Untamed Demon's

Kyliee was an ordinary girl in this small world of ours. What she didn't know was, When she turns 18, what she called life is now a Reality. Shes no longer in a day dream, her life is full of crazy messed up things. She meets her worst nightmare, when she runs down an ally in search of hope, or what some people call, Freedom. She meets 4 handsome boys and they become her best friends.Their not telling her about the 5th boy, hes too "Dangerous" they say. They want to protect her, but what if she meets him on accident?


4. 4

Liam's POV

I went looking with louis all around for her, but no where! We saw Harry's car pull by the crub and he got out. This wasn't even by our house! We saw him moving behind the car and then heard a squeal. I knew it was her right then. I went to go and stop him but, Louis put him arm out to stop me,

"Dont" He said sternly.

"Why No-" I tried to speak but he cut me off.

"You will piss him off he will win Liam, You know it"

I just watched as he shoved her in the car and drove off. Why couldn't she have just stayed here?! Harry's CRAZY! he will kill her in a matter of minutes with her attitude! She's stubborn and likes to do her own things which will drive him nuts! I let tears fall from my eyes as Louis' rubbed my back comforting me. I got myself together after a couple of minutes and we headed home. I was about to call harry but, right when I grabbed my phone he called, I answered.

"Where is she Harry"? I yelled before he could say anything.

"I don't have her mate, I decided to leave you boy's alone goodbye" He hung up before I could speak.

I became furious and told the boys what happened. They told me to take as nap and calm down.

Kyliee's POV

I fell asleep in the car ride. I wasn't quite scared at that moment just felt tired and I didn't pay any attention to anything. When I woke up I was scared half to death, I was on a big black couch in a huge white living room. I stood up and looked around, behind the couch led into a huge kitchen which turned a corner I couldn't see, in the middle to the right was the front door and to my left was a large staircase that was all white and it turned its way up to the top. There was a window medium sized at the roof of the house. I looked around and nobody was here, I heard music coming from upstairs so I took the crazy white spiral stairs. I have never seen such high quality things in my life! and I have been living with rich boys. This boy had no pictures not a spot of color except black and white. When I got to the middle of the staircase my foot slipped between the stairs and I scraped the whole back of my leg, banging my head on the stairs below as well. I screamed in pain and I heard the music stop and someone came running down the stairs in my direction.

Harry's POV

I set her on the couch and went upstairs to make some music. About a half an hour later I heard a scream of pain and a loud noise. I ran down the stairs and right near the middle the girl laid leg scraped on the stairs, by now she set herself up against the wall holding her leg rocking back and forth. I slightly giggled and sat beside her.

"What?! You find this funny? Mr. Kidnap a girl and laugh at her hurt"! She yelled.

"That's the worst insult I think I have ever heard" I chuckled "But, Im taking that as a joke for now because you're  hurt and angry next time don't disrespect me in ANY way"

I carried  her downstairs and sat her on the kitchen counter with her leg propped up on the counter as well. I got a rag and carefully wet it and wiped up the blood on the cut. She winced but was very brave for how bad it was. I bandaged it and set her on the couch.

"Why did you take me?" She asked "My friends, they will look for me! They will find me!"

"Your not like the others... You are different" I trailed off remembering Gemma.

"Well, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!!" She screamed.

"Excuse me?" I spoke almost shocked, anger building up inside me.

"Your excused" She mocked and smirked evily at me.

My fist balled up and I grabbed her arms shoving her to the wall in an instant. She stared bluntly at me showing no fear. I slapped her face and she fell  down onto her cut. I looked at her in pain on the floor. She looked at me with fear in her eyes backing far into the wall. I saw Gemma's fear in her eyes and I quickly looked away I couldn't take it,I didn't want to be reminded.

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