The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



27. prom part 2

We finally got an apartment and the good thing is it's right I between the beach/mall and the school. Me and Sean are finally done unpacking ALL our things me and him share a room and a bathroom the other bedroom will be for Kyle and Chloe whenever they come over the kitchen has some dishes and some food in it. "Okay so everything is hung up put away and all that other stuff but we do need to go buy a bed and some more food" "okay let's go do that" we took Sean's car to the store bought a bed and than went to another store and bought a hole bunch of food when we got back home I put all the food away while Sean made the bed. When we were both done we sat down and watched tv and had some popcorn.

**prom night**

I haven't talked to my brother or my mom (mostly my mom) in a while Chloe and Kyle are spending the night at me and Sean's place tonight they don't know what happened yet well Chloe doesn't Kyle does though. Sean and Kyle were in the guest room getting ready while me and Chloe were in my and Sean's room getting ready, we did our hair, makeup, put our dresses on than our heels grabbed our handbags for our phone and money than walked out the door when we got outside we saw Sean and Kyle waiting outside the limo. When we got to the school there was cars and limos and people everywhere we got out and went into the school and into the gym where it was being held, when we walked in there was a dj playing load but good music and a food/drink table to the other side of the room than tables and chairs to the other side of the room and in the corners than a huge dance floor area "do you want to eat or dance first" "I wanna dance" I grabbed Sean's hand and we headed to the dance floor to dance later Chloe and Kyle joined in "this is the best ever" "I know than after this you'll be coming to my house" "our house" "yeah I know our house" "this is going to be the absolute best night ever" and it was we danced almost the hole time we eat a little but of food but not much because were eating after now was time to crown prom king and queen "okay everyone it's time for prom king and queen" and everyone yelled "okay so prom king is..... Sean O'Donnell" "OMG Sean you got it" I yelled as I hugged him tight "and prom queen is.... Well it's a tie between Tatiana barns and Gianna rose" I started to get angry not only is she still the big popular mean girl of the school that gave me problems and still does she still likes Sean(I mean I'm popular but I'm the kind of other popular where like everyone loves/likes you because your you instead of someone else) I walked up with Sean as I had my hand around his waist an he had his around my shoulder as Tatiana walked up alone. Everyone stopped yelling so the principle could speak "okay everyone were doing to do a scream contest whoever gets the most screams wins" first was Tatiana and it was pretty load I think it's because she did something with or for the football team because it was mostly load in that area next was me and...... It was like I was at a one direction or justin bieber concert everyone was super load and everyone was clapping and whistling which caused Sean to grab onto me even tighter "well looks like Gianna rose wins" and it started again. Me and Sean got our crowns and thanked everyone than went back to the dance floor "well should we leave now because I plan on eating and doing a lot" Kyle said "yeah let's go" we all headed back to he limo and left.

When we got to me and Sean's house we eat played some games than Chloe and Kyle went into the guest bedroom while me and Sean went to our room. "Sean" "yeah babygirl" i went over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck "we didn't get to finish where we left off when we had that fight with me brother and it's been 5 days already" "in other words you want to make love" "yes really bad" "okay babygirl" an with that we started kissing taking eachothers clothes off and landed on the bed and soon we were making love Sean thrusting into me harder and faster each couple minutes/seconds both of us moaning and gasping for air.

By now I probably have love bits/hickies all over my neck and Sean probably has marks all over his back again but yet we are still going. "Babygirl I'm going to explode" "so am I" "should I still keep going" "if you want to" we kept going till we both exploded when we were done we laid down trying to get air back into our lungs after that he wrapped his arms around me and kissed my head than my lips "I love you" "I love you too" than we fell asleep.

I woke up took a quick shower got dressed than headed downstairs where Kyle was making breakfast "hey Kylebear" "hey giabear" "where Chloe" "she's still sleeping what about Sean" "same" "how was last. If he for you" "it was good till me and Chloe started to hear you and Sean" "OMG YOU HEARD" "quit down and yes we heard god you guys are like wild animals" "omg I can't believe this... Wait why aren't you freaking out about this your my bestfriend practically my other brother considering" "yeah I know I know but I'm not like Devon I know you going to end up doing that one day anyway so it's whatever and you with Sean you two love eachother more than anything nomatter what you go threw so I have a feeling like you two will be together forever" "I hope so. And I'm glad your not upset with it, I really am sorry you had to hear all that though" "it's not a big deal I knew I'd hear it one day I mean i am like a brother to you so I've seen and gone threw everything with you" "yeah true, I forgot to ask what are you cooking" "eggs, bacon, and pancakes" "yay my favorite" "I know that's why I made it" "Aweh I love you" "I love you too" "your the best friend/brother ever" "I am aren't i" I laughed and punched his arm a little than gave him a hug. Sean and Chloe finally woke up and came and eat breakfast with me and Kyle after breakfast we all decided to get swim suits on than head the the beach/mall when we got there Kyle and Chloe headed off the the beach to swim or probably tan while me and Sean just decided to walk for a little bit and see all the stores in the mall than go swimming. Sean has had his arm around my shoulder every since we got here though it's hard for him to let go of me since all these guys keep staring at me everywhere we go "if I don't believe I think your jealous" "I'm not jealous of these clowns" "and why not" "because I already have you I'm not like those losers just staring" well umm idk what to think or say to that "I'm sorry that came out wrong I didn't mean it that way what I meant was that you so beautiful and so special and the fact your my girlfriend threw everything we've been threw already and that you love me I don't feel the need to be jealous the only thing I feel like I need to worry about is that one day you will fall out if love for me" "I'll never fall out if love for you. Now let's go meet up with Kyle and Chloe" we meet up with Kyle and Chloe and of course they were in the water at the beach pretty much sucking eachothers faces off I mean yeah me and Sean have PDA moments ALOT but we don't suck eachothers faces off. When me and Sean got into the water Sean went under and scared them both when we came back out so I started to laugh my butt off "Sean you jerk you scared me half to death" "hey one I'm not a jerk and to serves you right for sucking eachothers faces off infron of everyone including children" "oh sorry" "it's fine Kyle you two just lost control I get it" than i gave him a wink because well he knows me.

Chloe and Kyle went home after the beach/mall trip so it's just me and Sean. Sean is upstairs doing something right now as for me I'm just watching tv figuring out more about my boyfriends model life and how guys like me. After all that I turned on some music and started dancing and singing(it's my favorite thing to do especially when I'm bored)

The songs were...

For the first time~ the script

Almost is never enough~ Ariana grande

Young and beautiful~ Lana del ray

XO~ Beyoncé

Wanted~ hunter Hayes

Unconditionally~ Katy perry

Let's hear it for the boy~ Jana Kramer

Holding out for a hero~ Ella mea Bowen

Never knew I needed~ Neyo

The only exception~ paramore

Still into you~ paramore

Dance with me tonight~ Olly Murs

Best day of my life~ American author

Adore you~ Miley Cyrus

Problem~ Ariana grande

All of me~ john legand

As I was dancing around the living room and singing one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite movies came on it's called 'Crickets by drop city racht club' and as I was about so sing while dancing to it someone grabbed my hand I looked and it was Sean "may I have this dance" "of course you may" as the song went on we danced together to it first we did the dance they did in the movie 'Endless love' but than we started to slow down and soon we were slow dancing to it. When the song ended I expected him to let go but he didn't he held me tighter "so know you want to me romantic" "I'm always romantic" "yeah okay" "I am an right now I want to do nothing but dance with you" "I'm okay with that"

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