and I noticed Harry who could hardly keep his eyes off her. I saw Ada sitting in the second row on Niall’s side next to one of his cousins, and Zayn who kept trying to wink at her discreetly. I noticed Liam, who kept nudging Zayn when he caught him winking, and tried to keep a laugh in.

My eyes landed on Louis, who was staring at me, making me feel like the only person in the entire room and I could see the look in his eyes when it drifted from everywhere in the church back to me. I knew what he was trying to tell me.

Finally, I looked at Niall, who was smiling bigger than I’d ever seen before, as Tally took her spot next to him in her gorgeous Vivienne Westwood dress. I had never seen a more beautiful bride, and I doubted I ever would.

Finally, it was time for the vows, and having looked Tally’s over for corrections, I hoped I wouldn’t lose it and start bawling.


“Niall James Horan. Mo cluaiste. When I was a young girl, I loved all the fairytales – the stories, the princesses, the way they always got together in the end. But I never expected to actually ever find my own real life prince. The first time I met you, I was struck. The second time I met you, I fell in love. The third time I met you, I knew you would be the man I’d spend my whole life with. I feel like the luckiest person in the world, to have someone, who I can share everything with. My deepest secrets, my wildest dreams, my heart and my soul, my whole world. You’re my prince. My happily ever after. Every day is a fairytale with you by my side, and my heart will always beat for you until the day it stops beating.”

I felt a tear slip down my cheek, and I could tell Tally was on the verge of crying as well. My eyes landed on Louis again and I caught him just as he was wiping the corner of his eye. I took a deep breath and braced myself to hear Niall’s vows.


“Natalie Roxanne McCallum. A rúnsearc. I have never for one second doubted that you are my soulmate. My one and only. Before I met you, I wondered if I ever would meet my princess, never getting any closer no matter how much I searched. Then you walked into my life, turning everything upside down and making me feel as if I had never lived without you, and making me sure that I never want to live without you. You never fail to amaze me and I’m ready to fall in love with you all over again every day, for the rest of my life.”

One quick glance around the place, and I was confirmed in my suspicions that there wasn’t a single eye dry by now. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at Louis, and once I did, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. The way he stood there, in his tux, staring at me so intensely, his eyes still slightly welling up as another single tear dropped from mine, making him smirk slightly as I wiped it away. As the bride and groom had the first kiss as husband and wife, he smiled at me and winked and all I could think about was how much I adored that cheeky little lad, and how I wanted to look at that smirk forever.


Louis’ P.O.V.

“This food is bloody amazing.” Mag said in awe, eyes widening in excitement every time she took a bite of something new, and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling even more.

“It’s Niall and Tally’s wedding. If anything else had been a disaster, at least we know the food would have been taken care of!” I replied, hiding my own enthusiasm. The food really was excellent.

I sat there just staring at Mag for about a minute, wanting to save this memory of her in my mind like a mental picture. Her sitting there in her beautiful dress, with her hair immaculately fixed but still natural looking in those gorgeous waves, and a huge smile on her face. I had been staring so intently, that I didn’t even notice her looking back at me.

“What are you staring at?” She asked me nervously, probably worried that there was something wrong with her appearance.

I just smiled at her, pushing a single strand of hair behind her ear as I replied,

“My future.”

Her frown turned into a huge smile as I leaned in for a kiss, just as Liam clinked his glass, to make his toast.

“I know it’s usual for the best man to tell embarrassing stories about the groom, but that would be Louis’ expertise, not mine.” The whole room chuckled and Niall’s face turned red as he looked at me warningly, as I winked at him before Liam went on,

“I’ve known Niall for many years now, and even though I haven’t known Tally quite as long, I couldn’t think of a couple more suitable for each other. I’ll admit, not only Niall, but all of us had our doubts that he would ever find true love after the many, many failed attempts. It had actually gotten to a point where I was worried I would be attending a wedding with pizza as the bride. I mean, how do you dress for that? No, but honestly when I look at you two, and the love that you share and the happiness you bring each other… All I can do is hope to one day be lucky enough to find someone who makes me even half as happy as you two make each other. To the bride and groom.”

“To the bride and groom!” Everyone raised their glass, and toasted to Niall and Tally.


I stood next to the ice sculpture, thinking how amazing it was that people could create something so detailed out of frozen water, when I finally found Mag standing at the buffet talking to a girl, I had seen before but couldn’t quite place. I made my way over there, grabbing Mag by the waist, startling her.

