Still The One

Second Book To Are We Friends Or Are We More?


7. I Want You To Stay ☁

 Harry P.O.V

"Niall and Dalis were kissing." Liam said breaking my heart. 

"What!" I yelled jumping out of my seat. 

"Harry calm down." Liam said getting up from his seat.

"Calm Down!" I yelled,"How could they do this to me!" 

"Shut up!" Zayn yelled waking up,"I'm trying to sleep." 

"Liam are you sure that you saw them kissing?" I said looking over at Liam. 

Liam looked at me with a sad face and nodded his head. 

I grabbed a glass that was sitting there on a counter and through it at the wall making a loud shatter.

"What is going on out here!" Louis yelled walking into the room,"I'm trying to get my beauty rest!" 

I walked out of the room and went back where the bunks were to see Dalis standing there.

"Harry." She said,"What's going on out there?" She asked.

"Did you and Niall kiss?" I asked straight out.

"Harry." She whispered

"Yes or No!" I yelled. 

She didn't say anything, just looked at me with a sad face which answered my question. 

"Where's Niall." I said walking out of the room. 

"Harry wait." Dalis said pulling my arm.

I pulled my arm away from her as hard as I could and it caused her to fall on the ground. 

I walked out and saw Niall standing in the hallway and Liam and Zayn were standing infront of him.

"Harry you need to calm down." Liam said. 

"I just want to talk to him." I said looking right at Niall. 

"Harry!" Dalis yelled running into the room,"Let me explain!"

"I don't want to talk to you right now!" I yelled. 

"Harry listen to me." Niall said,"I kissed Dalis, she didn't kiss me." 

"It's true mate." Zayn said,"Dalis told me everything that happened between her and Niall tonight at the Carnival. Niall kissed her and she pushed him off of her." 

"Is that true?" I asked looking at Dalis.

She cried and nodded her head.

"I probably didn't see her pushing him off mate." Liam said,"I walked away as soon as they kissed.

"I was going to tell you everything." Dalis cried.

"Are you going to tell him how you are in love with me?" Niall smiled.

"Niall!" Dalis cried. 

"What?" I asked.

"She just doesn't love you mate, she loves me too." Niall grinned.

I pushed through Liam and Zayn who were still standing infront of Niall and pushed him up against the wall.

"Harry Stop!" Dalis cried.

"Harry let him go." Zayn said pushing me away from Niall. 

"Dalis we need to talk." I said 

She nodded her head and we went into the room and closed the door. Dalis sat down on the bunk while I stood there trying to calm down my anger before I talked to her. 

"Are you in love with Niall? I asked. 

"I dont know." She whispered.

"How do you not know!" I yelled.

"I'm confused about my feelings for Niall." She stood up and walked over to me,"But i'm not confused about my feelings for you Harry, I Love You." 

I moved away from her and sat down on a bunk. She follwed and sat down next to me.

I looked at her and took a deep breath,"Maybe if you're confused about your feelings with Niall." I looked down at the ground holding in my tears,"Maybe we shouldn't be together." 

I looked up at her and she started crying and it broke my heart. I wrapped my arms and pulled her into me. No matter how angry I was at her, I didn't want to see her like this. She cried into my chest as I rubbed her back and I couldn't help myself, I began to cry too.

She pulled away from me and just sat there trying to wipe away her tears,"Why." She cried.

I wrapped my arm around her to comfort her.

"Stop it." She cried. And I moved my arm away.

"I'm sorry." I whispered,"I think it's what's best while you figure out your feelings."

"I Love You." She cried,"I Do." 

I just sat there holding in my tears.

"You're breaking my heart." She cried,"I really don't want to lose you." 

"I know, and i'm sorry."I cried,"I don't want to lose you either." 

"Then why are you letting me go." She cried looking at me.

I just shook my head crying,"I don't want to have you be confused about your feelings for some other guy while you're with me." 

She wiped away her tears and took a deep breath,"I should of know something like this was going to happen, it always does. Whenever I love someone it doesn't last. I was in love with Zayn and he cheated on me. Then I was in love with you but you chose someone else. I told Zayn I loved him while I was in rehab and no he wants to be with Perrie. And now you're breaking up with me.I just always end up loving people more than they love me." Dalis cried, "That's what sucks." 

I grabbed her and pulled her towards me again, hugging her while she cried,"I'm sorry." 

"It sucks, because for once in my life I was hopeful." She said,"I'm never felt completely loved, by anyone and it sucks."

Her words just broke my heart. I hated that I was doing this to her, but I feel like I need to if she isn't sure how she feels about another guy.

"It sucks because I loved you." She continued,"I do love you. I don't care that your breaking up with me and breaking my heart, I love you." 

"I'm sorry." I looked over at her,"But I think it's for the best." 

She just shook her head.

"But don't think that I don't love you." I said.

"Can we just stop talking about it now." She said bring her knees to her chest while she cried.

I nodded my head and got up and walked out of the room. Leaving Dalis there heart-broken.

Louis P.O.V

The boys and I just there in the living room while Dalis and Harry where in the room tallking.

I swear that I've never been so quite in my life, the boys and I just sat there not making a sound.

Finally Harry walked into the living room. He must have been crying a lot because his eyes were really red.

"You alright Harry?" I asked.

He just shook his head not saying a word.

We all slept in the living room. Zayn and I didn't get any sleep at all though. Him and I just layed there on floor listening to Dalis cry all night.

It was just so Heart-Breaking

Dalis P.O.V

As Harry walked out of the room I just layed there in my bed crying the whole night.

I've never been so Heart-Broken. 









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