The Model & her Brother

This is a book based off of movellas i read on here just added some things and tweaked it to make it mine was inspired thanks!!

This is about a model with a big brother. When She comes to pick her brother up from the airport and their are 4 other people their. At first she is like whose this but then she is okay with it. She develops feelings and challenges throughout their vacation from one directions tour.

Hope you like it i post when i can!!
- kisses M


9. What am i gonna do

Kimberly's Pov


-Liam soon lets go and he smiles. I can't help but smile back " thanks for making me feel better"i said. " no problem". I laugh. I never thought Liam liked me if he didn't than why did he kissed me, and like that. Huh that was special it made me forget about everything that had happen. As soon as i thought that the door slammed open with Niall in the middle of it. He said " your model friends want to talk to you, i i... Wait Why are you both smiling did i miss something?" He looked at booth of of confused. Me and Liam looked at each other and embarrassing  shaking our heads no. Liam said "nooo" while i said " nahh"Niall said " okayy well come'n my friends are waiting i want them to come back hurry up " okay i said getting up still shocked at what just happen.

When i got downstairs,“We have to leave now Kim. We all have a photo shoot tomorrow and its getting kind of late.” Charlie said giving me a hug. “No it’s fine. Go ahead and go.” I smiled. They all said their goodbyes and left.

When I closed the door the boys were staring at me. “Why are you staring at me?” I asked. “Kim? Are you okay? You never act this quiet. Like ever.”  Louis asked " and you look like your glowing". “Yeah i do?!.anyways,No I’m fine.” I faked a smiled and ressured him. I looked at both Liam and Niall wondering what was i gonna do. I had feelings for  Niall and i think i am developing feelings for Liam.

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