“Hey love!” I said, nuzzling her neck with my head making her giggle.

“Louis, do you remember Bea?” Mag asked me, nodding towards the girl and I gave her my hand to shake,

“Hello Bea! Now, I know I have seen you before but I simply can’t remember where or when?”

“I’m Skye´s cousin,” she replied, shaking my hand firmly, “we met at her… funeral.”

She smiled sadly and I could tell it was still hard for her to mention Skye’s death. Just like Liam. Even though he was a lot better now, it was easy to see that he was still hurt.

“So are you a friend of Tally’s?” I asked her, wondering why she was here but trying not to sound rude.

“Well I’ve met Lauren several times before through Skye and our family and that’s how I met Tally. I wouldn’t really say we’re close, but I actually hooked them up with the catering, which Tally was so thankful for that it got me an invite.” She replied, and my eyes widened,

“So you’re the contact Mag was talking about!” I told her in realization, but she looked at me confusedly and I explained,

“Well Mag kept mentioning her “food contact” while planning the wedding but I never seemed to catch the name. Personally I would invite you to my wedding, my kids’ weddings and my funeral if you had set me up with that catering!”

Mag nodded in agreement and Bea smiled at the ground, blushing,

“Well I can’t really take credit for the food, but I will definitely pass on your compliments!”

I noticed her eyes drifting to something behind me and stayed there, so I turned my head to see what she was looking at and found none other than Liam.

“Skye’s ex, right?” She asked, her eyes not leaving him as he was drinking his champagne talking to Harry and Lauren.

Mag nodded, putting a hand on Bea’s shoulder for comfort, as it was clear that the sight of Liam reminded her of Skye.

“I’m going to talk to him for a bit, if that’s alright?” She said and walked over to him leaving me with Mag.

I looked at Mag, admiring the sight of her today with her beautiful bridesmaids dress, hair finally loose after the ceremony and taller than me for once, because of her shoes.

“So Louis… How come I have never seen this dinner suit before?” Maggie asked, playing with my bow tie.

“Maybe because I didn’t have it before and it was bought specially for this occasion?”

“Ah right… So it’s bought, not rented?”

I nodded and a cheeky smile formed on her face,

“Well, that is certainly good to know.” She winked at me and bit her lip and it was getting hard to restrain from taking her home right now.

 “Before I forget,” I said, composing myself and remembering what I had to tell her, “There are a certain four lads who have just arrived and who I think you will be very pleased to meet.”

Her eyes widened, and a big grin covered her face as she jumped up and down,

“No way! They’re here?” She asked and I nodded smiling,

“Well come one then, let’s go get them! Oh Tally will be so surprised!” Mag exclaimed pulling me along to the back entrance, where the caterers and staff were walking back and forth hurriedly.

I knew Mag was so excited about the surprise, she had gotten me to arrange for Tally and just seeing her so happy and excited made me feel warm inside, and want to do things like this for her all the time. I definitely tried to spoil her as much as possible, but tried to keep it subtle because if she knew I was spoiling her she would go all “independent woman” on me.

 “Where are they, where are they?” Mag asked eyes mad, I pointed towards the door to the makeshift dressing room, and she ran, as well as she could in her heels, towards the door but stood in front of it waiting for me to come and open.

As soon as I reached the door and put my hand on the handle, I was sure she would start screaming or explode, but she remained strangely calm as I opened the door even though her face was clearly star struck, as they landed on the four young men in front of her.


Harry’s P.O.V.

After Lauren had dragged me out on the dancefloor for 30 minutes, I insisted on getting a drink and left her in the hands of Tally’s young cousins. While I was watching her, and trying not to laugh at the little boy who kept stepping on her feet, Louis and Mag took the stage and got everyone’s attention.

“So Louis and I have planned a surprise for the newlywed couple,” Mag began with a huge smile on her face, “even though it is probably mostly for the beautiful bride, as a request from the groom, I am sure you will both enjoy. I can’t take the credit though, as it was my man Louis here, who made this come true. Please welcome the wonderfully talented young lads… of Union J!”

My eyes darted to Tally whose mouth was wide open as Mag and Louis cleared the stage, for the four young men to take over, and the intro to a beautiful love ballad started playing.

