The new bad boy

This story is about a very nerdy girl named Gianna she is 16 has all A's good after school activities. But she always gets teased because of it all but than the new kid shoes up and changes her hole world and turns it upside down. Will this be good for Gianna or will things get worse along the way....



20. different feelings

"Gianna... Gianna... Gianna wake up we gotta go it 10am we have to get you home" I sat up so quick Sean an even I jumped a little bit, I put all my clothes back on grabbed my phone an I had 50 missed calls and texts from my mom and brother most of them were from my brother. "Shit we have to go back now, I'm died" Sean was already ready to go he had everything cleaned up an all his clothes and stuff he needed than we headed to his car put all the stuff in the trunk got into the car than drove home. This time it felt even longer than last time even though it was the same time as last time we arrived to the place, when we got home we didn't bother grabbing the stuff out the trunk we would get it out later but when I unlocked the door an me and Sean walked in nobody was to be seen so while Sean went up to the bedroom to go shower and change I was looking all around the house for someone to show up somewhere but to my surprise my mom was asleep in her bed I guess she doesn't have anything to do today an than Devon was asleep in his room with his girlfriend. I went back to my room than while Sean went got out of the shower an started to finish getting ready for school "SHIT SCHOOL SEAN WE GOTTA GO" so I ran into the shower washed my body than jumped out than put my black heels with some black and brownish-goldish leggings with a brown tank top an a dark brown sweater that slightly hangs over my soldier an than I brushed my hair than put a black Beanie on than I put my mascara and lipgloss on than grabbed my new backpack with all my books in it than Sean grabbed his backpack with all his books in it an had his normal clothes in somewhat baggy skinny jeans his NEO high tops an his white tank top with whatever shirt he wanted to wear over it, he grabbed his keys and I grabbed my phone and keys and put it into my backpack than we headed out the room down the stairs ran to Sean's car got in he started the car and we headed of to school.

When we got there 1st period was already over and everyone was moving over to second period so we just hurried up walked in went to our lockers did the normal thing people do at school when they are at their lockers than someone tapped me on the shoulder. "Hey team caption me and the rest of the girls heard from Chloe that you got some new stuff for this year" one of the girls from me & Chloe's dance team said to me "yes I'm bringing a lot of new different stuff to the team and I feel like it's going to be a good year. "Me too everything just seems so much more better than last year, plus we got knew freshMAN here" she said with a wink *laugh laugh* "I know there is but I have a perfect boyfriend already... Anyway I'll see you later on my way to second period"

As I walked into second period Sean can up behind me an wrapped his arms around my waist kissed me on the cheek an it kinda made me jump a little bit too. "Hey beautiful where we sitting" than I looked all the way at the back of the class there was 4 seats that weren't taken so I started to walk over to the far back of the classroom and say my stuff down on my seat and Sean sat his stuff down on his seat next to me an than turned around and grabbed my hands and intertwined my fingers with his and started to do his cute little smirk and swing our arms back and forth while all the other students were still ether just coming in an coming up with things to say to the teacher so they don't get into trouble or they were just trying to find a seat next or near their friends or just messing around till the teacher actually took over the room.

Sean: you know you look absolutely beautiful ever since I first met you.

Me: cheese ball *I said while giggling*

Teacher: okay class shit down, take your seats *an everyone took there seats and sat quit waiting for Ms. Wendall to speak again.. You see she is one of those teachers that no one dares to come across as bad* Now everyone these seats will be your seats for the rest of the year and I hope there will be no bad behavior in my class. So shall we begin now everyone take your books out an open your books to chapter 35 by the end of the semester I will be collecting essays on this chapter and about how it relates to your life, it will count as 20% of your grade. I suspect you all know about the way I run things in my classroom an for the ones that don't become friends with someone that does, you all may now begin.

Sean: hey babe

Me: Sean we have to get working.

Sean: babygirl it's not that bad to talk a little bit

Me: Sean I may have changed from nerdy geeky Gia to somewhat popular Gianna head of dance team that's dating the hottie at guy in school but nomatter what I will still have my Gia part of me because that's the part of me that's gotten through my hole life and I'm never giving up that smart geeky side of me nomatter how popular I get, an the smart geeky Gia side of me is right here right now an what she wants to do is keep all her grades an A++ so she can get into the best collage.

