Encouraging You To Write *AND TIPS*

This is a book to help you to write books and to ignore the hate people have (may I say they might have no heart..)
Anywhoo. You can ask anything! you can ask stupid questions and I might ever write it for you! this is a book for help.. I can even read your books and if you need any changes, i'll just tell you but since im polite I will say sorry a lot, if that bothers you.. Im sorry XD see I did it again!


2. For little Kids 2



 Everyone in the family should participate in this. Get a notebook or a blank journal and someone starts a story on the first page, leaving off on a cliffhanger. Pass the book to someone else, and they have to put in their own installment and pass it off again. Let the book go around between all members of the family, making the story as outrageous or as funny as you like.


For Example:

Person 1- A guy walked down the street into a candy shop to get some sweets.. once he paid for all his stuff and walked out the store..

Seems normal huh? Now its time to add the funny part

Person 2- Once he walked out the story he farted and diarrhea running down his leg.. He limped and left poop trails all the way form the store to his house.. After a nice poop, he decided to go to sleep..


Is that funny? Well no look at person 3's one..


Person 3- Once he woke up his Pajama bottoms were full of poo and he wet the bed.. It was like a never-ending torture..


Person 1- He walked back into the washroom and felt in heaven..

Person 2- He took a big dump

Person 3- he never felt so good since his accidental child while him and his wife were playing around



I WAS LAUGHING SOOOOO HARD AT THIS XD child warning im soorrryy

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