let me introduce myself. Sophie Payne is my name and im 16 years old, i turn 17 in 2 weeks anyway,im bullied and I've always been, when I was younger I told my brother, he is 3 years older than me, so he is turning 20, but lately I never tell anyone, especially not my brother, Liam, because I know that he will try to stop the bullies, and with stop, I mean he will beat them up, and then everything will just be worse, so yea I keep my mouth shut. I'm like the ideal of a nerd, I always braid my hair, make a bun or have it in a ponytail. I have glasses and braces, but I'm gonna remove them in my birthday!! Yeey, anyway.. Liam and I doesn't go to the same school, and he never bring his friends home, until one day my door bell rings and I run down stairs to open the door and when I do, I freeze. Why the hell is he here ?!


2. Chapter 2.

Chapter 2. 
I raise my hand slap him hard,and he stares at me in shock" you're gonna regret that princess " he stares into my eyes and I shake my head "Harry please.." I try but Liam walks back from where ever he was "what did I miss?" He asks us and I look at Harry and he gives me the 'shut the fuck up' glare and I look at Liam "oh nothing, he finished the house she always dreamt about " I answer Liam and forces a fake smile on my lips Liam gives me a weird look but nods.
Liam's POV.
I walk back from the loo and when I walk in to Sophie And Harry it's really awkward so I ask them what I've missed and they stare at each other for a while before Sophie answer me "oh nothing, he finished the house she dreamt about " and she FAKE   a smile, what the hell? I nod And we continue to watch the movie . "Hey Liam can the lads come over ?" Harry asks me and I nod "yea sure"
Harry smirks "great" he text a little on his phone.
Like 30 minutes later  I hear knocks on the front door and I stand up to walk towards the door but Harry stops me "can I talk to you ?" He asks me and walks towards the door "yea sure, Sophie open the door "  I say and walk past Harry and upstairs. When we enter my room he sits down on my bed and smiles "what?" I ask him and he looks at me "party tomorrow" he says and I smile too "awesome" I say and grab one Xbox 360 control and Harry takes one too.

Sophie's POV.
Uuugh I can't believe Harry! Why the bloody hell did I have to open the door?! I just wanna run away! 
I sigh and walk towards the door and I turn the door knob and my eyes land on two brown eyes and I look down at my feets. "Is Liam here?" Niall finally says, and ending the really awkward moment. "Yea, upstairs the second door too the left" I explain and step away from the door so they can come inside. They all nod and walks inside, I turn around to close the door and i feel how their eyes are burning into my bum and i quickly turn around when someone grabs my waist, I look up and two ice blue eyes stare coldly into mine. I gasp and he leans towards me and breathes on my neck "I heard you slapped Harry?" 
I shake my head and whisper "no I'm sorry please Louis " but he smiles a little but look a little guilty but pull back and slaps me across the face and turns around "you will be sorry" he say as he walk upstairs with Niall and zayn.
I walk upstairs and when I pass Liam's room I see Harry look at me with a wink and stands up and he says something to the boys before he walk towards the door and I start to walk faster and when I reach my door I sigh in relief before someone puts two hand on my waist and pulls me closer "where you going princess?" Harry softly whisper in my ear "t-to my room" I manage to stutter "hang out with us?" He asks but it sounded more like a demand and I panic " y-yea sure" i answer and he pulls away my hair and kisses  my neck, then he softly
Starts to bite my skin and a moan escapes my throat and he smirks into my neck. Then I feel a sharp pain before I realize that he's sucking on my skin, it starts to hurt a lot and I whimper in pain "h-Harry stop" and I think it satisfied him because he sucks harder before he pull away and grins "what?" I ask him and he leans in and I feel something wet, I can feel Harry lick my neck. Then he blows on my neck and I start to shiver and he smirks.
He grabs my hips and pulls me so close to him my chest is pressed against his. 
"Close your eyes" he coldly says and I obey.  Then I can feel his lips against mine, I flinch and rise to back away but I hit the door and Harry licks my lip for entry but I deny, he groans and I can feel his hand squeeze my bum a little and I gasp. He pressed his tongue in and he moan a little and I feel his....yea.. Press against me before he pull away "this is going to be interesting " he mumbles to himself and I stare at the floor. "C'mon then?" He says pretty loudly and I nod.
When I pass  him he slaps my bum and I try to hold in a scream but fails.
When we enter Liam's room everyone stare at us and my eyes are  stuck at zayns , he looks so sad.. I sits down next to him and he gives me a weak smile which I return.
After a while I notice that the boys actually are ..cute? At first I didn't understand why Liam are friend with these guys, but Louis are so funny! And Niall are just so kind and Harry, he ..is kinda perfect, what?! No! 
And then we have zayn, he have this amazing personality and he is so hot! 
I'm laying on the bed with the boys and they play FIFA 13.
I feel one arm sneak around my waist, I look up and all I can see it those brown sparkling eyes and I get totally lost in them.I don't even notice that he does something with my shorts because I'm to busy studying his face and  I think he notice that because he is smiling at me and my cheeks are heating up, suddenly I feel zayns are loosen up and he lets go of my waist.
I stand up and everyone are staring at me "where you going ?" Niall asks me and I just stand there "I'm going to bed" I yawn and walks to my room. 
When I close my bedroom door I feel something in my pocket, I pull it out at its a note '0726846357 call me xx -Z' 
(a/n I made up that number !)

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