save you tonight

tara is an average 17 year old. destine to meet her favorite band one direction. when she gets her chance at her parents theater where she would usually get a free tickett for every concert she went to she had to pay for her ticket which made her really mad. once tara finally gets to know them will she forgive them and fall deeply inlove with her one and only or will she be mad at them forever?.?.?.


3. my bestie megan

3 days later

I had only an hour to get ready before the concert started. I still think it's unfair. It is really. Back to the point I already had my dress on. It was white with purple flowers on it. It had a frilly little belt going around the waist. I wore my purple high heals. I had a scarf around my neck ,and a matching necklace under it. I already had my makeup on from earlier. Even though I did touch it up a bit to make my face look better. I looked myself over to make sure evreything was perfect ,and as usual it was amazayn! I walked down my stairs to get in my car ,and went to go pick up my bestie Megan! When i got to her house, she was already outside. She jumped in my car ,and we were headed to the concert.

Megan- Hey girl!

Me- Hey Meg.

Megan- I cant believe you had to pay for your own tickets at YOUR parents own studio.

Me- I know it kind of makes me hate One Direction.

Megan- WHAT?!?!?!?! Tara you know you cant just go to the doctor ,and get rid of Direction Infection! It would take weeks of crying.

Me- I know ,but still it just pisses me off, though.

Megan- Well your gonna have to get over it. I mean what if just maybe today is the day of our lives that we of all people hook up with them?!?! It could happen....


Megan- Whatever!!! Tara you need to stop doubting your prettiness.

Me- As if....

It was pretty quiet the rest of the way. Mostly because think Megster was mad at me.

this one isnt as short but its still kinda short but i have alot of little pieces.....

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