Detecting direction

After seeing a concert and the singer turning into a vampire .
Its up to one direction and melissa to save the day.


6. Our first challenge

Niall's pov

right lets get this down quick it's not long before our first challenge to try and put eva rover back to normal. It is absoloutly crazy though she has all the fame and she owns a mansion ,a penthouse,12 yahts ,1 luxury boat,56 maids,3 chefs,2 butlers,1004 followers even 10 limos. What more could she want? She still has 56,000 dollars left and more coming in i just dont see why she would want to turn into a vampire. Oh and i almost forgot she owns africa and spain?If i owned all of that i would definalatly not want to be a vampire. She is absoloutly crazy. Oh its time for the challenge.

zayn's pov

i'm absoloutly exhausted.that book told us to go and climb up the side of the church stand on top of the spear and hop on it 5 times. That is absoloutly nuts. Anyway we did it and got the first piece to help put eva rover back to normal. And i jolly well hope it was worth it. There is an

other challenge tomorrow and i hope it is not as crazy as the one we just completed.

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