Boxing The Payne

Thursday WesWing is a 16 year old girl with a boxing career.
Liam Payne is a 17 year old with the championship title.

They both box each other one night.
They both meet each other on the road.

Both wanting to box again, they do.
Both wanting to meet again, they do.

What happens when they discover that they're hurting and loving each other?

(Okay, in my life experience, I DID box with Liam, but the dating thing isn't true, but we did box each other again because we wanted to. We did that a couple of times but then he got a singing career, so it was the end of that. No I'm joking....I did date Liam, but he said that it didn't work out, I still love him though!)



1. The Fight


A/N Hi! Sorry if you don't like the plot of this story, but this is my life experience! I would really love it if you would stay and read this, but you don't have to. So, try to enjoy! xoxo ~Thursday P.S: That will be Liam after the fight, the photo. c; <-- (SO CUTE)

No one's POV


Payne and Wing bounced on the balls of their feet, wearing their head gear, tightening it to make sure it wouldn't fall. You see, this is a boxing tournament where you're supposed to keep your identity hidden. The only thing people know about Wing, is that she's a female and that she's a 16 year old. But Payne obviously doesn't know that.


Everyone knows everything about Payne, they literally, literally know him. Know how old he is, his gender, his y'know size, and other stuff. Just because he's hot and built. Everyone cheered as the two citizens of EdinBurgh (Thursday's hometown and Liam moved there) walked under the cords and into the ring . "Give it up for Wing!" the announcer spoke into the mic, him sweating from the heat of the crowd. Everyone screamed and cheered as she waved and put her mouth guard in.


"Give it up for Payne!" the announcer spoke again and motioned towards Payne who was jumping up and down, breathing in and out to get all of the adrenaline out.


Everyone screamed and cheered, fist pumping the air.

The two were in the corners, shaking their heads. The head gear basically is covering most of their face and the dim light making it harder to see the details of their faces.


They both walked up to each other to the center of the ring.

They both bounced their black boxing gloves onto each other and wished the other luck.

It's a sort of ritual for those two boxers, no one ever knows, but they do that to their opponent.


The bell dinged and the two boxers moved away from each other and wringed around the ring.

They panted at the heat and squinted their eyes through the head gear.

Wing took a low swing hitting Payne in the gut, but not that effective.

Payne stumbled a bit because of his balance, his balance, it wasn't very good.


Wing smirked, but she underestimated him.

Payne threw an uppercut punch into Wing's chin, she choked and glared at her opponent.

Everyone screamed and cheered, cheering for which ever individual.


"Tough one, aye?" Payne growled playfully, "I guess, but let's go! These people don't have all day." Wing grinned and threw a weak punch to Payne's shoulder playfully.

Payne and Wing threw a punch at each other at the same time, the punch connecting to their cheeks. Making their head flail to the side.


Wing fell to the ground but quickly got up and spat to the side a little pool of blood, a tooth visibly has fallen off.

As for Payne, a couple of teeth have fallen out and blood is dripping down his chin.

"Gotta hard punch for a scrawny boy like you." Payne grimaced.

Did you forget? Payne doesn't know Wing is a woman.


Wing rolled her eyes and took two hard swings at Payne's gut and side.

He stumbled back a couple of steps and growled at the back of his throat.

Oh, and if you haven't noticed, Wing is disguising her voice so that Payne wouldn't find her identity.


Payne slammed his glove against her head and took another swing to her side, she grunted and shook her head like a dog.

"Got quite the punch there." her voice was strained and she tried to stay stable.

"Trying to distract me or compliment me?" he responded as she leaned on him tiredly.

"Neither." she mumbled as she quickly stood back onto her two feet and swung a powerful uppercut under his chin and brought him up in the air.


Payne fell to the ground with a loud thud and that was the end of the match, instant KO means everything, done. Wing cheered and pulled the man laying in a heap up to his feet.

"It's over, man." she whispered in his ear.

He grunted as he took his glove off and wiped the blood off of his face.

"You okay?" Wing asked in a worried tone.


"Yeah, yeah. Congrats..." his face were starting to close but Wing told him how good he did so that he wouldn't feel disappointed.


The winner stuff ended and Wing left to the West Wing as Payne went to the East Wing to take a shower.


They mumbled as they scrubbed themselves.

They both changed and walked out of the building.

Payne's hair was tousled and had a little piece of hair curled in front of his forehead.

All the women swooned for him as he walked on the streets, as for Wing, her multicolored hair was flowing with the breeze.


All the men whistled at her as she walked by, both of them ignored those people.

Both of them were heading to the gym.


"Woah! H-hi!" he shied away from her as he bumped into her for the entrance.

"H-hey!" she responded, looking up from her moist hair that has fallen in front of her eyes.



Payne laughed a bit and rubbed his neck in a shy manner

"You-you look very ve-very pretty." he squinted his eyes and laughed quietly as she blushed.

"Thanks...Y-you look, handsome." she shied away and giggled as they both stepped back.


"Have I seen you before?" they pointed at each other and tilted their heads to the side.

"Naaa." they laughed and walked into the gym together.





A/N This was me when I was 16, just think of me as LESS cuter if you think and, WITHOUT make up. I couldn't find a picture of me when I was 16. Don't forget! These are life experiences! And this experience, I literally had with Liam! We dated for a short time, but I'm not gonna put that in the story! Thank you for reading! xoxo









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