Loved You First

"Was it possible that all the signs, I had convinced myself were just my imagination, actually were real?

I just couldn't help but wonder how long she'd had feelings for him, even if they were subconcious.
I was sure that I loved her first, but at this point I actually didn't know who she loved first."

A few slightly sexual references (not smut, I don't do that)
A few slightly violent scenes
Use of strong language at times
SELF-HARM references in a couple of chapters


57. 'Look After You'


hey babes! soóo I'm really excited abt this chap cus I was finaaaally able to write a 5000+ words again!! anyways pleeease remember to comment!! :) p.s. remember to vote for the boys for KCA!! ;)

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Chapter 51

"Look After You"


Louis' P.O.V.


I was in a pretty good mood, when I got back to the hotel, after spending time with Ada and Abby.

Unfortunately my happiness was shortlived.

I kicked off my shoes and took off my hoodie, throwing it on the bed in my room, and was looking for a pair of boxers in my suitcase when something caught my eye.

The corner was sticking out of the sidepocket and I pulled it out, revealing a photograph that made my heart stop and my mood sink.


It showed Mag on my back, arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders, smiling down at me while I held onto her legs wrapped around my waist, sticking my tongue out to the camera. Her smile was so genuine and bright that it made me feel like I would burst.

And I did. I burst into tears, feeling so many different things at once. I had no idea how Mag felt now, how I would fix this, when I would see her again or if I would ever hold her in my arms again.


It hurt me physically to think about Mag being with someone else. Intwining her fingers with another man, jumping playfully onto his back, holding onto him tight. kissing his lips...

Nothing even mattered anymore, now that she was gone. The tour wasn't the same, the rides on the bus wouldn't be the same, the shows weren't the same, life wasn't the same without her. I had become so dependent of her that it was like, I had forgotten how to function properly without her.

The only times I felt happy, was when I did what I loved. Singing on a stage to thousands of fans, and even then it was hard to keep it together when the words coming out of my mouth spoke directly to my heart, where Mag was always present.


I was brought out of my thoughts by a knock on my door.

What?" I said after taking time to wipe my face from all the tears that had spilled in the past five minutes.

"Louis, can we talk?"

Great, it was Zayn! The main cause for my misery!

"I don't want to talk to you Zayn!" I yelled back, hoping he would just disappear.

"I have a message from Mag."

What? How could he have a message from Mag?

"At the airport... She told me to say that she's sorry... and that she loves you."


My heart stopped. She said that she loved me? She had never said that before, at least not as more than a friend. Not even last night on the Eiffel Tower after I poured out my heart. I had seen it in her eyes, but never had she told me out loud, and the first time that she did, I hadn't been there to hear it.

You're an idiot Louis! You should have gone to that damn airport!


I slowly got up and opened the door, facing Zayn. Surprise flashed through his eyes for a second, but I wasn't usually one to cry in front of anyone and it was pretty obvious I had been doing just that.

His eyes drifted off to the photograph in my hand and then back to my face. He was obviously confused about what to say now.


"If you're just going to stare at me, I will slam the door in your face." I tried to say it harshly, but I was so drained that it came out as more of a whisper.

"Louis... I'm sorry."

Well that was unexpected. I gestured for him to go on, but didn't move from my spot in the doorway.


"I shouldn't have let things come to this. I should have backed off a long time ago, instead of getting in your way. I know you've had feelings for Mag just as long as I have, but you never got in the way of our relationship, and what I did was a really dick move! I tried to convince Mag to stay earlier, for your sake but it didn't work and I totally understand that you blame me for her leaving. I've realized that I really have been in the wrong lately, just like Mag said and I hope you can forgive me. I really am sorry, and I promise not to get in the way anymore. I'll do my best to get over her."


