The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



25. will things change

*Gianna's prov*

I loved it when he did that made me feel better again than to top it off plant an amazing kiss with it all, it was just absolutely amazing the way he made me feel like everything will be okay in the worst situations, the way he kisses me softly an with so much passion. It was starting to get more passionate but we had to pull away because my little sister came in "sissy when are you coming back to the living room" I went over to her and picked her up "I'm coming right now my little princess" I said as I walked over and into the living room carrying Naomi with Sean right behind me. I set her down an than sat down next to Sean than she got onto my lap everyone was still how they were when I left the room even my dad was still here I went to speak when Sean out his hand in my back rubbing it trying to calm me down more. "Well I should be going im sorry to have bothered you all I see I'm not wanted here.. All I want to say is I'm sorry for everything I have done wrong to you all an I hope I can get another chance again, please call me if you all are willing to give me a chance to make things right" than he got up an left.

the boys went up to their room to play video games while Naomi went into her room with Sean to play princess I was in the kitchen now helping my mom make dinner, me an Sean had diceded to stay for dinner since I hadn't seen them all in a long while an Naomi wanted me to stay so I did, me an mom were cooking tostadas while dad(stepdad) was in his little house type thing in the back of the house working on his cars "so how has life been treating you sweety" my mom said to me while cooking to meat an chopping up some lettuce "it's been good there has been a few bumps here an there but other than that it has all been good" "that's great sweety". Mom and I had just got done with dinner an we already set the table so I went upstairs am told the boys to get downstairs for dinner than I went to Naomi's room to find her in her princess dress an crown acting as a princess locked in a tower than I looked at the other side of the room to see a blanket around Sean's neck an going down his back like a cape while he wears a Burger King crown an has my brothers toy sword acting like he is killing a dragon I laughed a little which made Sean and Naomi look at me "tajie your not suppose to be here unless you are a princess" "well I'm sorry princess Naomi, an I am to a princess I'm just a different kind of princess an this princess is hungry to let's get you out of that dress so you can go eat your dinner" than I walked over to her an took it off an put her in some pajamas than had her run along downstairs. Two arms wrapped around me an I turned to face Sean "an what do you mean by a different kind if princess my dear lady" "what I mean is I'm older now so I'm not such a princess anymore I am turning into a queen, but not an evil one a nice one" "well if your not a princess why do I call you that an why am I still fighting a dragon for you" "what" I laughed "well I call you princes an what I mean by dragon is ever fight every possible break up every rumor every guy that tries to get your attention I'm fighting against just to keep you" "Aweh... Well I guess I am still a princess but I'm not all fancy an stuck up like those other ones I'm more like 'Princess Tiana' from 'the princess and the frog'" "An I am your 'prince Navine'.. Yes I have seen the movie I saw it with my little cousin when it came out she was obsessed with that movie" "well good thing you have seen princess movies because I was hoping we can have a marathon of princess movies soon" "well---" "sweety get down stairs everyone is hungry" "okay coming mom.. Meet me down there" I gave him a kiss than headed to the table Sean came down stairs after me an sat next me my while Naomi was on the other side of him and the boys were next to me than there was mom and dad once everyone was seated we started to eat.

***A hour later***

Me an Sean were home now he was taking a shower while I was in one of his shirts watching the last new episode of season 3 of my favorite show teen wolf an like any other teenage girl I had feels(chills/goosebumps) did a hole lot of screaming there were a lot of tears an pretty much every emotion a teen girl has, by the time it got to 10:30 which meant the show was almost over because teen wolf is from 10:00-11:00 than Sean came out wearing his boxers an came into bed next to me. "What are we-" "shhh Sean it's back on" when it came back on from commercials Sean did his hole anoyyed guy thing he does "do we really have to watch this" "yes we have to watch this it's my favorite show besides 'pretty little liars' 'twisted' 'the 100' 'the originals' 'the vampire diaries' 'star crossed' and 'awkward' 'ridiculousness' 'two an a half men' unless you wanna watch one of those instead" "two an a half man because alteast that has some guy stuff to it" "oh what ever" than I turned all my attention back to my show. It was now over an Sean an I were still awake I looked at the clock it was 11:20pm an we were still watching tv so I went to go to sleep but Sean wrapped his arms around me an started kissing my neck "Sean in trying to sleep" "but I'm not tired babygirl" "well I'm not ether but I'm still trying to go sleep" "fine babygirl" it has been 15 minutes now an we still couldn't sleep "oh forget it" I said as I turned around an climbed on top of Sean so I was straddling him he wrapped his arms around my waist an we started to kiss as things got more heated he slowly slipped his hands under my shirt an started taking it off so I got up still straddling him as he got up with me an took it off me than we began kissing again.

**10 minutes later**

I had been thrusting inside Gianna for minutes now an with every thrust and every moan from her lips I started to go faster and harder as Gianna was getting more tense an was about to climax I started to slow down a bit an after she got less tense I started all over again. I looked at the clock an it was around 12 an I knew we had to get to sleep soon an than go to school the next day so I started to go faster and harder again than as we both reached our climax that's when I realized I forgot to put on a condom. I was having so much fun an there was so much passion I didn't think to put one in I guess but it's too late to put one on now, I pulled out an later down next to her as we were both gasping for air we we got back to breathing normally I laid my head on her breasts an put my arm around her waist an we both fell asleep.

