The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



26. prom

Chloe and I have been looking at dresses for prom in a couple days for 2 hours now I had tried on a couple dresses here and there or thought some where pretty but I didn't really like the ones in this store. As for Chloe she tried on almost every dress here so we went into another store near by and when we walked in I saw the most perfect dress for myself, it was long almost down to my ankle and it had the long cut on the back that went all the way down to my sides than in the front it was two straps that went around the neck and it had diamonds around it an it was a beautiful light shade of blue I grabbed it tried it on in the dressing room an it fit perfectly "Gia come out an show me how you look" "okay hold on I'm coming" I walked out and she was wearing one almost like mine but shorter and it was a shade of pink "wow you look beautiful Sean is going to love it" "yeah sure if he ever asks me" "it's been three days since we found out about prom an he still hasn't asked you yet" "no he hasn't and it's fine everyone knows were together so there is nothing to worry about and plus we still have all of half of next week" "still you guys have to" "have to what it's not a big deal all we have to do is get our outfits do our hair and stuff like normal than go it's not that big a deal" "yes it is, but whatever I got all that covered I knew you'd be this way" "oh thanks" "your welcome" "I didn't mean in that way" "I know" we went back and changed into our normal clothes than payed for our dresses than went got coffee and she dropped me off at home.

I put my dress in the back of my closet than I went downstairs and made some lunch after lunch I decided to take a walk. I walked all the way to the park and played with some of the little kids there when it starts to get dark I walked back home.

When I got home there was roses all over the floor so I followed them as I picked them up when it was done there was a note

hey beautiful I know this is really corny but I wanted to do something sweet so how about we meet somewhere you love I'll see you than

I started to think of places I love first I thought of food places than of other places I loved as a kid than it hit me. I grabbed my car keys and drove to the beach when I got there I got out my car and ran in the middle of the woods were the water fall/lake is when I got there it was so beautiful the stars in the sky the waterfall the trees everything I heard a noise behind me so I turned around to see Sean holding flowers and a giant teddy bear an behind him was 5 guys from the football team holding up signs. The first one was holding the "P" sign, the second the "R" sign, the third "O", the fourth "M", and the fifth the "?" sign. I looked at Sean and yelled "YES YES YES" than I ran to him and hugged him "did you like all of this" "I loved it Sean" "good I thought it was a bit corny but Kyle said you'd love it so" "wait Kyle helped out" "yeah he gave me the idea. It's just I wanted to ask you the right way and I couldn't think of anything because you already have so much so-" "no it's fine it's perfect actually I love it and I love you" "I love you too babygirl"

**next day**

"OMG he did all that" "yes he did it was amazing" "Aweh talk about cutest couple ever". Me an Chloe are at some party one of her family members were having an she asked me if Sean asked me to prom yet an so I told her everything that happened last night. Sean came up behind me and hugged me as Kyle did the same to Chloe "so Kyle when you gonna ask Chloe to prom" "when I'm ready" "well hurry up" "fine god Gia" and Sean just laughed "speaking of prom did Sean ask you yet Gia" "yes I did ask her" "did she like it" "yeah I loved it" "that's good" "yeah and that's for helping him with it by the way" "your welcome". It was fun at the party but like all good things have to come to an end so me and Sean left to go home. When we got there I stripped down and took a shower, as I was in the shower Sean stepped in and pressed me again the wall than planted his lips in mine I could feel his hand grab on my butt so I pushed it away "what's wrong" "nothing" "than whys you move my hand" "I just don't want to right now" "babygirl we haven't done this in a long while now and you know what never mind I don't want to fight with you I hate when we fight" "me too and thank you for respecting that" a while during our shower I gave in I mean Sean is right about that an hell were naked anyway. I turned around and grabbed on to Sean and kissed him.

10 minutes later we are out of the shower and on the bed our hands going everywhere as out lips are still connected as I lay on the bed I can feel Sean slowly come inside me an I let out a moan in his mouth Sean started to thrust deeper and harder into me both of us moaning and gasping for air I turned my head to look for something to grab into instead of giving him makes all over his back again an as I did that I noticed what time it was an as I went to stop Sean my door sprang open. Next thing I knew Sean was on the floor and Devon was on top of him throwing punches I wrapped my blanket around me an tried to stop Devon from killing Sean but it was no use to I ran to my droors and threw on underwear and a bra and some clothes for Sean than I ran back to Devon and Sean and pulled/pushed Devon off of Sean. Sean had a cut lip and a couple bruises but it wasn't to bad I helped Sean up and I handed him his clothes "Gia go away now" I helped Sean into the bathroom than closed the door for him than I turned to start with Devon "no Devon I won't, you can't do that, you can't just go barging in my room, you can't beat up Sean, you can't do any of this" "yes I can I'm your older brother I'm supposes to protect you" "from what" "him" "nothing is wrong with Sean" "really this is the second time I've caught you two having sex" "so I can if I want to it's my choice not his not yours not moms not anyone's but mine, and you don't have to protect me I'm not a little girl anymore I'm growing up for gods shake give it a rest and plus it's not like you don't have sex with our girlfriend" "that's because I'm an adult and I'm going to marry her" "well I'm going to be one too I practically already am so stop doing this to me okay and wait what your gonna marry her" "yes" "why did you get her pregnant" "no I just really love her and stuff" "and you don't think I love Sean, you know how much I love Sean" "yeah but you still can't be doing this" "I don't care just get out" "fine but if I get out than he has to also" "no" "fine than I'm not leaving" "fine than I'll leave" I grabbed my stuff and started packing and also finally put some clothes on "no Gia your not leaving he is" "no Devon I love him and I'm going with him" "no your not" "yes I am" I ran into the bathroom and locked the door behind me I noticed Sean was already dressed. By the time I felt everything was clear we went back out and started packing our stuff and bringing it to his and my car(like we literally started packing everything in both our cars) when we were done and my room was clear well my bed and dresser were still here but everything else was on my car and his and his stuff too "okay you ready to go" "where are we going to go babygirl we can't go to my place because my brothers still in town" I went into my car and went into on of the boxes and grabbed another box "here" "what's this" "look" he opened it "oh my god babygirl where did you get all this" "I've been saving all of it since I was 6 we can use it to be in an apartment till we get out of school and get really jobs and stuff" "okay let's go looking" "what's first we need to clean you up I haven't gotten time to do that yet" "I'm fine babygirl really I already did that anyway" "Aweh but I loved doing that I felt like I was in a romance moving when I do that" "okay well next time you can but this time you can't/couldn't because of all that" "yeah I know, I don't know what's got into him lately" "who knows"

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