Keeping life alive

After a high-tech exploration vessel crash lands on an alien planet, scattering most of the crew from each other, the wife of the captain must fight and survive in this new world along with her recently-born baby.


1. The Crash.

Genevieve stared out into a seemingly endless void, gently shaking the blanketed baby that was in her arms. A solid sheet of glass blocked her from getting sucked out into the deep vacuum of space. Her eyes darted between different places as bright stars and fantastically-coloured planets passed her by in unbelievably fast speeds. This was her first space flight, so her expectations where pretty high for what she expected to see, but they were out shot by far. The planets and stars that passed her by were almost mesmerising. She released a sharp yelp as she felt two arms snake their way around her midriff. Almost straight after that, a chin placed itself on top of her head of brown hair.

"Hey, honey," a rough voice announced itself from the perched head.

"Jesus Christ, Chris, you scared the living daylights out of me!" Genevieve huffed out, trying to regain taken breath.

"Well, I apologise that I wanted to come see my wife. How's the baby doing?" They both looked down at the small bundle of blankets in her arms. The baby let out a gentle gurgle; it was clearly asleep.

"He's doing totally fine," Genevieve said contentedly. A smile formed on her face and her eyes were cornered by a light set of wrinkles. Chris revealed his teeth in a toothy grin as he looked from the baby to Genevieve.

"He has your nose," He said quietly into her ear.

She looked up into his eyes, her smile was gone and replaced with a sarcastic, but believable frown, and said "Are you saying I have the nose of a baby?" Chris pulled away from his wife slightly and put on a worried face.

"No, no, I didn't mean it like that! I just thought-"

He was almost instantly interrupted by Genevieve laughing and managing to blurt out "I was kidding, I know what you mean," Dipping her hand into her pocket, she rummaged around through a few objects before clasping her hands on a small pocket mirror and pulling it out. She then clasped her free thumb underneath the small latch, flipped it open and looked into it.

"Hm... I guess you're right." Another smile bloomed onto her face and she looked back towards her husband. "Anyway, shouldn't you be in the pilot's... place?" Genevieve's smile also put a grin back onto Chris' stubbly face. He then wrapped his arms around her again.

"Nah, I let Patrick take over. I wanted to come see my lovely wife," He pecked her gently on the cheek and that seemed to make her smile grow even wider. They said nothing to each other for another few minutes. Enjoying each other's company as they simply stared out of the spaceship's window. Just as an outstandingly dull asteroid whizzed in the opposite direction past them, Genevieve spoke up.

"Maybe we should go to our room? I think David needs to go to his cot. Plus, my arms are getting very tired," Chris unhooked his arms from around her waist and then wrapped his right hand around Genevieve's left. They then started walking, It was a slow pace, and took them five minutes to get to the bedding area of the ship. On their journey they casually greeted other members of the crew, granting them a small wave and a smile.

As they reached their own room, the sliding metal doors slid open swiftly, allowing them access to the cold interior. They both smiled at each other as the door slid closed, moved towards each other and lovingly kissed.


Then the explosions began.


Erupting noises exploded from the very centre of the ship, which blew Chris and Genevieve to the floor. David was luckily shielded by Genevieve's arms, and barely took any impact of the explosion, but he was awakened by the immense noise. Wailing screams instantly burst from his mouth and made Genevieve's face contort into a mask of great worry.

"What's happening?!" She screamed at Chris, who was already running out of the room and trying to get to the closest intercom.

He managed to get through to Patrick at the control desk and shouted harshly "Patrick, what the everlasting fuck is happening?!" A rough crackling noise came through at first, but after a few seconds, Patrick spoke back.

"I don't know, sir! Something must've crashed through the ship's engine," His voice was desperate and hoarse.

"We need to get everybody to the escape pod, no-" Another explosion sounded out, seemingly even louder than the first, and the intercom crackled loudly and fizzled away.

"Fuck!" Chris shouted loudly. Genevieve was running out of their room towards Chris. She wasn't given a chance to talk though, before Chris pulled her by the arm and jogged down towards other corridors. Another minute went by before they had reached the escape pod section. It was a large room, with the most advanced escape pods at the further end of the room. Desperate people were already boarding the nearer, but worse, escape pods. Genevieve and Chris needed the better ones for both their's, and their baby's safety. They were a few metres away before a sudden sinking feeling came over the whole ship. A ripping sound screeched through the air and a giant chasm was being struck into the ships metal skin. Everyone who was still in that room was seemingly pulled out by some invisible force, into the space beyond. Chris' hand that was gripped on Genevieve's arm was roughly pulled away as everyone spilled out into the space. Genevieve's last thought of that moment was herself instinctively curling around the child in her arms. That was before the darkness of unconsciousness took over her. 

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