I saw Josh look at Tally as he sang the first verse to “Amaze Me”, and I was worried she might faint right there. It wasn’t a secret that Tally, and Mag, were massive fans of Union J, and I knew Niall had wanted to surprise Tally on their big day, but I didn’t think they would actually pull through. I guess it was true what Lauren had said a couple weeks ago,

“When you’re the fiancé of Niall Horan, it doesn’t matter how crazy your wishes are – they will be granted.”

She had stated this after Niall had spent hours trying to find someone, who could make an ice sculpture with very intricate details. I had of course informed her, that Niall wasn’t the only one who loved to pleasure the love of his life.

Louis walked over to me, as Mag was busy fangirling with Tally as the boys went on to sing a couple more of their songs.

“You know I’m surprised you made this happen,” I told him and he looked at me questioningly,

“Well I’m surprised you introduced Mag to four guys who she’s absolutely in love with… Even if one of them is a father and another one is gay.”

Louis rolled his eyes at my statement and was quick with a comeback,

“Well Zayn introduced her to us four lads when he had just met her.”

”True,” I said, “but first of all he didn’t know how much of a fan she was, and secondly look how well that turned out for him.”

Louis knew that I as referring to the fact that he had ended up with Mag instead of Zayn, but he still pointed Zayn out to me, who was standing with Ada looking more loved up than ever.

“He looks pretty content to me.”


I don’t know if it was the wedding that brought out the best in everyone but every single couple seemed to be competing about who was most in love, and Lauren and I were no exception. I was standing feeding her strawberries when Josh Cuthbert came walking over to us, grabbing a glass of champagne that stood next to the strawberries.

After they had performed a few songs, Tally had insisted that they joined the party, and after a few minutes, they had said they could stay a little while. She and Mag had the proceeded to bombard them with questions and pretty much kept them in their little circle, but Josh had apparently just escaped.

“Hey Josh! Great to see you!” I said pulling him in for a hug, clearly taking him by surprise.

“Harry! Yeah… it’s only been what… a couple years?” He replied with a grin and then turned to Lauren who, I now noticed, was also slightly star struck.

“Hello, I’m Josh.” He said sticking his hand out for Lauren to shake, who quickly took it and shook it a little too enthusiastically,

“Oh I know who you are,” she actually giggled, “I’m Lauren… Harry’s girlfriend.”

“Oh! Well Harry, you have certainly done well for yourself!”

Lauren blushed and giggled again, and I rather wanted to smack Louis, Niall and Mag right now.

“Harry? Could I borrow your girlfriend for a dance?” Josh asked, and I swear Lauren was the colour of a tomato but I obliged none-the-less. I wouldn’t take that opportunity away from her. I had no reason to be jealous – she was my girlfriend and she wasn’t just going to leave me for the next boyband member who offered her a dance.

Skye’s tragic death had taken a toll on Lauren and I’s relationship at first, but the last few months we had gotten closer than ever. With Niall and Tally’s engagement, we had become very aware of how love can overcome even the saddest of times, and spending so much time watching Tally be the bridezilla of all bridezillas, hadn’t put us off the thought of ever getting married.

On the contrary, it had sparked conversations of how we would have a nice quiet wedding if that ever were to happen. Not that Lauren wanted to get married any time soon. We were both far too young, but it had a certain reassurance that it wasn’t out of the question sometime in the future. Mag had even said she wouldn’t be surprised if we were engaged next and I didn’t disagree with her. People could be engaged for years before actually tying the knot, and every day with Lauren seemed to make me more and more sure of an engagement in the near future.


Liam’s P.O.V.

I had been talking to Harry and Lauren, when Skye’s cousin Bea had approached me. I remembered her from the funeral, and Mag told me she had helped with the catering when I had noticed her earlier.

She looked just as I remembered her: long hair and big brown eyes, a bit shorter than me. Basically, she was the opposite of Skye but she still reminded me of her so much. Maybe it had something to do with how she was obviously not a girly girl at all, and probably also the fact that she had worn an Arctic Monkeys t-shirt to Skye’s funeral. I took one look at the dress she was wearing – short dark red skater-skirt style – and could have sworn she was Skye’s twin instead of cousin.

“Hi… you’re Liam right?” She asked a bit nervously and reminded me again of Skye had been incredibly shy when it came to me, even though she was tough in front of everyone else.

“Hello… Yes, and you’re… Bea?” I asked, and she nodded.

