catch me

On their break the boys of One Direction decide to go to the beach. They have a lot of fun, smimming and laying on the beach, untill Harry decides to go cliffdiving. What they don't know is it's very dangerous there and, but it's already to late when find out and Harry already jumped. Louis is there to save him but things will never be the same again. Harry struggles with the fact he will be limping for the rest of his life and goes to a hard time, but there is that one girl that makes him believe that after train there's sunshine.


26. home again

Harry's p.o.v.

Finally, after a long time of bieng in hospital, I could go home. I was relieved, I saw so much hospital lately thta it made me depressed. The boys were helping me packing my bags, 'Finally everything is going to be normal again.' Niall said ah he came back from the little bathroom with some of my stuff. 'We should call managment.' Liam suggested as he gave me some of my trouses. 'You really began to feel like home here don't you?' Luke asked as he looked around. 'There are clothes and other stuff everywhere.' I chuckled. 'It's not what you can call, feeling like home, but I was getting used to it. I saw Holly pacing back and forth. 'Is there something wrong Holly?' I asked. Holly stopped and looked at me. 'No just...I'm still thinking about what is going to happen to me when we are going on tour again, I'm only eighteen, my parents won't let me go with you.' I sighed, she was right. She was still studying, and also to young to be taken away so early. I walked to her and pulled her closer. 'We will make it work out. No matter where I go, I will always come back for you.' Holly smiled and it made me smile too. 'I think we got everything.' Michael said as he put one of my beanies in a bag. I nodded. 'Thank you guys. 'So are we going to stay here or do we need to go back?' Calum asked as he looked at his bandmates. 'i prefer staying here.' Ashton said. 'Yeah, let's stay at a hotel until the tour starts again.' Luke suggested. 'Why would you waist your money at a hotel as you can stay with us?'  said. 'My house is big enough to give you all a place to sleep. They looked at eachother and nodded. 'I think that's a great idea.' Michael said.


It feld good coming home. And what also felt good was the fact I wasn't alone. Holly needed to go home again for a while but I would see here back soon. 'where is your bathroom?' Luke asked as he hold my shampoo and soap. 'Follow me.' I took him down the hallway and I saw him looking around in awe. 'This house is big.' He muttered. 'Yeah...I must admit that it's actually way to big for me but yeah...Here it is.' Luke walked into and looked around before he put the stuff in it's place. Where do you want me to put this towels?' Michael said as he walked into the bathroom also. 'In the cabinets at the indoor pool.' I said. 'You have a indoor pool?!' Michael practicly yelled. 'Yes I do, wanna take a swim?' Michael nodded. I walked back to the living room to find everyone els. 'Why don't we go swimming after we unpacked.' At the hearing of everyone sheering, I knew everyone liked the idea. I took my clothes and brought them back to my room. I was putting everything in my wardrobe as I heard a voice behind me, I voice I regonised inlidiatly. 'I should get my stuff.' Louis said. Louis had stayed here for a long time. He had put his clothes in the wardrobe of the spare room. 'You don't need to go if you don't want to.' I answered. Actually, the thought of living in this big house without Louis again, made me sad. 'I should go back to my appartement Hazz, I need to go back to Eleanor.' I nodded slowly. But I saw Louis didn't like leaving either, he had been with me all the time. I pulled him closer and wrapped my arms around him. 'Thank you for everything.' I said while hugging him tight. He answered by tighting his grip on me. I knew I would never find a friend like him again, he was precious and I would never, ever let him go.


We were all at the indoor pool. Luke, Calum, Niall, Liam and Michael were swimming. Josh and Ashton were lying on the loungers, talking about something funny, according to their laughs. Louis and Zayn were sitting at the side of the pool with their feet in the wather. I wanted to swim to but I didn't know how. 'Take of that leg and come with us into the wather.' Niall cooed as he was floating on his back. I shook my head but Niall didn't take a no. He came out of the wather and walked over to me. Just take it of, I know you like swimming.' Niall said as he pushed his dripping hair out of his face. I looked at Liam and back at Niall. 'But I can't swim with one leg.' I protested. 'Ofcourse you can.' 'Just let me sit here.' 'And what if Zayn comes swimming to?' Niall said as he looked at Zayn who gave him a confused expression in return. 'If I get Zayn to swim I should get you into the wather to.' Niall said with a grin. He stood up and walked over to Zayn. They both looked at me and then Zayn slid into the pool, holding onto the side. 'Now you Harry.' Niall said. 'C'mon Harry!' Michael sheered. I looked at my legs and removed my prosthetic leg. Now I only got one leg. Holding onto Louis I hopped to the pool and jumped in. Michael and Niall held me up so I could grab the side of the pool. 'Wooh!' Niall said as he ran, and jumped into tho pool. Not much later Ashton ran to the pool and jumped into it to, josh not much behind him. I didn't really swim because I didn't know how, but I hung around together with Zayn.


Two hours later everyone was dryed of and changed clothes again. 'We should go home.' Liam said as he grabbed his bag. Slowly everyone went to their car to leave. Before Niall walked outside he gave me a quick hug. 'Tak care of yourself.' He said as he waved me goodbye. I nodded. Also Louis gave me a tight hug. 'Don't do anything stupid because I won't be here to pick you up.' He said. 'I won't. And if I do, these boys will have to pick me up.' I said looking at the Aussies behind me. Louis nodded and smiled. 'Just be carefull, you're very important to me.' Normally Louis isn't that emotional, but I guess the whole situation touched him quiet hard. I gave Louis a final hug before he also left in his car. Now it was only me and the Aussies. Calum yawned. 'Time for bed.' Michael said as he walked inside. I showed them the spare rooms and then went to me room myself. I didn't take long before I drifted to sleep.

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