Forever and Always

Harry and Mckenzie were best friends so they make a promise to talk everyday when he is on the X-factor but he broke it and Mckenzie started to cut herself. Harry comes back home to tell Mckenzie how he really feels about her but he figures out that she cut herself and makes her come on tour with him. But will the hate get to her? will they tell each other how they feel about each other?


3. being stabed

Mckenzies POV

I came home and there he was with a knife in his hand. he came up and stabed me in the leg. he left to go to the local club so I was alone.  I was losing a lot of blood so I needed to call someone Harry

I called him and told him to come and take me to the hospital. after the call ened everything went black


Harrys POV

I knocked on the door no one answered so I was really worried. I decided to kick in the door. I was worried about what I would find. I walked in and found kenzie on the floor in a pool of blood. I decided to call  a ambulance. they came quickly but they said she lost a lot of blood and was in a coma. I was balling my eyes out I needed to call the boys to tell them not to worry about me that im fine. I went to the hospital to wait for news about McKenzie


Wills POV (her uncle)

I went home to find the door kicked in and Mckenzie gone. If someone took her im going to find them to get my bitch back!

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