I thought about what Zayn said for a while, wondering how I felt about it. It was so easy to say sorry after the damage was done, and a part of me wanted to yell at him and punch him. But on the other hand, it meant something that he admitted his mistakes and actually apologized. He was one of my best friends, and it was time to end this rivalry and get rid of the hostile energy between us.


"Yeah, I can forgive you. I'm still upset about this but there's no point in holding a grudge forever. Truce?" I held out my hand to him and he took it with a smile,



"Now do you wanna talk about this?" He asked nodding towards the photo in my hand,

"Or would you rather just get some rest? It's like 1AM and we have a show tomorrow."

"To be honest, I doubt that I'll be able to sleep much." I said sadly with a sigh and went to sit in the livingroom.

"You can start with that photo in your hand." Zayn said taking the seat next to me, and I took a deep breath to prepare myself for a long talk.



Mag's P.O.V.


I woke up the next morning, completely disorientated about where I was, until I remembered what had happened and felt a rush of sadness overwhelm me.

I missed everyone.


It had only been a day, but I missed waking up to the sound of their voices. I missed having breakfast with them and watch everyone gag at Nally's inappropiate PDA. I missed hanging out on the bus or in the dressingroom, doing all sorts of weird things like twerking with Harry or having minor foodfights with Louis. Of course those foodfights would end quickly because Tally would shriek when she saw us wasting anything edible.


I missed him more than anything. He had been so furious that I was leaving, and I hardly saw him yesterday. The fact that he didn't even come to the airport actually hurt. Not being able to say goodbye to him ached in my heart and made me long for him even more. Just the sound of his voice...

Damn! I forgot to call them back last night.


I instantly pulled out my phone and called Liam.

"Mag! Finally, we tried calling you several times yesterday!" The sound of Harry's voice put a smile on my face... wait, Harry?

"Yeah sorry about that. I was so tired and I totally forgot to call back. Why do you have Liam's phone?" I asked,  hoping I would get a chance to talk to Louis.

"He forgot it at the hotel. Him and Louis have recording all morning and then they're going straight to soundcheck, so I took it along for him." He replied, and I could hear it was outside.

My mood fell a bit, since I wouldn't get to talk to Louis until after the show and I really just needed to hear his voice.

"Oh... where are you anyways?" I asked, trying to distract myself.

"I'm just exploring the city a bit. Wanted some alone time, and I want to find a gift for Lauren. I could really use your assistance." He sounded truly sad, and I had that weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I missed my big bro.

"Well, you could just text me pictures and I'll help you chose." I offered.

"Yeah... but it's not the same."

"How is... everyone?" I really wanted to ask about Louis, but I thought it might be rude.

"Totally fine!"

That reply came a little to quick.

"The show was fine... We're all a little... confused? But no one has... um... broken anything so, yeah we're fine."

I knew he was referring to Louis, but I wasn't comforted by the fact that he didn't break stuff. That just meant he was more sad than angry.


Harry and I talked for a while, until I realized I probably had to eat something so I got off the phone and went into the kitchen, where there was a note from Skye.


"Hey, I'm off at three, meet me at work so we can hit the shops! Eat whatever you want! xx"


The adress of her workplace was on the back of the note, and I checked the time.


So, I still had about three hours to kill before I should head out, and if I spent one hour showering and getting ready, which was way longer than necesarry, I still had two hours left!

I grabbed a bowl of cereal, and was thankful that Skye had enough channels to occupy me for a couple hours.



I stood in front of the building at 2.55, not even daring to go in. It was so... fashionable! Luckily Skye came out after a few minutes joined by a pretty girl with short black hair with red streaks, grey eyes, a nose ring and tattoos covering her arms. Her bare arms! Wasn't she freezing? It was October!


"Hey Mags! This is Stacey, one my good friends, who also works here!" Skye introduced us and Stacey greeted me with a warm smile,

"Hi! I've heard so much about you, it's great to finally meet you!" She said shaking my hand.

"Oh well, only good things I hope!" I replied, with a shy smile and she nodded chuckling.