She stood there silently for a moment while we just looked at each other, and suddenly as she smiled I felt an overwhelming calmness come over me, and initiated a conversation about the food, which then led on to talking about her job, and even though we were interrupted by Mag announcing Union J (Bea had no idea who they were), we quickly picked up the conversation, which was now about music.

“Not that I have anything against One Direction, I mean you guys are great, but there is nothing like going mentally back in time when listening to an old Green Day album!” She stated after I had asked her about favourite bands.

Obviously, I was trying to detect whether she was a fan, a habit that one gets being in the “biggest band on the planet”, and I rather liked the way that she elegantly jumped over One Direction.

“So I know you like Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, All Time Low and One Direction,” I started,

“What about solo artists? Or are you just about bands?”

“Certainly not just bands!” She almost yelled,

“No I have a very, very soft spot for Sam Smith… I mean, he is just amazing. I could fall asleep listening to his voice… Also… well I have to admit that I was a bit heartbroken when Haylor ended…”

She said the last part so quietly that I barely heard it, and I was confused at first, until I realized what she meant,

“Haylor…? Oh… OH! You mean Harry and Taylor?”

She nodded and it suddenly became very hard for me to not start laughing. Very few people knew the truth about Harry and Taylor and the whole Louis and Harry thing. Boy, was I glad that was over. Not that I had anything against it but those two had been so dramatic during their whole not-relationship-but-actually-relationship thing.

“So you’re a fan of Taylor Swift?”

“Oh yeah! Right from the start!”

Bea and I went on talking for a long while, and even though she reminded me of Skye, she was still clearly her own person and I felt more at ease talking to her, than I had felt since Skye passed away.


Zayn’s P.O.V.

“Honestly I don’t get it.” Ada told me, glancing at Mag and Tally who were very preoccupied with Union J. Well three of them at least, Josh was dancing with Lauren while Harry stood watching very close by.

“What don’t you get babe?” I asked sneaking my arm around her waist, and rocking her from side to side. Since she refused to dance, which I had nothing against, this was the closest we came to dancing.

“The whole fangirl thing. I mean, I like music and stuff but I would never actually freak out over some singer or band.”

I remember how she hadn’t even recognized med until she saw my tattoos, well her sister saw them, and I couldn’t agree more. Ada was definitely not the kind of girl to freak out over anything. Except maybe a very cool tattoo.

I initially fell for Ada for how she helped me get through the time after Mag, but I really fell in love with her personality. She was so rough around the edges but so carefree. So tough but at the same time, so caring and loving towards people she cared about, and she was so independent that I knew if we ever did break up, she wouldn’t sit and cry over ice cream for weeks. Not that there was anything wrong with that. I mean, I wasn’t exactly one to get over a break up quickly – I got a freaking tattoo and laid an intricate plan to get Mag back after we broke up – but being with someone as independent as Ada, made me feel more independent.

I knew that she loved me, and I wasn’t worried that she would suddenly just leave me, but our relationship was so drama-free and a fresh start from everything in the past with Perrie and Mag. Of course, we had our fights and arguments but it was never anything that left me feeling as if my world was crumbling.

Just like everyone else, marriage had crossed my mind after Niall and Tally announced their engagement,  but if Ada and I ever did get married, it wouldn’t be a big fancy party like this. Knowing Ada, we would probably elope and have a cool, chill ceremony somewhere far away. I had no idea if Ada was the one for me though. When I saw Niall with Tally, there was no doubt there were meant to be. When I saw Harry with Lauren, it was all heart-eyes and pink clouds. Louis and Mag made me wonder how I could ever think she was meant to be with me in the first place. But Ada and I? Thinking about it, it would be nice to know that we had a future, but in a way, we did even if we didn’t talk about it. That’s the point – we didn’t have to talk about it, because we just took it one day at a time and waited to see what the future would bring.


3rd person P.O.V.

All the young girls gathered around as Tally got ready to toss the bouquet. Some of them with excited looks on their face, others with looks of indifference.

Ada had at first refused, saying that she would not jump around like some maniac to catch a bunch of plants, but Zayn had convinced her that it would then be even more of a sign, if she did catch it. Harry had almost been even faster than Lauren to shoo her over as soon as they announced it was time, and Mag had nonchalantly taken a place in between Lauren and Ada, who now had her arms crossed in protest. She detested these traditions. Bea had been so caught up in talking with Liam that she almost didn’t notice what was about to happen, until Liam had told her. She had seemed reluctant at first, but finally decided she might as well try it. Liam noticed how she made it very clear that she didn’t “even have a boyfriend”, but he didn’t want to read too much into the statement.

