Untamed Demon's

Kyliee was an ordinary girl in this small world of ours. What she didn't know was, When she turns 18, what she called life is now a Reality. Shes no longer in a day dream, her life is full of crazy messed up things. She meets her worst nightmare, when she runs down an ally in search of hope, or what some people call, Freedom. She meets 4 handsome boys and they become her best friends.Their not telling her about the 5th boy, hes too "Dangerous" they say. They want to protect her, but what if she meets him on accident?


2. 2

Kyliee's POV

We went back to my house around, 7pm and we made posters and post its and all kinds of crafts. After my boyfriend, Chance, started getting rude and hitting me. I told him to stop but he hit me in the head and knocked me out... When I woke up I was at a new house unfamiliar, Chance was sitting on the couch sleeping and my friends were staring at me worriedly.

"What happened where are we?" I frantically asked.

"He took us to your new apartment"! Ellie cried.

I looked around silently and then Chance woke up. He started beating us again and then locked us in a room. I couldn't understand, we were all so happy!? At least I thought, I started to cry and then I thought about the window next to me. I pointed and the girls nodded their heads while I unlocked and opened it, pushing the screen out as well. We all jumped out and ran different ways, Ellie and I ran the same way but, she headed towards home while I hid in an ally. Where was I suppose to go? My friends parents don't like me and my parents want me to learn to live on my own.If I went home I would get in huge trouble.I ran as fast as I possibly could and in the ally I thought I saw human figures, but I passed it by thinking maybe it was just me parinoid. I was panting really loud and curling up against a wall in fear. I heard whispering and walking, it was getting closer and closer, my way! I started to see the figures and leaned farther back and squealed.

"Hello love" A british voice spoke.

"H-Hi" I stuttered.

The boy held out his hand for me to grab but, I helped myself up. They walked me back to my house, but apperently the boy noticed me starting to shake violently once we got close. He looked at me closely now noticing the bruses and cuts up and down me. He showed they 4 other boys and I looked down at the ground insacurly.

"Who did this to you hun?" The blonde one spoke.

"C-Chance" I responded pointing to the house still shaking.

The one that offered me a hand became mad and stomped to the house. While I tried to catch up and stop him but, when we got to the front door I stopped. He knocked, no banged loudly on the door. Chance answered and his eyes imedietly grew wide once he saw me. I pulled my arms up and around myself shyly. He grabbed my arm tightly and pulled me to him. Once I squealed the other boys were by his side. Chance and the one boy shook hands and said names. Apperently That boy was named Liam. The blonde was Niall, Red pants is Louis, and quiff is Zayn. Liam took my arm lightly and I held his hand stepping by his side. Chance grew anger and I backed into Zayn behind me, I went to zayn once they were throwing punches. Zayn quickly took me away trying to speak to me but I wouldn't talk. I only trust one of the boys, Thats Liam.

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