"I'm heading home, have fun shopping!" Stacey said heading to a car, I presumed was hers.

"And don't forget about tonight!"

She added, as she got into her car, driving off with a final wave.

"What's tonight?" I asked Skye, as we got into her own car.

"Oh her band have a gig thing at this bar! It's funny actually cause..."

Skye was interrupted by her phone ringing,

"Hey gorgeous! Yeah I'm with her now... Yeah, fine... Okay... I'll tell her. Bye, love!" She hung up and I looked at her curiously.

"It was just Tally checking up on you." She said, winking at me.

I knew that Tally and the others were worried about me, but there really was no need, I was doing great!



"So, Mag. Tell me, what's on your mind." Skye said the very thing I had been dreading all day, as we sat in a café, in between shopping.

"You will have to be a lot more precise, S!" I replied taking a purposely long sip of my smoothie.

"Okay... Louis. From what you told me about the Eiffel Tower, I would have thought you were a thing now!"

I sighed remembering that evening, and felt my heart ache once again for the sassy boy with the blue eyes.

"I really thought we were getting somewhere, but when I found out he had been keeping this ridiculous love game thing from me, I just couldn't handle it." I replied staring out the window at the passerbys, struggling to get through the wind and rain. Just like my thoughts.


"But that's not all... Is it?" Skye asked, clearly knowing my answer, and I shook my head slowly before spilling what had been on my mind, the last couple weeks.

"Here goes... Everytime I think about Louis and I and what he's told me about his feelings... I can't help think about Zayn, it's not that I still have feelings for him, it's just... I always believed what Zayn told me about his feelings, and I ended up getting hurt, I mean he lied to me so many times, even though he would always say how much he loved me. Another thing is, I really believed that Zayn and I were meant to be, that we were soulmates you know but apparently I was wrong... And I don't want to be wrong again."


Skye looked at me thoughtfully for a while, taking a bite of her muffin and chewing slowly. Her silence was killing me, until she finally spoke up,


"You can't always let the past get in the way of your future. And it's never fair to compare your current relationship with a past one. Louis is not Zayn, and there's no telling that he will do what Zayn did.

You know my friend, Stacey? She's had her fair share of bad boyfriends, that would treat her like shit and cheat on her... But then she met this one guy, and he was so sweet, but all of them had been sweet in the start, so she started to doubt him and think that he was like the rest and she ended things. I found out later that he had been really in love with her, and she had broken his heart because she let her past get in the way. Do you want that to happen to you and Louis?"


Skye was right. I couldn't compare Louis to Zayn, and even if Louis wasn't "the one" either, why shouldn't I be with him, if I loved him right now?

I still hadn't completely forgiven him for lying to me, but I was a bit more sure about "us".


"Well, let's head home, and get ready for the gig tonight! And you have to wear that new outfit, I picked for you today!" Skye said, pulling out her wallet, despite my protests against her paying.

"I guess, I don't really have a choice do I?" I replied and she shook her head, smiling.

I was actually looking forward to going out, and hearing her friend's band. Something about the name Stacey and a band rang a bell, but I just let it go.




I stood in front of the mirror in Skye's guestroom, checking out my new outfit from all angles possible.

Skye had convinced me to buy a pair of skinny, slightly ripped, faded grey jeans to match a dark grey Blondie t-shirt with golden studs on the short sleeves. To top it off she had me buy a pair of high heel bikerboots with golden chains.

I had also bought a new leather jacket, due to the colder weather but Skye ordered me to wear my old one, because the faded look was apparently "totally the way to go".

At least, she had a car so I wouldn't be freezing.


"Mag, you look great!" Skye said entering the room in a short purple ruffled dress and dark brown leather jacket.

"Thanks... I don't know though, seems like I'm missing something." I said, looking at myself carefully.

"I have the last touch!" Skye replied, pulling out a red lipstick.

"Oh no... I don't think so!" I said, waving my hands in front of me.

