save you tonight

tara is an average 17 year old. destine to meet her favorite band one direction. when she gets her chance at her parents theater where she would usually get a free tickett for every concert she went to she had to pay for her ticket which made her really mad. once tara finally gets to know them will she forgive them and fall deeply inlove with her one and only or will she be mad at them forever?.?.?.


4. im sorry!!!!

**at the concert**

No one was there except Mom ,Dad ,and THEIR manager. I turned the corner ,and there they were One Direction. I fell down ,and blacked out.

**two hours later**

I woke up to pounding music in my ear.

Me- Where am i?

Megan- Your at the concert.

Me- WHAT?!

Megan- You fainted when you saw the boys.

Me- What?!?!?! I'm not supposed to be excited... I'm supposed to be mad!

Megan-  Well you were surprised... I don't think you were ready to see them THAT soon.

Me-  I better not do that again.

The music stopped ,and I heard them say goodbye. They walked out ,and approached to where I am.

Liam- How are you feeling, love?

Me- Why do you care?

Louis- He was just being nice!

Me- Whatever!

I ran off and sat outside on the wall ,and started to scream.  I HATE MY LIFE!! I heard someone walk out the entrance and huff. It was niall.....

Niall- Hey, whats wrong?

Me- Well, one I had to pay for my ticket, two my parents own the place ,and without them ya'll wouldn't be performing!

Niall- That wasn't our fault managment did that. If it was in our hands we would have let you come in for free.

Me- Well, okay....

Niall- Feel better? Because your parents left ,and asked if we could take you home ,and we agreed. Do you think you could get along with us until then?

Me- I think I can.

Niall- Okay, by the way..... your beautiful.

I started to blush ,and said thanks. He grabbed my hand ,and helped me up. We walked inside ,and everyone saw us walking in.

Me- I'm sorry for acting the way i did.

Them- I'ts okay!

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