Sean: I know an that's why I love you because at the end of the day you are still the girl I fell in love with and am still falling for.

Me: awwwh so sweet... But Sean please let me work on my studies.

Sean: okay babygirl

Than we started to work on charger 35 an I was happy that we didn't get caught by Ms. Wendall. Than as time went by and we went from one class after the other it was finally time to get to where I am most happy(I mean yes I'm very happy with Sean but I also need something else that makes me happy in life besides Sean I mean what if he leaves me soon I need something else so I don't collapse) I went into the bathroom were all the other girls were taking turns getting ready when it was finally my turn I got ready into my sweatpants an my crop top with my dance team shoes(you know shoes that cheerleaders have) an than put my hair up into a pony-tail an than got out the bathroom went into the gym with a couple of the other girls an set my backpack and dance team Dofle bag down on the bleachers next to everyone else's set down my phone with all the new music on it into the speakers an put on some exercise music an when all the girls were in there spots we all started to do our normal stretches than ran 4 laps around the gym. When we were done we got back into our spots than I put on the playlist I made for the me school year an we started to practice all the dance moves to the songs till the end of the school day.

It was finally the end of the school day an we had gotten through 5 songs so far one because 6 period is the longest an two all the girls on the team including me are very fast learners at almost everything. I didn't care to change right now so I just grabbed all my stuff got my phone out an started texting away while walking over to Sean's car in the parking lot.


Me: hey Chloe didn't see you at school today or at practice where are you?

Chloe: hey Gia sorry I wasn't there hopefully I didn't miss that much an if I did I'll just hangout with you soon an you can catch me up on everything. But yea I ended up getting the flu over the weekend an it hasn't gone away yet but hopefully it will by tomorrow or wensday.

Me: oh yea sure I'll catch you up on everything... An I'm sorry about that do you want me to come over and help with anything or get you anything?

Chloe: no thank you Kyle is already on everything but thanks for caring (:

Me: of course your my bestfriend along with Kyle lol

Chloe: yea I know (: an I'm glad to be your bestfriend. Well I gotta go Kyle is here ttyl

Me: okay ttyl

*end of texts*

"Hey you ready to go to a party" Sean said as he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind me an laying his head on my shoulder. "No wait what party" "oh one of the guys from the football team is having a party tonight everyone is just now talking about it" "oh okay well we still gotta work on chapter 35 soon okay I really wanna get if done and turned in before it's actually supost to be turned in an no I'm not rest dork I'm in sweatpants a crop top an cheers hoes, let me go home am change first" "ok let's go an change than.. An the party don't start till way later anyway" "than why you ask me if I'm ready now" "because I wanted to take you out first but I guess not" "well I would like to but we are back at school" "yea I know" when we got into the car an started to drive home I noticed how his eyes were shot strait onto the road an he wasn't talking he was just driving no music nothing an I started to think about since we got to school he has been acting more lovey dovey an weird as usual "Sean can I ask you something" "yea of course babygirl" he didn't even care to look at me like normally am I doing something wrong what is going on with him "is everything okay with you.. With us" "of course why would you think things aren't okay" "well umm.. Never mind" "no what is it Gianna tell me" he said looking at me "nothing I was just wondering if I'm doing something wrong or something" "no babygirl your not doing anything wrong and everything is just fine" something is defiantly wrong he is calling babygirl one second than Gianna the next he didn't look a me before but now he does his hands are showing his vains because how hard his hands are bragging in the wheel an his voice is a little bit nervous sounding I'm getting to the bottom of this.. When we got to the house(my house) I grabbed my stuff than went into the house an ran to my room threw all my stuff to the floor next to my side of the bed took off all my clothes than started to go through my closet an took out all my dresses than went into the bathroom an than I tried every single one on till I got to my last on an I knew this one the one I would wear for tonight it was black at the top of it that went down to the middle of my stomach with a "X" looking cut for the back an than the other part of it was light pink an flowing and went down to the middle of my thighs than I put on my black heels, I curled my hair than put on very very little powder & blush than some very light pink lipgloss that way it shades into my lips an some mascara, painted my nails pink with a little glitter on them than some perfume. When I walked out the bathroom I put all my stuff away an cleaned my side of the room to were it was clean organized an spotless while Sean's side if the room was boy looking. Than I turned my tv on an started to flip through channels than I saw a picture on me on guess what channel E-news so of course I had to watch I mean it's me.