I really wasn't a lipstick person, and my lipgloss was rarely coloured. I always thought it made my plump lips look big in a strange way.

"Come on, please!" Skye begged,

"I'm sure you will look great and it will really bring out your eyes!"

After 5 minutes, I gave in and applied a thin layer, taking the lipstick along in my purse, knowing it would have to be refreshed.


We entered the bar, which was already pretty full and the smoke stinged my eyes a bit, but I quickly adjusted.

"Well, Stacey's already here somewhere, we just have to find her!" Skye yelled over the live music, and pulled me through the crowd.

"Is her band good?" I asked, excited to see them.

"They're amazing! Oh, I totally forgot to tell you! Last summer, Tally was..." Skye stopped midsentence when she noticed Stacey waving from a nearby table, and as we made our way over there, I noticed the two boys with her, which made my eyes widen.

Jake and Jamie.

I then remembered that Stacey was their usual drummer, who had been sick during that gig on YouTube!

That's why I didn't recognize her!


"Mag, these are my cousins! Jake here is lead singer and plays the guitar, Jamie is backup and plays bass! I'm the drummer!" Stacey said enthusiastically.

"I've seen you guys on YouTube! Tally showed me some videos from..."

I was cut off by Jamie,

"Tally? As in Natalie McCallum?!"

"Yeah, remember Mag was touring with those One Direction guys and Tally is dating the blonde guy, and is also with them? I just told you!" Stacey spoke really fast, and looked at Jamie as if he was stupid.

"Oh yeah... I forgot." He said sadly, and I looked at him a bit confused,

"You and her dated didn't you?" I asked, and everyone but Jamie suddenly became interested in everything else around them.

"Yes... But she broke up after that summer... Apparently the chemistry was gone, and she thought it would be best that we stay friends!" He replied, clearly not happy about her decision. I wondered, if he still hadn't got over her, even though it was over a year ago.


"Hey, who's this?" Someone asked, and I looked up to see a girl with purple hair and dark brown eyes, followed by a guy with black hair and eyes and a cute smirk.

"Oh Mag, this is our newly acquired keyboard player Shay and her brother, our second guitarist Calum! He took over Tally's spot, and we decided to add a keyboard player to explore some more tunes!" Stacey explained and Shay's eyes lightened up,

"Oh this is Mag? We've heard so much about you from Skye and Tally!"

"You know Tally?" I asked, overwhelmed with all this new information,

"Of course! Stacey and I have been good friends for ages, so I naturally met Tally last year! Stacey and I still talk with her regularly, but only on the phone since she's abroad now!"

I nodded in understanding, and took a look at the band in front of me.

Jamie and Jake the two twins looked exactly like in the video, Stacey the redhead with tattoos and piercings, Shay with the purple hair and floralprint going on and finally Calum, the guitarist with the smirk dressed in black.

They were quite a sight and I was sure they really rocked out on stage.


"So when are you guys up?" Skye asked, accepting the beer that Shay handed her.

"Not for another hour. We're waiting for May to show up!" Jake said impatiently.

"Well she just texted me, and she's sick! She won't be showing up!" Stacey said and they all groaned.

"Who's May?" Skye and I asked in unison.

"The last few gigs, we added a couple songs with a female lead vocal, and it went really well! I guess that won't be happening tonight!" Shay sulked, and Skye looked at me with a weird expression.

"Mag is a great singer!" She suddenly exclaimed, and me eyes widened and all their heads snapped towards me!

"No, I'm not really!" I said and they all pouted again.

"Yes you are! Come on Mag, don't be shy!" Skye edged me on, but before I could reply, Calum spoke,

"I think Skye is right! She would never suggest someone who would make us look bad on stage."

He looked at me with a twink in his eyes and something about his smirk made my stomach flutter.

"Mag... can you sing?" Jake asked seriously and I saw all their pleading eyes.

