Forever and Always

Harry and Mckenzie were best friends so they make a promise to talk everyday when he is on the X-factor but he broke it and Mckenzie started to cut herself. Harry comes back home to tell Mckenzie how he really feels about her but he figures out that she cut herself and makes her come on tour with him. But will the hate get to her? will they tell each other how they feel about each other?


2. Broken promises

Mckenzies POV


 I cant take it I pick up the razor and cut but then I'm done cause I got to get to work. So I try to sneak out without being seen but I'm caught. "hey bitch where are you going?'' I try not be smart so as nicely as I can I say "im going to work ill be back at 9 o'clock" "ok if your a minute late your going to get it!" I cant be late I know how he gets. He's my uncle so I have to leave with him since my parents death he abuses me and rapes me. I arrive at work and notices people at my table. SHIT! I see one of them is Harry so I went to Bailey my only friend I told her about harry I she was fine with serving one direction. I saw people who were at my other table so I went to serve them. I look over to see Bailey flirting with the blonde one she look at me and I mouthed 'really flirting' she rolled her eyes and laughed. Then I locked eyes with the beautiful green eyes that I fell in love with. So I ran out as fast as I could


Harrys POV

 I saw her the girl I fell in love I locked eyes with her beautiful blue eyes. Then she ran out our waitress mumbled some cuss words and looked at me a said " you just had to look at her after everything you did" The boys looked at me with confused looks because I never mentioned her. I ran out after her I saw her she was crying I went to her and asked her "what did I do wrong?" she looked up and said "what did you do wrong? you promised me you would call! I was left with a abusing uncle! the boy I fell in love with ditched me for a band! I cut myself! Everyone leaves me my parents are dead and your living your dream. im just a loser who know harry styles!" I was in tears wait did she say boy she fell in love with she loves me as more then a friends!


Mckenzies POV


I said I loved him im a idoit then he spoke "you love me? WOW! you love me! Ive always loved you but been afraid to to tell you!" he felt the same way I got up from the ground and kissed him he kissed back it was full of lust and I didn't feel sparks I felt fireworks. we broke the kiss it was amazayn!

harrys POV


we kissed it was amazayn! I had to ask her "will you be mine? forever and always?'' she smirked and said "yes" We started to walk in silent then she asked what time it was and I said 10 she freaked out and run to a car and drove off I wonder what is wrong?


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