I Love Elounor.....NOT

Hi, I'm Louis Tomilinson. You might know me from my band, One Direction. I am in love. Some people can't except that. My management is one. My love of my life is Harry Styles. This is my story. If you don't think we are together, I hope that this helps you understand I have found my soul mate, and it is not the Chick called Elounor.


5. Interviews Galore


             First, lets start off with the GQ interview. Them asking Harry how many people he's slept with! That is none of their business!! Yes we've fucked, but we don't need the whole world to know that! By the way, Harry who else have you slept with? Was it recent? Do you even still love me? Is it just a lie? That is all we do with our private life.. Lie.

             Now, Modest! "taught" us how to handle the Larry questions. I have to be the one talking because Harry will just break and cry. We've tried he cried and one time we were in an interview and he said we were dating. Modest! 'deleted' that clip. We have a copy up on YouTube. Just search "Harry trying to come out of the Closet". We left these up for the people who want to find out.

           But when people ask if we've kissed, I don't even know what to say. We know we can't say anything but we want to so bad. Again, we give people every little clue we can. For example, when we were in the MarioKart interview, they asked us who's in front and behind. Well we took i as sex. So I said that I am mostly in front and then if Harry gets tired, I'll go in the back and push him up. Zayn and Niall are trying their hardest not to crack up. Then they call cut and we all get yelled at for making a "Larry Reference".

            It is always hard to lie to our fans saying that there is nothing going on between us. Obviously. There is. We are gay, why can't they just accept that. You don't tell Ed Sheeren to! You don't tell Honey-Boo-Boo to hide herself and her crazy family. Everyone else can be their self. Why can't we. One Directions motto is that we are ourselves for our fans. But are we really?

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