"Well yeah... But I don't even know your songs!" I said, trying to get out of this.

"We only do covers! Do you know No Doubt's "Don't Speak"?" Jamie asked, and I nodded. I knew that song by heart!

"What about Kelly Clarkson's "Since You Been Gone"?" Shay asked, and I nodded again.

"But if you don't want to sing, you don't have to. We won't force you into anything!" Calum said looking me deeply in the eyes.

"Mag, this is an amazing oppurtunity. Live a little!" Skye encouraged me.


I took a deep breath, looking at the pleading eyes and thought it over. I had never sung in front of so many people before, and definitely not with a band. Sure I had sung karaoke a lot, but that wasn't the same at all! Maybe, this was something I needed to do, to really get my mind off everything and get out of my ongoing "state-of-sadness". Skye was right, it really was an amazing oppurtunity. How often do you get to sing with an amazing band, live in front of so many people?

"Okay. I'll sing."



The lights were blinding, but that was a good thing; it prevented me from seeing all the people looking up at me. I was already starting to sweat, even though I had taken off my jacket, but my nerves were getting the best of me.

I wondered if this was how the boys felt, almost every night, and their audience was so much bigger!

At least the first song was a slow one, but when they told me which song, I almost pulled out then and there! That song reminded me of Louis, more than any other song, especially because it touched my heart so much when he sang it. It wasn't a song with a female lead vocal, but apparently May sang it at her "audition" for the band, and now they always started with that song. It was like fate wanted me to be here tonight and sing this song. I just hoped, I wouldn't let my emotions take over too much, while singing.


Jake stepped up next to me, and introduced the band, and telling them about their special guest (me) tonight, before he walked over to Jamie and Calum, on the side and the spotlight was back on me.

Okay Mag, you can do this! Get a grip, do your best and give it your all!


Shay started playing the intro on the keyboard, and I took a deep breath, closing my eyes, finding a picture in my mind that I focused on. I pictured his happy blue eyes with its crinkles, his warm smile lighting up his face, his laugh and the way he tossed his head back, the look he would give me, when talking about his feelings, and how he would hold my hands.

I went through our many memories, all the good ones and let my heart take over as I opened my mouth to sing.



Louis' P.O.V.


Zayn and I ended up talking until 3AM, as I spilled out my heart. I told him everything I felt the past few months, and how I sometimes wanted to give up, because things never worked out for me. He was a good listener, jumping in at the right times, and although I hadn't come closer to a solution, it felt good to get everything off my chest.


I left the hotel with Liam at 10AM, so we could do some recording, but I was pretty much in a bummer, since none of us had heard from Mag yet!

I wondered what she was up to and if she was thinking of me.

After recording, we went straight to the venue.


"Liam! You left your phone at the hotel you bugger!" Harry called out, as soon as he spotted us.

"Oh yeah, any calls?" Liam asked scrolling through his phone.

"Only from Mag."

My head shot up,

"She finally called?!" I exclaimed, hating the fact that I had missed the chance to talk to her.

"Yeah, we talked for a while. She's doing fine and told me to say hi to everyone." Harry said, glancing at me apologetically, and I knew she hadn't asked about me directly.

Just then the others came walking over, and I remembered something,

"Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, I ran into that Ada girl and her sister last night!"


Tally and Zayn exclaimed in unison, looking at me with wide eyes as they bombarded me with questions such as "where" "how" "what is she doing here" "did you guys talk" and that sort, so I explained to them everything that we had talked about, her sister's birthday and my plan.


"So what do you guys think?" I asked, and they all looked at each other thoughtfully.

"What time are we done here?" Niall asked.

"If we follow the schedule, for once, we should be done at around nine." Liam replied, looking at his watch.

"So the dinner is at eight. We can totally make it, if we get Ada and Abby to stall them long enough?" I said as more of a question and after the longest minute ever, they finally agreed.

Ally would be so surprised!



