vampires can love

they are who they are and they cant change it even if they tried. the secrets the lies just dont stop. love can change alot of things you love them for who they are.

lily just found out her favorite boy band members are vampire. what happens when she gets kidnapped for a blood slave love turns up in wierd places.


1. run!!!!!!!!!!!!

lily's p.o.v

“MARK IM OUT” I shouted to my boss from the other side of the bakery.

I worked in a small bakery not too far from my apartment I didn’t get payed much but it kept me living.

“SURE LILY SHUT THE DOOR BEHIND YOU” he yelled back while typing something into his computer.

I chucked my jacket on before walking out of the store into the chilly London air.

I shivered before continuing to walk to my apartment I kept on feeling like I was being watch.

I turned around but of cause no one was there.

I still felt like I was being watched I turned around this time a young man was standing there staring at me.

“Why hello love” he said in a strong British accent.

It sent shivers down my spine.

“Wh...What do you want” I said stuttering a little.

“Oh just a drink I’m sure you can provide that” he said smiling.

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU” I screamed I was scared now.

“Me well I’m harry” he said like it was obvious.

I turned around and ran but in a matter of seconds he was in front of me.

“Oh no no no we can’t have my meal run away” he smiled and chuckled a little.

I screamed it was too late his eyes went red and his sharp fangs came down.

Next thing I knew he was drinking my blood I was getting fainter and fainter.

                                          He was going to kill me



She tasted so good her blood was so sweet I couldn’t kill her not now I wanted more

I stopped just before I killed her she passed out in my hands.

Ha-ha the boys will love my find

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