The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



2. I'm not good for you

Kyle: hey giannaboo how has your day been? He said hugging me and wrapping his arms around my shoulders and I wrapped mine around his waist.( see everyone thinks me and him are dating sometimes but really me and him just have our own close friendship) 

me: hey kylebear it was interesting morning this morning. 

Kyle: so what happened do tell. 

Me: well I meet the new guy today I kinda bumped into him and I thought he normal was going to happen but it didn't be was nice and he was helping me. But than I kept blowing him off, than the popular girls came over starting what they normally start and he blew them off so pretty much I Kinda think me and you will have another friend. But I don't want to tho I like just me and you and plus he's so popular guy type and stuff anyway. 

Kyle: well alot of stuff happened to you this morning didn't it Giaboo. He said smiling his giant funny smile and I started to laugh too.

teacher: Gia the principal wants you just take all your stuff with you and your project to and bring it in tomorrow. 

Me: okay. I turned to Kyle gave him a big hug and left "bye Kyle" I said "bye Gia, luv ya" "luv ya too" I blew him a kiss and than left to the hall. When I was almost to the princibals office I saw Sean leaning on the wall but I kept walking anyway. "Hey Gianna wait where you going" "In the office" "you don't have to I made it up I paid the person to make one and send you here so I could talk to you." "Why would you do that" I said getting mad than walked back to class when I was almost to class he stopped right infront of me and out up to the wall with both his hands around my head. "I just want to talk to you Gianna" "about what, you shouldn't even be talkin to me I told you I'm the needy unpopular girl, you need to be with popular people" "I wanted to tell you after school ill be driving you home and than after that ill be taking you on a date, and if you don't want to go on a date than ill just come over and we can study. Or we can say you are my study partner and I have to go over, that way nobody figures out" "yea I can't me and my bestfriend Kyle are going to his house to study." "Isn't Kyle like a cool kid?" "Yea well acualy he's kinda in the middle of popular and nerdy" "oh that's cool, well if your plans change text me I put my number in your phone" "what you did?" "Yes I did what did you think I was doing on your phone" "idk but not that we shouldn't even be actually talking right now" "like I care all I do is break the rules" and than with that the bell rang and I pushed him aside and ran to my locker. I got all my books and eveything and than I left for band( band last all the way till after school so you have to take ALL your stuff out your locker and with you) I walked in put my stuff down and sat down I grabbed my drum sticks from my bag and than when everyone started sitting and grabbing there stuff I was practicing with all the other drummers. When it was time we all started playing music and we all played the song "Maria" by justin bieber and I was banging and wearing out the drums with the song. When we were finally done we played another song after another. 


maria by justin bieber 

Right here by justin bieber 

live while we're young by one direction 

With your love by Cher Lloyd

what about love by Austin mahone

Behind the music by Cher Lloyd 

still into you by paramore

Than last me and you by Cassie wich my dancing solo because band and dance team are teeming up together for the next band play. And I am part of both and I was the main dancer for this one my girls on the team already had and outfit for me and a look for me but would tell me or let me see till the night. So I started to practice the dance with all my girls while someone else filled my spot on the drums. 

Than when I was in the middle on the dance someone walked in but I didn't pay attention to who tho so I kept dancing till the song was over. Than I heard clapping in the back I turned around and so did my girls and than I say Sean. "That was amazing Gia amazing" "what are you ding back here you should be in class yea but they told me it was the went class and fixed it and now I'm in here playing the guitar wich is good cause I play those" "okay well go over there with the rest of them than" "okay thanks Gia" "welcome Sean" 

than after school I gabbed my stuff and ran over to Kyle and his car I got in buckled up and he drove off and we went to my house to hangout and study than he was going to go home. After me and Kyle finished homework extra work and more extra work we hung out after that he left to go home. Than I went down stairs made food eat it went back upstairs played my music and than I slipped off my clothes so I was in my bra and underwear I took out some pj shorts and a tank top I put the shorts on and took my bra off and put the tank top on. I turned off my music turned my light off and plopped into bed. Than I got a text I looked at it, it was from Sean❤ (he put a heart next to his name) I looked at the text. 

From: Sean❤ 

to: Gia 

hey Gia I don't get why people think your so fat and ugly I think you look really great and beautiful. But next time you change make sure to close your blinds we don't want anyone else seeing you half naked love. 

How in the hell does he know where I live did he follow me or something? How long has he been there? Why was he staring at me changing? What was he doing here anyway? I than got up turned my bedroom light on and than I went to close my blinds when I say a car drive off. I than closed the blinds and turned off my lights and went into bed and fell asleep. 

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