"What's the name of the restaurant again?" Liam asked from the front passenger seat, as we sat in the van after the show.

I took out the paper with the name on it, and handed it over to him,

"I don't think, I can pronounce it!"

"So what's the plan?" Niall piped up behind me,

"We just go in there and say "surprise"?"

"Um... I guess?" I replied, realizing I hadn't thought this through, but Tally scoffed,

"Do you guys have no imagination? Listen, this is what you do..."

Tally described her plan, and we were all excited, by the time we got to the restaurant.


We went to the back entrance, and walked in asking the first person, we saw to speak to the manager. The young waitress looked at us with wide eyes, and stumbled as she went to get the manager.

A minute later, a tall middleaged man with a suit came walking to us with a grin,

"Bonjour! Je m'apelle Luc! You are ze young men I spoke on ze phone, oui?" He said, with a french accent, and Niall and Harry held back their laughs.

"Yes. Is everything set up?" Liam asked professionally.

"Oui! My daughter is big fan of ze One Direction!" He replied as he led us through a hallway towards, what I presumed was the entrance to the stage.

How lucky that they picked a restaurant with live music.

"So ze Baxter family 'ave been seated very close to ze scene! I will go and announce ze surprise!" He said, as we stood behind the stage, receiving a microphone each, as Tally stood by the entrance of the restaurant.


"Bonjour monsieurs, madames and mademoiselles! Tonight we 'ave a special surprise for someone!"

As he turned to look at us, we walked up the steps to the stage, Liam in front singing slowly,

"Happy birthday to yoou

Happy birthday to yoou"

and then the rest of us joined in,

"Happy birthdaay dear Ally

Happy birthdaay to yooou!"

Zayn stretched the last word hitting an impossibly high note, and I immediately spotted the table right in front of the scene.

Ada and Abby sat with big grins, a small girl, probably Adele was sitting with wide eyes, a middle aged couple, their parents probably, were in shock and in the middle, Ally, a pretty young girl with lightbrown hair and glasses sat with her eyes the size of saucers and her hands covering her mouth.


Liam nodded to the guy behind the stage, who put on the CD and we performed "What Makes You Beautiful" to the surprised restaurant guests and poor Ally looked like she might have a stroke.

After the song, everyone clapped loudly, and continued their meal while glancing at us, as we walked over to the table.


"Happy birthday Ally!" Liam said, kissing her hand and we all smiled,

"Happy birthday Ally!"

Ally was still staring at us with wide eyes and started to stutter,

"I... Oh my God, oh my God... I... you... wh... oh my God!"

"Wow, take a chill pill Al!" Abby said, making us chuckle.

"This is quite a surprise!" Ally's mother said introducing herself and her husband.

She asked us, how we knew about this and Zayn and I looked at Ada, explaining our meetings briefly.

"This is very sweet and considerate of you!" Their father said, and Liam replied,

"Well, when we have the chance to make a huge fan happy, we'd never turn that down!"

Ally was now sitting smiling at him, after going back to normal, and Luc pulled some chairs out for us so we could join them.

For about an hour we sat there talking with them, taking pictures and joking around before we decided to leave.

"Well, it was a pleasure meeting you!" Liam said to Ally and then adressed the others,

"All of you! We've heard a lot about you Ada!"

"Well, I do make a good first impression!" She replied with a smirk.

"Thank you so much!" Ally exclaimed hugging Liam tightly,

"I still can't believe this! I really can't thank you enough, I will never forgot this day!"

After we all said goodbye to each other, and Zayn hugged Ada a little longer than the rest, we headed back to the hotel with smiles on our faces.


"That was actually really awesome!" Liam said as we entered the Penthouse suite, and we gave him a weird look for his choice of words, but all agreed.

"Seeing that smile on her face! I love when we have these oppurtunities!" Niall added throwing himself on the couch.

Before anyone could say anything else, Liam got a phonecall.