TV person: so we've gotten recent news that this girl Gianna rose captain of her schools dance team hard working student with nothing but spectacular grades is the mysterious girl that allstar stumper model & soccer player Sean has been dating for quit a long time.. How long would you say?

2nd TV person: I believe they have been together for 5 months now and still counting. My gosh she sure is pretty though I can see why he chose her I mean who wouldn't want todate this girl.. Well lucky for her a lot of guys would like to get with her we even started to ask during interviews and whenever else we could what stars her age think of her. Let's take a look at a couple shall me.

*10 quick interviewers later* wow I can't believe all these guys said all these nice things about me I never thought it would be this great to be with someone like Sean.. Wait stop your not like this bit yet at the same time it's still nice to know that all theses other guys think about me like that... An as I thought things couldn't get any better my all time favorite male star Dylan O'Brien came on in an interview an I started to get chills all up an down my spine an the little fandom girl inside me was freaking out an screaming. "Dylan what do you think about Gianna rose? What do you think about her and Sean?" "Well I think that Gianna is a very beautiful girl an I would like to meet her someday. An her and Sean, well man *chuckle* man Sean is a very lucky guy I would kill to be with a girl like her, they make a good couple" "oh my freaking gosh Dylan O'Brien just said I was beautiful, oh my gosh oh my gosh, I can believe this" than right as I turned around from doing my little happy dance and screaming that at the top of my lungs Sean was standing by the bathroom doorway wearing his normal party clothes jean shorts with his Jain hanging on it an one of his shirts than this time he has his hair spiked up again(he hasn't done that in a little while) has his Jordan's on, an he's leaning against the door frame looking pissed with his fists tight an his hands folded. Oh ow now I know it's something I did. "Hey babe how long have you been like that" "ever since Dylan O'Brien started talking an you being happy as ever about what he said" "Sean babe I am not that happy that he said that I mean yea he was my childhood crush and everything but I love you more than anything you know that... Wait since when are you able to be mad I'm the one that's supost to be mad still" "mad about what? What did I do" "forget it" an with that I grabbed my bag/purse with my keys wallet and my phone in it than walked out the room and down the stairs an I heard Sean walking behind me, when I got to the hallway downstairs Sean came up behind me grabbed me arm than forced me against the wall... Yeah see told you he's acting weird. "what are you so mad about?" I wanted to tell him but I didn't feel like figuring today I just wanted to let it go for tonight "nothing just stuff with my teachers it's no big deal" I lied "well don't worry about it they will get over whatever they are going through an give you the grades you deserve" an with that he kissed me on my forehead than let go of my arm wrapped his arm around my waist an we headed out to go to the party.

*30 minutes later at the party*

Well guess who's party it is none other than the jock head captain of the football team you know the one that was trying to flirt with me at the beach the one day Matt. Yea well there is nothing but people crowded in rooms dancing drinking and mingling so I just went into the one place where it's not so crowded infact not crowded at all, I went outside onto to porch where it was somewhat quieter an I had one drink in my hand as I took small sips every now and than an looked up at the stars an thought about my life. "Hey what you doing out here alone where's Sean" Matt said to me as he had a drink in his hand an was now standing right next to me "he is inside with his friends having fun, an I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to drive him home if he gets drunk so that's why I'm not drinking very much at all" I didn't feel like lying right now I'm not in the mood for lying "oh well if that fails than he can just stay here till he wakes up in the morning an than drive himself home in the morning an I can drive you home later tonight" I wasn't sure if he was hitting on me right now or if he was actually trying to be nice to me he seems so serous right now "Maybe I don't know" "okay well this comes back to my first question what are you doing out here alone" "I'm not alone am I" "smart girl" "yea is that why you can't keep up with me" "I can keep up with you, I just play dumb jock, I'm not actually a dumb jock I'm very smart" "oh yeah prove it than" "okay I will now come here" an with that he took my hand left his drink behind and I left mine behind an he took me into the crowded room where everyone was dancing an the music was super load "how is this going to prove your smart an not just a dumb jock again" "oh this is just the beginning of everything" "beginning, what's next you plan on taking me out or something" "well I'm not taking you out on a date but I will be taking you out places like as a friend thing nothing more I know you got a boyfriend" "yes I do an I love him a lot and he loves me too" "than why does he keep blowing you off to hangout with friends than" that hit me like a ton of bricks but yet at the same time don't couples need time apart to hangout with friends sometimes "well all couples need time apart to hangout with friends sometimes if couples hangout too much it gets boring" "good point Gianna, good point" "see told you than you can't keep up with me" "I can too" an at this moment I didn't feel like talking anymore I just felt like dancing and going crazy because I deserve some fun right. I started to dance my heart out just like everyone else in the room an it's was a blast I had never known this extreme amount of fun before it was so much excitement the music an moves of my body takin over me just everything was so fun. I didn't even notice Matt was up behind me with his hands on my hips an so close to my body till Sean came around. Sean practically ripped me and matts body's apart an Matt went flying an I was just standing there feeling guilty for having to much fun, but yet at the same time I should be able to have fun too not just Sean.

