The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



4. I think I like him. But I don't love him

I am wearing the blue shirt with the blue white and black pants and all the other 9 girls on the team yellow top with the green pants. It was all perfect than after we got dressed we all put our hair up in pony's or buns and started dancing to the song. Every time we Aeolus have to turn around and do a dance move I could see Sean staring at me instead of his music, an every time I turned around again and did the rest of the dancing I could still feel his eyes on me. When we all finally got done with the dance we all got back into our old clothes in the bathroom. The girls told me I could keep my outfit but to make sure I wear it next Friday for the concert so I put it all in a extra bag I had and than it was time to go home I went to go over to Kyle cause he always comes over after school and we always study and hangout and have fun but than Sean came up behind me. 

Sean: hey Gia hold up, now that was really great dancing I didn't know you could dance like that . 

Me: Yea I've done dancing since I was 3. An thanks but I have to get meet up with Kyle. 

Sean: why you gotta meet up with Kyle? And who is Kyle anyway I haven't actually met him met him. 

Me: he's over there waiting for me so please let me go now I will see you later. 

Sean: well why don't I come over with you guys I already have an extra bag of clothes in my trunk anyway. 

Me: ummm idk it's normally just me and Kyle and wait what why do yo keep more clothes in your trunck? 

Sean: incase something comes along or something happens. 

Me: okay wierd, well bye. And I walked off and meet up with Kyle and gave him a huge hug. "Hey Kylebear ready for another day of doing whatever?" "Yup but I thought this time I could bring someone" "who?" And than right there the second most popular girl in school came out of Kyle's truck "Gia don't freak out but I have to tell you something" as he wrapped his arms around her I knew what my bestfriend since 3 years old was gong to tell me he had been secretly been dating one of the girls that picks on me(well she need picked on me the other 3 did but never her she just stayed quit), an I did get mad not at him I got mad at the fact my bestfriend since 3 had even keeping things from me even tho we both promised never to keep stuff from eachother. "Gia me and Chloe are dating and we have been for 2 months" omg my bestfriend kept a secret like this from me for that long what kind of bestfriend is that? I got so mad at the lieng and keeping secrets I just ended up speaking my mind "well that's just great my bestfriend since I was 3 kept a secret from me for 2 months and the best part is it was with someone that bullies me with her little so called friends. And the fact I'm getting hit on by a new guy at school that kinda scares me but i just so happen to think He is hot. My mom never talks to me or spends time with me anymore. And my dad is gone hanging around with girls and work and doing things I'm not proud of. This is just a great year for me isn't it" and with that I say everyone around me form a "O" shape with there mouth and there eyes pop out there head and I had realized what I had said right than. "Kyle I'm sorry I didn't mean that" and than I ran out of the school parking lot and to home as fast as I could. When I finally got home I put my bags and books on my floor took my shoes off threw my hoddy on the floor and than I landed face first on my bed


i got up ran downstairs an answered the door and it was Kyle and Chloe. "Hey what are you guys doing here?" I asked kinda sad "were here because we relized how we should have told you a long time ago and how right you are about how I should never let my so called friends hurt you. An to be honest I'm kinda like you too I'm a dancer, but at a dance studio. I have all A's and I actually am a nerd. Remember in 6th grade there was the girl named rose?" "Yea I remember rose she used to be one of my friends till she left forever" "we'll Gianna do you want to know a secret?" "What now" "I'm rose" than she put her jacket on and her glasses an let her hair go wild an right than I forgave her an hugged her tight "oh my god rose I mean Chloe I've missed you why didn't you ever tell me it was you?" "I don't know I thought if everyone e knew me as Ross I'd become nerd rose agian" "oh we I forgive you both but please no more secrets please I hate secrets" "okay we promise" Kyle and Chloe said and we all head a group hug. 

After studying we all decided to go shopping mostly because Chloe wanted me to join bieng a hot popular girl with her. I told her I didn't want to be popular but I did want to be hot with her though so we went BIG HUGE girl shopping we at least went to 20 stores in the mall and we had about 30-40 bags filled with stuff for me and her i was going to go back to school as a hot girl and me and her even planned on walking in together along with Kyle. I had bought TONS of clothes makeup perfume shoes and jewelry. Once we got done shopping we went to the food court to eat than as me Chloe and Kyle were eating I saw my ex Bryce right than and there he saw me too and started to walk over to me than right there I wished Sean was there fake acting like my boyfriend to save the day but he wasn't here than right there Bryce was sitting right next to me and Chloe and Kyle couldn't do anything cause they were still getting more food. Than Bryce out his arm around me and decided to act like I was his every time a guy walked past. I finally shoved him off when he tried to kiss me an than Sean finally came to the rescue. Sean grabbed me and pulled me behind him so I was now behind him holding into his upper arm where his strong tight sexy muscles were. 

Sean: back off man she's my girl.

Bryce: she's not yours if she was she would have said something before I say down. And plus she has and always will be mine 

sean: she will never be yours buddy ever again as long a- 

me: as long as in his girlfriend. Yes Bryce Sean is right he's my boyfriend and I'm his girlfriend so deal with it an leave me alone okay.  I hated the fact I was lieng to myself but at the same time I had to do something to have it not be a fight and to get Bryce away from me. 

Sean: you heard Gianna she's my girl not yours anymore 

bryce: fine but remember I was there Gianna when nobody else was.

Me: yea but I was stupid to choose you. 

And with that Bryce left and I was alone with Sean. "So did you really mean all that or just doing the acting thing?" A part of me was going to say acting but another part of me wanted to say true 100% true it was scary but exciting and everything else all in once. I mean I liked Sean but at the same time I was scared of him so it made me not like him. And I didn't want a relationship because I knew it wouldn't last because most never last but I thought might not give it a try at the same time. My head was thinking all these no thoughts and my heart was telling me to go for it. So I finally just said "it was real but only if you take me on a date first" and with that I knew something bad or good was going to happen in all this. After the mall we all went back to my place Chloe and I put all my makeup in my bathroom my clothes in my closet and drawers and my shoes also in my closet. After all that me and Chloe went downstairs and went to do whatever with the boys. But than Kyle and Chloe had to leave so we all said our goodbyes and than they left.

I ran upstairs and went into my closet and pulled out my galaxy jeans an my blue belly top shirt with my pink and black leather jacket my black toms pht eyeliner mascara lipgloss and a little shade or blush on my cheeks and my phone put it in my pocket and than left with Sean to where ever me and him were going for our date. 

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