Detecting direction

After seeing a concert and the singer turning into a vampire .
Its up to one direction and melissa to save the day.


2. Detecting direction

Louis's pov

We heard all the screaming from are window. It sounded frightening.we decided to see if everyone was ok. We nervously walked down the dreaded,damp ally. It scared us out of our skin. At the end of the ally we saw a scared,shivering girl who looked like she was about 13. Niall recognised her,she was in his drama class and her name was Melissa Hartley. For me it was love at first sight she was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't stop staring. Anyway we took her back to our house so she could tell us why she was shivering in the dreaded,damp ally.    

Melissa's pov

I told them. I told them everything that had happened. They were shocked and silent. The first one to break the silence when i had finished was Harry.

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