Sean: touch my girl again and I'll blind you

Matt: come on man your drunk and I wasn't doing anything wrong we were just having fun I know she is with you and I respect that all I'm trying to be is friends with her nothing more. An she deserves to have some fun too it's not far that one person in a relationship gets to have fun and the other doesn't

Sean: I do let her have fun but I don't let her have fun with guys like you, I know about guy like you I lived with one an as a matter of fact the person I lived with that's like you is my brother an all my old friends are like you too. That's why I don't want her near you I love and care about you too much and if she ever got hurt I don't know what I'd do

Matt: you don't know shit about me man so if shit up if I were you

Sean: oh I know you all to well, an as long as I'm here you will never talk to Gianna ever again.


They were both quite an just looked at me waiting for me to say something else or do something else but I couldn't form anything or do anything now I was just frozen now.

Sean: come on let's go home

Sean came over to me grabbed my arm an gragged me outside. But I got out of his grip ran back inside and grabbed all my stuff an grabbed all of Sean's stuff than ran back outside before Sean got over upset. An Sean was waiting in the car with the car started but if didn't feel like having him drive considering he's drunk and upset so I put all out stuff in the backseat of his car an than opened his door. "Scoot over I'm driving your way to drunk and way to upset" instead of saying something back he got out went to the other side got in an buckled himself in and I did the same than I pulled out of the spot we were in an drive me and Sean home. When we got there he went upstairs an got down to his boxers an than laid down on the bed I put all his stuff were he wanted on his side of the room an I put my stuff away properly on my side of the room, I went downstairs an got a cup of water for Sean before he fell fast asleep went back upstairs gave him the water and watched him drink all of the water than I put it on the table next to his side if the bed. I went into the bathroom an put on my pj shorts on an my shirt that says "married to the mob" on it got out the bathroom than went into bed till I heard a phone ring I thought it was mine so I grabbed my phone an it wasn't mine so I looked at Sean to see if he was going to get his phone but he was super past out so I looked at his phone to turn it off till I say the caller ID name 'Rebecca' with a picture of her with duck lips and trying to show her boobs so I went into the hallway down the stairs an answered it to see what's going in because he has been acting really loving one minute than the way he was tonight the next an it's making me concerned. When I picked it up she started to speak "hey baby why did it take you so long to answer my call, oh well I'm calling because I need to know when we are going out for coffee" now I was the one that was overly upset she called him baby that only means one thing he's cheating on me and worse he's meeting her for coffee but when" so I tried imitating his voice "hey how about tomorrow is nice, meet me there at 1pm an wear something nice" than I hung up the phone. Man Sean an this Rebecca girl just messed with the wrong girl. So I went back to bed put his phone back an went to sleep.