"Hello? Babe... yeah, I... I can't hear you!" Liam shouted as he put the phone on speaker, and we all heard a lot of noise, like Skye was in a club or something.

Skye shouted something that sounded like "hold on", and a few seconds later, Tally got a text.

"Skye said there's something we have to see, she's going to facetime you, just accept!"

Tally said, and a few seconds later, we huddled around Liam's phone as he placed it on the table, and the screen was a bit blurry and dark but suddenly spotlights came on and we saw a stage.

I noticed three guys on the side, two of them looked quite familiar and I turned to Tally,

"Isn't that your band?" I asked, and she nodded confused,

"Yeah and there's Stacey on the drums... oh her friend Shay is by the keyboard and I think that's her brother Calum and... Oh. My. God!"


All our eyes widened as we noticed Mag in the middle of the stage in front of a microphone, looking very nervous.

"Wow, she is smoking hot!" Tally exclaimed, and she really, really was!

The guy named Jake, I think, stepped up to the microphone,

"Hey everybody!" He shouted out and everyone stopped talking,

"We're The Foreigns! I recognize some of you from our gig last month, and as you can see we have a special guest singer tonight! Give it up for Mag!"

The crowd cheered and clapped, as Jake took his place on the side again. After a minute, the cheering died down, as Shay started to play the intro to a song I knew very well, and I felt my heart pounding madly.

Mag took a deep breath as she took hold of the microphone, and closed her eyes before facing the crowd as the most beautiful sound came from her lips,



If I don't say this now I will surely break

As I'm leaving the one I want to take

Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait

My heart has started to separate


Oh, oh,

Be my baby


Oh, oh

Be my baby

And I'll look after you


There now, steady love

So few come and don't go

Will you won't you

Be the one I'll always know

When I'm losing my control, the city spins around

You're the only one who knows, you slow it down


Oh, oh

Be my baby


Oh, oh

Be my Baby

I'll look after you

And I'll look after you


If ever there was a doubt

My love he leans into me

This most assuredly counts

I said most assuredly


Oh, oh

Be my baby

I'll look after you

After You

Oh, oh

Be my baby



It's always have and never hold

You've begun to feel like home

What's mine is yours to leave or take

What's mine is yours to make your own


Oh, oh

Be my baby


Oh, oh

Be my baby


Oh, oh

Be my baby


I'll look after you


The crowd went crazy with applause, as Mag smiled slightly looking down. It was a sad smile, I could tell, and it made me want to take the first plane to London and see my baby, and wipe the tears, clearly threatening to fall from her eyes. Well it was clear to me.

But I couldn't.

So instead, I pulled out my phone and started to write.


Mag’s P.O.V.


"Wow, that was amazing!"

Skye exclaimed, when we joined her after performing 8 songs, three of them with me in the lead.

"You were actually really good!" Stacey said to me and I smiled shyly,

"Even better then May, if you ask me." Calum added, smiling at me.

"You really drew the crowd in, with the first song, and when we ended with "Since You Been Gone", you totally rocked it!" Jamie agreed, and I started blushing at the compliments, silently saying "thank you".

"How long are you staying in London?" Shay asked looking at me thoughtfully and I thought about it.

I knew the boys were on tour for 4 more months, but I didn't know if I would be joining them again. I did know, I wouldn't be joining them anytime soon though.

"Well at least a couple months." I replied, and the whole group shared a look before Calum turned to me,

"How about joining the band?"



Okaay, first of all, if you’re wondering abt why the French guy always says ”ze” is bcus I tried to really get that French accent in there, what he’s saying is ”the” (sry if I offended any French ppl :P )

Secondly, if you’ve never heard Louis’ cover of Look After You, you should cus it is like wow!!

Aaand Calum is actually Calum Hood, I mean not the actual Calum of course, but I pictured this Calum as the real Calum!!

Remember to commeeeent!! Like&fave! :)

xoxo, M. ;)

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