I Love Elounor.....NOT

Hi, I'm Louis Tomilinson. You might know me from my band, One Direction. I am in love. Some people can't except that. My management is one. My love of my life is Harry Styles. This is my story. If you don't think we are together, I hope that this helps you understand I have found my soul mate, and it is not the Chick called Elounor.


7. Best Song Ever


               We are taking a brief break from our tour to record and make our new song, Best Song Ever, a music video. Me and Harry were forced to have a chat with Modest!. Apparently, they don't like our sings and they want them to stop. I don't want to let them stop but they said that they would cut our contract if we did. I don't think we have anything to worry about. I mean, really, are you going to drop the one group that is making you all this money? We are the top group in the WORLD.. Like you are going to throw that away. Yeah right! But, My boo is scared so I will stop for him, and I will comfort him through this.. That's what we do. and cuddle(;

              The music video is awesome and I have a new crush. Marcel. He is the nerdy version of Harry. Another Harry! How could I not love him. The one thing I didn't like is the way that Harry looked at Veronica. He was totally checking her out!! That's the way he should look at me. NOT her. I'm the one who has been caring for him the past years. The one who caresses him when he is down. Am I just a friend now? Is he along with the rest of the world? Please. I need you Baby! It makes me feel a little better "Veronica" was Zayn, but still. you could call me jealous...

              What really pisses me off is that they cut so many scenes because of "Larry". I hate it. The one thing I love Hazza for adding is the oops hi! when Marcel first came in! I thought that was sneaky and clever of him. And Very sweet(; He is the best boyfriend you could ever find(:

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