*next morning*

I woke up took a nice shower, did my nails again curled my hair did my makeup than I put on my really good push-up bra so my boobs looked even better an bigger than they really at put on my white designer jeans on that cupped my butt just right an even did the same thing my bra does but for my butt than I put on my red heels an than my really cute gray tank top with the dream catcher on it. I got out the bathroom an went downstairs an had breakfast with my mom Devon and his girlfriend like a real family an I actually miss this a lot. "Hey mom.. Hey Devon how are you both doing" I'm good darling how are you oh and I got some good news you know how ever since you were little you have always wanted to travel around the world for a while like a family well this summer we are going to just that as a family isn't that good news" "OMG YES" "Devon do you want to bring.." "Oh yea you two haven't properly meet yet.. Gianna this is my girlfriend Cecelia, Cecelia this is my sister Gianna" "oh nice to meet you Gianna" "nice to meet you two Cecelia.. But anyway if you wanna come with us if you want to" "oh I don't want to be even more of a barden than I already am, but that's for asking.. I understand the importance of family time especially when you haven't had that much family time as other families... Oh my gosh I didn't mean that I'm so sorry oh gosh I-" *laugh laugh* "it's fine you have nothing to be sorry for, yea stuff happened a couple times but it's over with the thing that matter now is that were all together now" "that's right an as long as I'm around this family is going to stay this way.. An hopefully before I die in about 20 more years I'll have grandchildren from one of you" an than we all started laughing together, I really did miss all this. A couple minutes later everyone was still talking laughing and eating than Sean came down the stairs wearing his normal yet again but not to normal I mean guys still wear different style clothes just like girls go but girls have dresses skirts and other stuff guys just have shirts jeans shorts an tuxes there not very much difference. He can over sat down and eat all his food am joined in eventually. By the time we were all done it was 11:30 an so I decided that since "Sean" has to go get coffee at 1 than we should go hangout with Kyle and Chloe for a little bit. When we got to Chloe's house it was 12:10 an we all played games an stuff like normal teenage stuff. Than I faked like I was having a bad day an that I needed coffee because normally when I'm having a bad day I need coffee or sleep. So we got into the car an we went to Starbucks an it was 1:15 an I saw the girl sitting at a table she was wearing leggings blue vans an a blue blows her hair was blonde and strait an she had to much makeup on an she had a coffee in her hand. "Sean can you get me my coffee please umma go find us a place to sit" "okay anything for you babygirl" an he kissed my lips than went to go order our drinks. I walked over to the girl an sat down right across from her in the booth "hey umm sorry but this seat is taken in waiting for a friend if mine" "oh I'm sorry I didn't know I guess I'll be going hope you have fun with your friend" an with that I slowly got up an Sean was coming toward me looking normal an I looked to see if she was watching an she was that's good when Sean got closer to me I grabbed his face and brought his lips to mine an kissed him hard but yet passionalty so he didn't think something was up even though he'd figure it out soon he wrapped his arm around me an held me close making it even more better than I let go an we went and sat down. That I guess Sean knew what was going on because he saw Rebecca watching an than looked worried as all hell. So I grabbed my coffee am sat across from her an than Sean came slowly over sat down next to me and I wrapped my arms around his arm an laid my head on his shoulder, while Rebecca was looking all sorts of feeling "Rebecca this is my girlfriend Gianna, Gianna this is my ex girlfriend Rebecca" even worse with his ex this asshole "oh hi Rebecca nice to meet you, I don't think I've ever heard about you before Sean doesn't really talk much about his past" "oh that's okay I guessed as much that he wouldn't want to talk about his first love to his new girlfriend" oh so she wants to play is than way okay fine "oh it's all good I've had my fair share in first loves too. I mean everyone has a past it's just most people don't want to talk about it.. I'm guessing it's because there past is so ugly and so horrible that hey don't even want to think about it" now I could tell she was pissed an even more that Sean was now freaking out because he got caught. "Or maybe it's because there past was so good that they don't wan to scare off the present" "oh is that why Sean has been keeping you a secret from me.. Cause as I recall the night we first made love he told me he loves me more than anything in the world an I also recall that when his brother came into town he was telling me about how you cheated on him multiple times with his own brother an how he hates you" no I've really got her angry thus is so good "Sean aren't you going to say something to your girlfriend here" "oh come Rebecca do you really think he'd come back to you? Your so pathetic I mean you cheated on him an put him through hell now you think he is going to dumb me for you" "well he was talking to me behind your back wasn't he that has to count for something" an than she grabbed his hand an he didn't even take his hand away from her. So I got up out of the booth took my super hot drink took the lid off an poured every