Taming Kadence

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

She looks like a bad girl, but behind the walls, she's just broken and hurt. Will Harry be able to tame her?


2. Chapter 1

 Punch. Punch. Punch. I kept hitting the bag with all of the strength in my small body, focusing on the bag, and only the bag. When I was boxing, nothing else mattered in the world, the only thing that mattered was focusing on hitting the bag with everything I had in me.

 "You'll never be good enough Kadence. You're a piece of worthless shit, and nobody cares about you!" Parker said, examining each and every one of my punches. All the things he was saying to me, touched a nerve inside of me that made me explode with anger. I clenched my jaw and stopped punching.

 All of the sudden his words started spinning around in my head and I attacked the bag. My punches were solid and hard, and I knew I would have faded bruises on my knuckles tomorrow morning, but I didn't care. I imagined the bag as my opponent, getting blown with every punch I released. Thoughts about my dad flooded my mind, and I realized how truly fucked up my life was.

 My punches suddenly became harder and faster, and more consistent. 'You'll never be good enough.' punch. 'You're worthless.' punch. 'You're a piece of shit.' punch. 'Nobody cares!' This time I brought my leg back and kicked the bag. I didn't even mind that my eyes were watering with tears, and the bag was blurry. I blinked them away and just kept letting all my anger and hatred for the world out on the bag. My heart was beating fast out of my chest and my breathing became heavier. I stopped punching the bag and stepped back.

 Biting my lip from stopping the tears, I just screamed as loud as a person could ever scream, and punched the bag, making it fall to the ground. I watched as the heavy red sack made a loud smack onto the ground, the chains holding it from the ceiling following onto it. I rip my gloves off and threw them onto the ground.

 Parker came into my viewing, and I almost forgot he was here with me. He gave me a smile of sympathy and gave me a big hug. I sighed and relaxed into his chest. "You did great," he smiled. I gave him a weak smile and walked towards the locker room.

 I turned on the shower and stripped from my clothes, pulling the hair tie out of my hair. I soon became relaxed under the water, and let the coldness soothe me. After my shower, I got dressed and pulled my bag over my shoulder. I walked back to the boxing mat where I saw a struggling Parker trying to hang the punching bag onto the ceiling again.

 Once he saw my presence, he laughed. "Damn Kadence, this is the 9th bag you've broken!" He huffed. I smirked at him. "What can I say? I like to punch things," I chuckled. "Obviously," he muttered. I rolled my eyes at his statement. "You heading out?" He asked. I nodded my head. "Unfortunately."

 After saying goodbye to my boxing coach, I walked to my car. I got in and threw my duffle bag into the back seat. I looked at my watch and the time read '10:16'.

 'no we can't stop,

 and we won't stop,

 can't you see it's we who own the night,

can't you see it's we who about that life'

 I recognized that as Beverly's ringtone and immediately went searching through my bag I previously threw into the back seat. Once retrieving my phone, I clicked the answer button.


 "Hey bitch. Party at Ty's. You up for it?" She said. Of course, she would know where the greatest parties were and when. Ty is part of the richest family in this town, meaning he throws the best parties. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair.

 "Sure, let me go home and get changed. I'll pick you up in 30."

 "Ok, see ya." I hung up the phone and backed up my Audi, heading in the direction of my apartment. Once pulling into my apartment, I hurried inside. I turned on my curling iron, curling my hair in small curls then putting on a strapless dress with a tribal skirt and strapless jean jacket.

 I texted Beverly that I was heading out after putting on black heels and walked to my car.

 "Hey, Hoe," I said once she got in the car 10 minutes later.

 "Sup, slut." I smiled and we headed to the party. She looked great wearing a similar dress than me and her straightened hair. I admired Beverly so much for her beauty, she was truly flawless. Beverly and I go way back to middle school when she moved here from a different state, and she always helped me through depression. Her and Parker are the only ones who know about my past, and it stays that way.

 "Holy shit," Beverly muttered once we heard the music, 2 blocks from his house. Once we arrived at the house, Beverly got out of the car without any hesitation. I sighed and made my way into the house, Beverly by my side. When I opened the door I found drunk teens grinding against each other or making out in corners. I smirked and grabbed a beer.

 Beverly and I sat down next to each other, just watching the intoxicated teenagers.

 "Hey girls!" I looked up and saw Ty making his way towards us. I smiled and greeted him with a hug.

 "This is a sick party, Ty," Beverly complimented. He looked around his house full of teenagers, smirking in triumphant. He looked at us again and winked before walking away.

 Beverly grabbed my arm and pulled me to the living room where hundreds of teens were dancing. I looked around the room in awe. The living room was the size of my whole apartment, probably two put together. Beverly and I danced to the song, enjoying our night and having the best time.

 I smiled and laughed, singing along to my favorite song. Suddenly, in the corner of my eye, I spotted the one person I didn't want to see at this party. Amber Hastings. She's the worlds biggest twat and she talks shit about me all the time. She looked at me and smirked, while I just rolled my eyes and kept dancing with my best friend.

 I turned around once I felt two fingers tap my shoulder and turned around to see none other than Amber.

 "What do you want?" I growled. She laughed.

 "Are you that intimidated by me?" Rage was boiling my blood more by the minute.

 "Bitch, if there is anything I'm intimidated of, it's definitely not you!" I barked. She looked slightly taken back, but still wore that nasty smirk on her face that I wanted to punch off so bad.

 "Whatever, you'll still always be an STD ridden-rat," she snickered. That was it. I swung my arm back, and my fist connect with her face. She lost her balance, then fell down from the force of the blow. Once she was on the ground, I straddled her waist and threw more punches at her.

 One..two..three. Soon, I lost count of the amount of punches I threw her until I felt a pair of hands holding my fists. I looked up and saw my very amused best friend holding me back.

 "Beverly, what the hell!" I yelled.

 "Look, as much as I would love for you to punch that bitch, you can't get caught fighting a week before your boxing match," she laughed. I calmed down and looked at the girl on the floor. Blood poured from both her nostrils, as she was already bruising all over her nose. I clenched my jaw and turned around, grabbing Beverly's hand before stomping back to my car. I was just ready to go home before I punch someone else..


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