Untamed Demon's

Kyliee was an ordinary girl in this small world of ours. What she didn't know was, When she turns 18, what she called life is now a Reality. Shes no longer in a day dream, her life is full of crazy messed up things. She meets her worst nightmare, when she runs down an ally in search of hope, or what some people call, Freedom. She meets 4 handsome boys and they become her best friends.Their not telling her about the 5th boy, hes too "Dangerous" they say. They want to protect her, but what if she meets him on accident?


1. 1

Kyliee's POV

I was so excited! I was having a party with my and my friends for my 18TH BIRTHDAY!! My mother said my life will really change when Im 18. I can't wait because I hate having this perfect little life! Im tired of it I want challenges! My birthdays tommorrow and I can't fall asleep.Finally it was 9am, my mother came upstairs for my life changing talk.

"Hey Hun, you look really tired. Did you stay up all night? Oh well, back to what I was saying. We got you an apartment and your moving in later today after you party or HANG OUT as you kids say. Hunny your now going to have bills and you will need to work to keep them up. We paid first rent the rest is your job. You have 2,000 in your bank, that should be enough to save you until you get a job. You'll do great sweetie"

I stood shocked as she explained everything. I wanted challenges but not these kinds! I went out with my friends and my boyfriend, we went out to the movies and had lots of fun then we went anywhere we could and trashed places.




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