last drop on her head making her hair all wet and messy an making her makeup go all down her face making her look like a clown and everyone there ether laughed at her or looked surprised and started to gossip. Than I put my cup down "goodbye Sean" than left an started to walk over to Chloe's house Sean didn't even come after me so I knew it was over for good an than it started to rain an I started to cry. After 10 minutes I was soaking wet because I forgot my jacket in Sean's car than I realized I have my phone so I went to the bus stop an stood under the roof thing an called everyone I could but no one could come because they were all at a family event or they just didn't pick up than I realized I didn't call Matt yet so I called Matt and after the third ring he answered "hey Gianna what's up" "h-h-hey can you p-please come and g-get me" "what's wrong Gianna, where are you" "I'm at the b-bus s-stop near starb-bucks" "okay im on my way now tell me about everything when I get you" "okay thanks M-Matt" than I hung up am waited for him to get me an within 5 minutes he was already here he must have one ether been close by or two was driving faster than the speed limit to come and get me than he got out his car came around and got me put his jacket on me put the umbrella over us both put his arm over my shoulder than walked me over to his car opened the door for me I got in he shut the door than he got in and we drove to his house. When we got it his house he did the same thing he did when he picked me up than we went into the house an he set me down on the couch near the fire an the tv wow he must of set this up before I got here he went upstairs an than came down with some clean clothes of his an I didn't care that they were his I just wanted and needed some clean warm clothes "here are some clothes for you The bathroom is just right down the hall to your left" "okay thanks Matt" "your welcome" so I went over to the bathroom and changed into his basketball shorts an they were a little bit big on me but I don't care than he gave me one of his black t shirts than put my now damp dry hair into a messy bun than went out back to the his living room. "Wow you look beautiful" "thanks" "oh wait sorry that was out of line I mean you with s-" "no it's fine, an me and Sean aren't together anymore" than I handed him my soaking wet clothes(yes I still have my bra and underwear on those were the only things that weren't wet) okay well I'm going to go put these in the laundry an get these clean and dry for you" "okay" than I sat down next to the fire and tuned in some tv than my favorite movie came on so I watched it of course and the good thing is it was just now starting. "Hey what movie is this" "oh the perks of being a wallflower it's a good movie" "okay well if you say is good it must be good" than he sat down next to me an put his arm around me shoulder an cuddled up next to me an I did the same. We watched the hole movie and we had laughs an even talked about ALOT of stuff we have a couple of things in common I never new and he is pretty smart "so I hope this doesn't ruin anything but why did you and Sean break up.. I mean you don't have to answer that if you don't want to I understand that you two were together for a long time and stuff and it's hard to talk about and stuff so it's o-" of course I shut him up by kissing his lips I mean yea it was a great kiss but I didn't feel much passion in it or anything but still it was nice an he kissed back grabbing on my middle thigh an pulling me closer to him me grabbing his face and we both made the kiss even more better than I let go of his face and broke apart our kiss an I just looked at him for a second "wow that was awesome" an I started to laugh a little bit than everything went a little silent and awkward "you really gotta stop doing that you know" "but why would I do that if it gets you to kiss me" "good point" "see I am just as smart" "yeah yeah... Okay I'm going to get this out so we never have to talk about it again... The reason why me and Sean broke up is because last night he got a call from this girl an so I answered it which might sound bad but what I found out was that he was calling her baby and she was doing the same so I arranged this hole meeting thing and you know how those things go you want movies and tv shows an so I was fighting back an even though u was right there he was kissing up to her so I took my coffee an pored it on her than you know the rest because you came and picked me up and I'm here" "oh wow I'm sorry Gianna" "it's okay it's not your fault" "yea but it's still not okay what he did to you was wrong and I'm so sorry for it, if I was him I would have stuck by your side and got rid of her. Hell I wouldn't even do that in the first place talking to some other girl behind your back that's a dick move I hate that a girl so beautiful and so fragile looking has to deal with assholes like him, if I was your man I would treat you like the princess you are. No I'd treat you like a queen because you deserve to be treated that w-" and this time I kissed him again doing the same thing I did earlier when I kissed him but this time I brought myself to where I was sitting on his lap with each leg on one side of his hips an his hands were just going everywhere on like on my back and my butt just doing whatever they could to make this fun an it turned into a hot make out session an right when Matt was about to lift my shirt up any higher than it already was there was a load couple bangs on the door an I jumped up. "Gianna I know your here" shit it's Sean.

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