Out of all the girls, one of them suddenly felt ambivalent to catching the bouquet. She suddenly didn’t know if she wanted to catch it or not. She loved her boyfriend and she wasn’t opposed to marriage at all, which she knew he wasn’t either. But what if she caught the bouquet and he suddenly got scared? What if it made the thought of marriage so real that he would get cold feet? If she knew how her boyfriend felt though, she certainly wouldn’t have felt that way.

But she didn’t know that he was waiting for the perfect opportunity. She didn’t know that he was crossing fingers for her to catch the bouquet. She didn’t know that he had already bought a diamond ring weeks ago.

As Tally took her place, she turned to look over her shoulder and caught the girl’s eye. With a cheeky grin, she winked at her, then turned around and tossed the bouquet.

It was as if everything happened in slow motion. The bouquet flying through the hair, a blur of purple, white and blue. The girl reacted on pure instinct and reached her hand up, as the bouquet flew over the heads and outstretched hands of the girls around before landing swiftly right in her hand. It took a second before she realized what had happened and she looked with wide eyes at the bouquet in her hand, and then up at Tally who stood grinning at her, as if she had planned this.

The girl turned around and saw her boyfriend smiling at her.

Perfect aim!” Tally exclaimed, clapping her hands together.

The girl’s boyfriend walked towards her with a grin on his face. As he entwined their hands, with a twinkle in his eye he whispered softly in her ear,

Looks like we’re up next, kiddo.”


To be continued…




So first thank you to everyone who stuck with me through this! Especially thank you to two people – the inspiration behind Lauren and the inspiration behind Bea! You two have been here, commenting every chap and keeping me going right from the start and I love you guys! I love all of you guys who have read this, also those who didn’t comment – you also mean so much! This has been such a big part of my life for soooo long! Thank you for sticking with me even when I was a complete arse and didn’t update for weeks and even months! My life has changed A LOT during the whole time of this story, I first uploaded like 2,5 years ago and it’s insane how much has happened- especially with the boys! I won’t get into talking about the hiatus here, though! NOW there is something I don’t wanna talk about but it’s inevitable – Zayn. I won’t get into my feelings about that because that’s a story in itself.. He WILL be in the sequel, although I have not yet decided if he will be leaving One Direction in the story. This is FAN FICTION and not based on real events AT ALL! So the sequel will be up some time next year, I’ll keep you updated here, but it will prolly be a couple months – please stay with me on our character’s journey in the sequel! Lots of drama, love, envy, jealousy, happiness and events coming up, this is far from over… THIS IS NOT THE END! Now I really want to clear up the poem with the hints, now that it’s over so here we goo…

Hearts tangled, lovers bond

Crossing paths, do they belong

(Zayn and Mag meeting and getting together)

Broken souls form to one

They were entwined all along

Two destinies, to one fate

A thin line between love and hate

(The whole Louis & Mag deal)

Scars revealed, secrets told

How much could this love hold

(Discovering Zayn’s secret with Zoe, and Louis’ scars)

Hearts will break, tears will fall

(Zayn and Mag break up)

Only two will stand tall

(Niall and Tally, the only couple who were together the whole story)

Some of them will break apart

(ALL the break ups)

One will forever depart

(Skye… R.I.P)

At the end it will be clear

That the ending is not near

(Sequeel! Who caught the bouquet?)

Vows are made, two will hold

(Niall and Tally – wedding vows)

The rest will remain to be told…


Soooo there you have it!

ONCE again thanks for reading this, I love you guys.. this story is my baby and I can’t believe it’s done… but then we have the SEQUEL…I might upload this on wattpad, not sure yet… STAY TUNED ! aaaand last… IF YOU HAVEN’T BOUGHT MADE IN THE AM YET, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? Personally my faves are If I could fly, end of the day, temporary fix, Olivia, what a feeling, never enough and hey angel but I pretty much love all the songs!! I feel like history could be mag and lou’s theme song! Well guys, before I tear up…. I LOVE YOU!! AND I WILL POST HERE WHEN THE SEQUEL IS COMING..

xoxo (for the last time, for now), M.

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