I woke up took a shower with Gianna we got dressed, I was wearing some jeans my Jordan's an a top Gianna was wearing leggings converse a sweater and a beanie.

Yeah Gianna is captain of the dance team an everyone knows her now but that's just because I'm a popular model but also the schools bad boy, but even though Gianna seems like she has changed she hasn't at all she still wears nerdy yet cute clothes an she still doesn't wear much makeup an she is still a total and compete nerd on the inside and out... In other words she is and always will be the nerdy girl I fell in love with.

than we headed over to school. When we got there.. There was nothing but people staring at us like usual and saying stuff about us we ignored it like we normally do an just walked into school hand in hand. When I got my locker after bringing her to her locker I over heard some stuff about prom coming up an that got me thinking that I need to ask Gianna to prom an not only that but me and her have been dating for most of the school year an a month or two after prom is graduation an she might go off to collage an I know I love her more than anything an so I am thinking I should probably ask her to marry me, if not I should atleast give her a promise ring and hope that she keeps her promise. I got my stuff for my classes than walked over to Gianna's locker where she had all her stuff in her hands an was talking to Chloe when I got to her I put one of my arms around her shoulder an kissed her cheek "hey Sean what's up" "hey Chloe not much, what about you" "not much ether just wondering when Kyle is going to ask me to prom" "oh come on Chloe I know for a fact he will ask you soon" "I know Gia it's just I want him to ask me already so I can go dress shopping, oh Gia you should go dress shopping with me" "I don't know" "what do you mean babygirl" "well it's just that I need to study for the test, you know the big test we have the day of prom" "Gia your grades have been strait A's since 5th grade an they still are you'll be fine" I looked up an it was Kyle "hey Man" he said to me giving me a bro hug than he turned to Chloe "hey princess" "hey baby" than he turned to Gianna and picked her up "and hey to you too giabear" "Kyle how long are you going to call me that" "hey I have been calling you that since the 3rd grade an I'm not going to stop calling you that now" "so I'm stuck with it forever" "yes you are" "hey Sean can I talk to you for a minute" "sure man" "hey Sean me and Chloe are gonna head to class well see you both later" "okay bye babygirl" I said kissing her lips than letting her walk off to class with Chloe "so what did you wanna talk about man" I got closer to him "I'm going to ask Gianna to prom -" "that's great man" he almost yelled "dude I wasn't done" "okay continue" "you know me and Gianna have been together for half the school year an well school is going to end soon and she will probably head off to collage an so I was thinking I might ask her to marry me -" "oh my god that's amazing man I'm so happy for you, just don't hurt her you know she is like a little sister to me" "I know dude I won't hurt her but the thing is I don't know when I should and I don't know how I should" "it's okay man I'll help you out with that I got your back bro" "thanks Kyle I appreciate it a lot" "no problem now let's head to class before Gianna gets mad at us" "yeah let's go" we walked over to class an started our school day during our lunch while the girls were getting there food me and Kyle were talking about ways to ask Chloe and Gianna to prom tomorrow but before we could talk about the way I am going to ask her to marry me or ask her to keep a promise to me they started walking our way so we started eating our food and talking about guy stuff "hey baby" Chloe said to Kyle than fav him a kiss on the lips an they started eating "hey babe" Gianna said to me with a kiss on the lips than started eating her food. After lunch we went though all the rest of our classes than the school day ended we all decided to go to kyles house to hangout and study for a while, when me and Gianna got there Chloe and Kyle were already studying so me and Gianna took a seat at the table across from them and started to study too after an hour or so we were done so we decided to play games watch tv/movies an just talk about life. Another hour later it was 5pm so me and Gianna said our goodbyes than left and went back home when we got home it was 5:30-6:00 ish so Gianna went to the kitchen and started to cook dinner while I put our bags in our room I went down stairs and turned on the music Channel to the tv an 'Dance with me tonight by Olly Murs' came on so I turned it up some more so Gianna could here it while she is in the kitchen cooking dinner I put the remote down an walked into the kitchen to see Gianna dancing a little bit to the music while she was getting some more stuff to cook with I laughed a little an I guess that got her attention she put the stuff down on the counters an than turned around and looked at me I walked over to her and grabbed her hands and brought her to the middle of the kitchen floor and started to dance with her to the song. You know like those old movies with that fun cool looking dancing?!? Well let me tell you it actually was super fun when the song started to end other came on and song after song we would cook something than dance a little than all over again by the time dinner was done it was a huge mess even we were both messing from playing around to much we both eat dinner than cleaned up the kitchen than we both hopped into the shower cleaning each other off from the mess we made. When that's was over it was now 8pm so I hopped into bed with my boxers on and Gianna hopped into bed with panties an one of my t-shirts. God how she looked so beautiful in my clothes I didn't care how many of my clothes she took or wore she looked beautiful in them and I wasn't going the let that stop. She out her head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her than we fell asleep.

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